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Adds an infobox for Buffs


{{Infobox buff
|name = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = 
|caption =
|image_alt1 = 
|caption_alt1 =
|image_alt2 = 
|caption_alt2 =
|category = 
|type = 
|cause = 
|duration = 
|hunger = 
|thirst = 
|health = 
|duration_he = 
|stamina = 
|duration_st = 
|well = 
|consumption = 


Parameter Default Value Description
name Infobox buff/doc Name of the Buff
image Main Image of the buff
caption Caption for the Main Image
image_alt1 First alternate Image of the buff
caption_alt1 Caption for the First alternate Image
image_alt2 Second alternate Image of the buff
caption_alt2 Caption for the Second alternate Image
category Buff Category
Recognized values:
Status Effect
type Buff Type
Recognized values:
cause What the buff is caused by
duration Overall Duration of the buff
hunger Effect on Fullness
thirst Effect on Hydration
health Effect on Health
duration_he Duration of Effect on Health
stamina Effect on Stamina
duration_st Duration of Effect on Stamina
well Effect on Wellness
consumption Other Effects of the buff

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