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This template is used when there might be confusion between similar pages. For example Lead Car Battery and Rechargeable Battery


The usage of this template is pretty straight forward. Use the following code, in which you change 'Name of Targetpage' to the name of the page which the current page shouldn't be confused with.

{{Distinguish|targetpage=Name Of Targetpage}}

You can also use the parameter |explanation to explain what can cause the confusion.

{{Distinguish|targetpage=[[Name Of Targetpage]]|explanation=User's Explanation}}


{{Distinguish|targetpage=Rechargeable Battery}}

Will give:

No confundir con Rechargeable Battery

{{Distinguish|targetpage=Mega Crush!|explanation=[[Mega Crush!]] is the buff gained by using Mega Crush}}

Will give:

No confundir con Mega Crush!
Mega Crush! is the buff gained by using Mega Crush

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