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Icons for 7DTD in-game items should have a size of 116x80 pixels and be PNGs with alpha transparency.

Export Icons From Game

You can export the original icons from the game using these tools and steps:

  1. Get Grim's Unity Asset Editor:
  2. Get KM's 7DTD Recipe Editor:
  3. Follow this video:
  4. After importing the index files, you find all images as PNGs in the icons folder below the Recipe Editor's folder.

Please keep the original file names, because it makes bulk updates and tracking changes/deletions easier for others.

Redirects From Other File Names

If you really dislike a file name (e.g. it has a typo like alspaltSlope.png) then you can create a new file with a better name and add a redirect instead of uploading the image again:

#REDIRECT [[File:AsphaltSlope.png]]

Bulk Uploading Images

You can upload multiple images simultaneously. Depending on the file name, the images are either updated or created. This is why it is important to keep the internal file name. Uppercase/lowercase does matter!

  1. Go to any page and click Edit, for example your own user page.
  2. Above the input text box you see a box labeled Drop files here. Drag and drop multiple image files from Windows Explorer into this field.
  3. Wait until all files are uploaded and check all yellow messages. Verify that either updating or creating is exactly what you wanted. If something does not feel right, click (X) and re-check the existing file and your local file name first.
  4. Click on Click here to upload all files.

Test this with only 2-3 files first! Do not upload hundreds of files at once! - A mistake (e.g. uploading all lowercase files and thus creating new files) cannot be undone by you.