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I'm sorry but i don't actually speak any Spanish. Thanks for contributing and i hope you'll stick around. If you have prior wiki experience, please let me know as we are currently looking for administrators for this wiki. — Game widow (discusión) 16:48 9 sep 2013 (UTC)


Hey, do not worry if you do not know Spanish. I´m spanish and i will do everything possible to translate the information in the wikis of other languages ​​and also provide unique information that is not in other wikis. I wish there was more Spanish like me, but I will do everything alone. Spanish I hope they come to help. Sorry if the translation is not perfect. Thank you very much for the welcome! — Mikekolo (discusión) 23:06 10 sep 2013

Would you like to become an administrator of this wiki ? — Game widow (discusión) 12:45 11 sep 2013 (UTC)