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Template-info.png Dokumentation

Diese Vorlage erzeugt eine einfache Warnmeldung im oberen Bereich.



{{Warning_Box|message=Daine Nachricht}}

Wenn das Feld message leer ist wird nichts angezeigt..


{{Warning_Box|message=7DTD kann süchtig machen. Spiel es auf eigenes Risiko.}}


  7DTD kann süchtig machen. Spiel es auf eigenes Risiko.

Pre-formatted Messages

Below are pre-formatted messages that allow for additional standardization in the way the warning box is worded as well as a quick way to add the template to pages:

Simply use the keyword (case sensitive) as your message and the warning box will use the pre-formatted response below:

Keyword Pre-formatted response
testcases-template This is the template test cases page for the sandbox of {{PAGENAME}}.

You can also use [[Special:ExpandTemplates]] to examine the results of template uses.

Use the purge link to update the examples.

deprecated-template This template has been deprecated and should no longer be placed on new pages.