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hey there again :) I see you are doing a great work on this wiki too. I don't speak spanish but if you need something to be done, tell me. Write something on my english talk page. I don't look too often in the spanish wiki. If you keep up with the good work i can imagine someone will promote you to an admin ;) - Eichi87 (discusión) 22:08 20 feb 2014 (UTC)

Thanks for your attention Eichi87, as you see I'm working on the translation and probable would need your help, so thanks. However, it would be an honour to be admin, of course, lol :)).
Based on my confidence in Eichi87's judgement, I am making you an adminstrator of this wiki — Game widow (discusión) 00:43 21 feb 2014 (UTC)
Thank you for your trusth both, I'll make good use of it :). — Magneto555 (talk)</sup


What has been done on the other sites is that redirections have been used. I noticed that when you renamed some pages to the uppercase variation, you did not leave redirections behind. Leaving them would have helped with searching, so in future, do so. As for any pages you want to manually create redirections for (or alternative spellings, whatever makes searching easier), you can do so as follows:

  1. Create a new, blank page with the lowercase or alternative spelling
  2. For the page content, use use: #REDIRECT[[<name of the target page>]] or #REDIRECCIÓN[[<name of the target page>]] and save it. Here is an example: Botellas de agua. You can put that page in edit mode to see the content.

You can make as many redirections as you feel are necessary — Game widow (discusión) 12:46 26 feb 2014 (UTC)

Hello, Game widow. I understand that this could be the solution, but that would involve creating a redirect for each of the articles in the wiki that are using capital letters, a very tedious process that could entangle the design of the wiki.
Also, as I told you, I have not seen the page redirects "Storage Chest" for example in the English wiki. That makes me think that the searches are not case-sensitive. We could resolve this with redirects, but if we will use this nomenclature uppercase letter, I think it is better to use a more comfortable solution or reach agreement on how we name articles, thought.
--Magneto555 (discusión) 19:38 26 feb 2014 (UTC)
My personal preference is mixed case, not capitalization of each word in the page title, but i'm just the liaison person, you are the administrator, so whichever you choose is fine with me. Once you've made your decision, I'm happy to help you make it work as well as possible. — Game widow (discusión) 19:49 4 mar 2014 (UTC)