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Hi. I took a look at the infobox item template you uploaded to the french wiki, and there's a bunch of text in german... I also took a look at the original template here and there much less info. Looks like somone added all that german stuff in, but I doubt it is useful to keep it nor translate it; infoboxes info are all in the original file it looks like. What do you think ? 0verGamer (discussion) 9 décembre 2014 à 10:45 (UTC)

Don't worry about that just yet, i'm still working on it. When i'm done, there will still be some text in english, but i assume you can translate that — Game widow (talk) 9 décembre 2014 à 13:42 (UTC)
OK i think i finally sorted the infobox, so you can now translate any remaining bits, or correct the terms i used — Game widow (talk) 9 décembre 2014 à 14:21 (UTC)