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Moving sites[]

Are all articles moved to this site? i feel i made more. - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 10:35, 29. Aug. 2013 (UTC)

Ok i found many articles on the english wiki which has not been moved to this wiki. will this still happen or will i have to move them manually? ^^ - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 11:16, 29. Aug. 2013 (UTC)
um ... i moved the ones that were translated. did i miss some ? or do you mean that you want all the articles, translated or not ? — Game widow (Diskussion) 11:26, 29. Aug. 2013 (UTC)
ok i think it's my mistake then. not all articles had the "/de" tag. there were many articles just with the german name such as Spitzhacke, Stiel or Eisenbarren . I thought every article in the DE Translation Category was to be moved. You moved every article which had a connection to the engish one right? - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 14:55, 29. Aug. 2013 (UTC)
I think we're both new to this particular process, so let's just both keep moving stuff and we should be fine :) I forgot to look for stuff without the /de on the end, that's definite. — Game widow (Diskussion) 14:57, 29. Aug. 2013 (UTC)
Ok no problem an you're right im absolutely new to this ^^ when i looked today morning there were way less articles in here ^^ i think i was a little to fast complaining ;) I found 5 articles left in the english one. i will transfer them and think we are set then :) if i think some articles are still missing i go hunt them down ;) but there were no more than 60 german articles. :) - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 15:07, 29. Aug. 2013 (UTC)
Allright you did allready ^^ thanks :) - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 15:10, 29. Aug. 2013 (UTC)


Hey there :) Do you know why Tür is not listed in [[:Kategorie:Zusammenfassungen]]? I think i made everything right but there must be an error and i cant find it ^^ would be nice if you have a look. - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 16:27, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)

Somehow it works now... ^^ - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 16:50, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)
Not sure, but are you using a template or just manually creating those ? On my other German wiki, they are called "Begriffsklärung" (link) — Game widow (Diskussion) 17:55, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)
I tried Begriffsklärung but it didnt work so i cchanged to zusammenfassung (i thought maby because of the ä). I just change again ^^ - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 19:07, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)
The umlaut should not affect it. But you can also make redirections to account for people typing the word with or without the umlaut. — Game widow (Diskussion) 19:18, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)
wilco :) im helping our polish/german/english speaking member right now :) btw could you grant me the bureaucracy rights that i may confirm users? - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 19:28, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)
There should be no need to confirm users. What is happening that you cannot do as Administrator ? — Game widow (Diskussion) 19:40, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)
I've meant the right to "promote" users to confirmed users. I want to confirm Benutzer:‎RGruenberg manually because he is changing many articles which i need to controle ^^ I don't see a way to do this as administrator or am i blind? I know he will be confirmed over time but i think there is no need to wait. ^^ - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 19:50, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)
No he's doing good edits :) that's why i want him to be confirmed. :) But if its in general done by the automated system it's ok. then i just confirm his edits manually :)
He is confirmed. Simply having a wiki account includes being confirmed ... unless we are not talking about the same thing. — Game widow (Diskussion) 20:13, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)
I thought about the red exclamationmark in the "recent changes"-page. will it be there allways? - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 20:16, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)
The red exclamation marks denote new pages that have not been patrolled. It has nothing to do with being a confirmed user or not. If you or I create a new page, you'll see the same thing. — Game widow (Diskussion) 20:23, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)
what does "not patrolled" mean? if you create or change a page there is no red mark. if he does there is and i can confirm his changes so that the red mark is no longer there. - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 20:26, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)
I did a test and indeed, there was no exclamation point. I've looked in wikipedia and there's not a lot, just this. I'll try to get more information for you (and me!) but it's nothing you need to worry about. However, you have piqued my curiosity, so i'll get back to you with more information — Game widow (Diskussion) 20:34, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)
Hehe ^^ Would be sweet to know :) - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 21:06, 1. Sep. 2013 (UTC)

Patrolled Pages[]

Allright so we talked about the same ^^ ok ill keep on patrol the sites :) - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 09:49, 2. Sep. 2013 (UTC)

Adminship on other language wikis[]

Yeah why not :) I may have a look from time to time to check if everything is allright :) I logged in everywhere and added my user-page. - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 16:11, 22. Nov. 2013 (UTC)

Thanks :) and thank you very much for the nice words :) - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 16:17, 22. Nov. 2013 (UTC)

Wildcard Rezept[]

Hey there. Is it possible to calculate the value Menge in the last table on this page? Right now it is weight_forge/8. I wanted it to calculate this automatically. I tried it with {{expr:{infobox item}:weight_forge/8}} but it didn't work ^^ Is this somehow possible? - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 15:19, 25. Apr. 2014 (UTC)

It should work, i'm looking into why it doesn't. Please leave the faulty code on the discussion page. — Game widow (Diskussion) 19:19, 25. Apr. 2014 (UTC)
OK, so the originally reported problem was just a misplaced comma .. you had ",{{#expr:,/8}}" when it should have been just "{{#expr:,/8}}" (no leading comma). After i fixed that, i realized that unfortunately, parser functions are not smart enough to deal with a comma decimal separator, so i changed the {{Infobox item}} template to display a comma but keep the data in the english format (i.e. with a period as the decimal separator) and now i'm running a sweep to change all the commas in the weight and weight_forge fields to periods. This way, you will still have your data displayed correctly for german readers, but the calculations will work properly as well. — Game widow (Diskussion) 21:07, 25. Apr. 2014 (UTC)
Aaargh, i may have jumped the gun here. The errors were because those items have nothing in the weight_forge field. Sorry! i'll put things back the way they were — Game widow (Diskussion) 21:18, 25. Apr. 2014 (UTC)
OK ... so now the errors in the table are only due to the fact that the items in question have nothing in the weight_forge field. If either field is fine, then we can fix the table definition to accommodate that — Game widow (Diskussion) 21:36, 25. Apr. 2014 (UTC)
Thanks Game widow, very good job. Tengri1978 (Diskussion) 06:27, 26. Apr. 2014 (UTC)
Thank you very much :) I was gone for a couple of days, as you may have noticed. That's why I didn't answer ^^ But this is exactly how it should work :) Thanks again. - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 10:46, 27. Apr. 2014 (UTC)

Another dpl issue[]

Hey gamewidow :) there is another issue. Could you help with this? Diskussion:Entfernte Gegenstände - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 16:17, 29. Apr. 2014 (UTC)

Sure, what's the issue ? — Game widow (Diskussion) 02:13, 30. Apr. 2014 (UTC)
I allready mentioned it on Diskussion:Entfernte Gegenstände :) - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 09:05, 30. Apr. 2014 (UTC)
Sorry, i had not noticed. I've added 2 new templates: {{SubstValue}} and {{DefaultValue}}. The first one does what you wanted, the second one is similar, except it just puts a default value in the field if there is no input. I can make one that does both if you need it.
Thank you very much :) this is what i wanted. :) I tried it with ifeq before but i didn't knwo you can have variables when using a template :) - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 15:57, 30. Apr. 2014 (UTC)


Hey there game widow. How are you doing? I think Benutzer:Yerry1990 would be a good addition for our Admin-Team. Could you grant him the admin status? - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 15:16, 25. Jun. 2017 (UTC)

Done :) — Game widow (Diskussion) 15:55, 25. Jun. 2017 (UTC)
Thank you very much :) - Eichi87 (Diskussion) 20:41, 25. Jun. 2017 (UTC)

error message[]

Hey Game widow! I tried to upload a picture. The following error message appeared:

Action failed
The lock file for "mwstore: //local-backend/local-public/e/e7/##########.jpg" could not be opened.

(#########.jpq was the name of the picture)

I wanted to show the Steam achievements on one page. For this I used the files from Steam (e.g. this one: http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steamcommunity/public/images/apps/251570/690d75c0c8c23fa4d2f08d4aa8146f82dc3026fa.jpg)

--Yerry1990 (Diskussion) 09:32, 19. Nov. 2017 (UTC)

Now it works! It could be my mistake... :) --Yerry1990 (Diskussion) 08:59, 26. Nov. 2017 (UTC)


Hey! I tried to autocategorize the pages with electricity. I changed the Vorlage:Infobox_item:
#if: {{{provides_power|}}}| [[Kategorie:Energiequelle]]| display: none;}}
#if: {{{requires_power|}}}| [[Kategorie:Energieverbraucher]]| display: none;}}
but it doesn't work :( --Yerry1990 (Diskussion) 18:49, 10. Jan. 2018 (UTC)