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Cet article liste les mises à jour et les futures fonctionnalités de 7 Days to Die.

Notes[ | ]

Les bugs sont indiqués par "-" pour réparé ou par "+" pour ajouté.

Futures mises à jour[ | ]

Version Date Contenu
Alpha 17 N/A A17 contenu de la mise à jour:
  • Vehicles Overhaul+New Physics +Nouveau vehicule: Bicycle +Nouveau vehicule: Moto +Nouveau vehicule: Jeep +Neouveau controls camera +Shift button to increase Torque on Bicycle for uphill speed +Space bar to bunny hop on Bicycle +Jeep can damage blocks. +Steering using the mouse 2/12/18
  • Sleepers 2.0+Vulture Sleepers
  • Dungeon POI 2.0+Environmental Hazards +vetements zombie +Climbable Trellises and/or Vines +Backstories for many of the POIs +"Helper Blocks" that visually show whether containers are empty or lootable +Random loot containers to make each POI unique for where loot may be +More than 70 new POI's that have been level designed 4/14/18
  • Player(Bandit) Motion Captured Animation+Separate male and female movement styles +Players now look up and down and always appear to be breathing +Combat movements including power moves 2/21/18
  • Weapon Overhaul+Replace gun parts with attachable modifications, compatible with buff and skill frameworks +Whole guns instead of parts in loot containers +Weapon quality determines how many mods can be attached +Mods won't have quality tiers. 3/21/18 +Removing a mod may not be possible....still in development +Size of crosshairs accurately reflects cone of hit probability. +All mods use a single item id# but allow for 30,000+ variable mods possible +Power moves for melee weapons use the right mouse button and expend stamina 2/21/18 +Weapon sounds tagged to animations to better maintain sounds syncing correctly 2/21/18 +Perks and skills and buffs will affect various aspects of each weapon 2/21/18 +Weapons can be crafted at workstation. Mods added through assembly interface 3/20/18 +Mods won't be craftable. Obtained through scavenging, trader, and quests 3/21/18 +Weapons can be tinted to other colors using up a special tinting mod slot 3/28/18 +Six tiers of weapons. Each tier determines how many mods can be attached and durability. 7/24/18 +Weapon damage determined by mods and skill and not weapon tier level. 7/24/18
  • Buff Overhaul+Improving old buff system with a more robust and optimized framework +Designed to work and stack with blocks, items, weapons, clothing, skills, perks, and attributes +Can be triggered and modified by events during a buff's lifetime.
  • Progression Overhaul+Improving old skill system with a more robust and optimized framework, also designed to work with items and buffs. +Character attributes added to better create classes and differentiate play styles. +Strength Attribute affects inventory size 7/24/18 +Must do activities in a category to improve the category and unlock perks in that category 7/24/18 +Not enough skill points to buy everything. Specialization is the vision. 7/24/18
  • Integrated Survival System+Changes to how health, stamina, fullness, and hydration will work +Hunger represented by reduction in stamina max. Eating restores max 4/14/18 +Thirst represented by recovery rate. Higher thirst means slower recovery of stamina and health 4/14/18
  • Quest System+Cool new group quests +Dynamically spawns a boss to guard quest objective +Dialogue system that is fully moddable 3/5/18 +Trader initiated quests 3/5/18 +Quests and quest POIs will work in Random worlds as well as Navezgane 4/19/2018 +Party quests will provide xp sharing when party members stay close to each other 7/24/18
  • Stealth System+New Stealth related display bar with as of yet unknown functions.....
  • Terrain and World+Distant Trees 2/12/18 +POI Editor accessible in main menu +Terrain Editor accessible in main menu 3/20/18 +Navezgane terrain vastly improved 3/20/18 +New Height maps for interesting cliffs, ridges, and better variety 4/14/18 +Random maps will be pregenerated to load as fast as and play as optimized as Navezgane 4/27/18 +New tree model for forest biome 5/21/18 +Underwater decorations 6/24/18 +Random Generated Worlds are now 8000x8000 meters 7/24/18 +Random Maps assigned a "county" name for multiplayer server games in order to hide the actual seed name.7/24/18
  • AI and Pathing System+Zombies scan obstacles in 3 block height and target the middle block followed by bottom then top blocks depending on block hp 4/19/18 +Zombies prioritize obstacles according to block health. 4/19/18 +Game scans terrain for multiple pathways a zombie can take after any change. 4/19/18 +Turn smoothing and prediction added to reduce appearance of zigzag grid following 4/19/18

A17 Changes and Fixes List: Updated as we learn them from the developers!

  • Every biome remastered for Unity 2017/ 2018 5/30/18
  • Game Engine update to Unity 2018 5/30/18
  • Removed player collision from yucca and aloe to improve travel
  • Replace houses in Diersville with dungeon style POI houses
  • XP indicator bar added to HUD directly above the tool belt
  • Directx11 and Vulkan menu items in game launcher added
  • Zombies ragdoll upon impact by vehicles and no longer impede vehicle movement
  • New art and animations for Deer
  • Deer split into Stag and Doe versions
  • Additional paint textures added
  • Wainscotting Block added
  • Current Wellness system removed
  • Small decorative pipe set added
  • Window trimming added
  • Reworked the main menu navigation and appearance
  • Increased the block id limit to....[higher than it was] 1/26/18
  • Pause feature added to MP but only active when playing solo. 2/5/18
  • Added Dynamic Origin Point to prevent the shakes when far away from actual (0,0). 2/11/18
  • Map viewable while using vehicles 2/16/18
  • Arrows stick to targets (Everdeen!) 2/21/18
  • Quality tiers indicated by color only. Numbers will be dropped 3/20/18
  • Gun parts removed. Guns can be crafted from same mat types as all other craftable items. 3/20/18
  • Shift simply initiates run instead of having to hold it down. Pinkies rejoice! 3/20/18
  • Zombies running in circles fixed and overall pathing and movements and actions improved 4/5/18
  • Zombies ragdoll when stunned 4/14/18
  • Plains folded into desert as sub-biome and maple and pine forests merged into just one forest biome 4/14/18
  • Base movement speed increased. Running changed to "sprinting" which uses up stamina much more quickly. 4/14/18
  • Micro-stuttering caused by UFPS camera and garbage collection has been fixed 4/24/18
  • Friend chat/ Party Chat/ Global Chat modes added to chat window 5/1/18
  • Water reflections and shading fixed and performance boosted 6/6/18
  • Vulture flight, attacks, and idling behaviors improved 6/8/18
  • Ambient lighting added 6/29/18
  • One line of inventory slots added to backpack but bottom two lines locked at start 7/24/18
  • Gamestage calculation simplified: (Level + Days Alive) 7/24/18
  • Challenge quests found as notes grant xp instead of skill points. 7/24/18

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!width="130"|Version !width="80"|Date !Contenu |- | N/A || N/A ||


Ecran de chargement de l'Alpha 6


Ecran de chargement de l'Alpha 7

  • Système de réveil des zombies[1][2]
  • Amélioration de l'IA et du pathfinding[1][2]
  • Système de recul[1][2]
  • Nouveaux lieus[1]

|- |}

Historique des version[ | ]

Version Date Content
Alpha 12.4 [3] 23.7.2015

Alpha 12[ | ]

Alpha 12.4


  • Formes de blocs pour des barrières de chaines modulables
  • Vérifications sur le chargement des pièces de la minimoto pour s'assurer qu'elles soient détruites si elles sont vides
  • Soufflet avec sa recette


  • Poids du tissu à 1 et modification de la recette des bandages avec 2 tissus
  • Moins de probabilité de pluie dans les biomes forêt. Tous les biomes ont une probabilité de temps couvert mais pas de pluie. Rare probabilité de pluie dans le désert. Probabilité de temps clair dans les biomes neigeux.
  • Les troncs brulent pendant 3 minutes, les planches pendant 10 secondes et les débris de bois pendant 30 secondes pour des calculs plus simples
  • Les carreaux d'arbalètes provoquent les mêmes dégâts
  • Changed can now see exact damage on ammo if matching weapon is the currently selected belt slot
  • Changed forge ahead book no longer needed to make a forge
  • Changed removed forge ahead book from loot.xml The book still exists until A13 so we don’t break save games, but it is useless
  • Changed recipe of forge to use bellows, a short metal pipe, small stones and clay
  • Changed reduced amounts of hide you get from animals
  • Changed arrowheads to use sack model instead of ingot model


  • Fixed spike traps upgraded to themselves
  • Fixed Crosshair animation when player moves
  • Fixed certain blocks(wood window & opened steel door) are too big and prevent placement of blocks
  • Fixed trap a zombie with a wood frame
  • Fixed spawn near my bedroll was broken
  • Fixed handheld item lost if you equip an item from a container (full backpack and toolbelt)
  • Fixed free instant XP without wasting material
  • Fixed crafting grid output bugged after inventory was full
  • Fixed all arrows are labeled as broken
  • Fixed flashlight swallowed when using attaching via crafting grid
  • Fixed enforcer magazine not stating it teaches the 44 magnum
  • Fixed drop on death delete all not working properly
  • Fixed rocket launcher mesh showing when it should only be showing the rocket mesh
  • Fixed crafting menu not updating real time
  • Fixed key mapping problematic in non-default cases
  • Fixed sawed off shotgun grip had no burn time
  • Fixed the minibike disappearing like a scared turtle
  • Fixed the minibike disappeared after taking tires off
  • Fixed save game does not save your minibike
  • Fixed Null Ref NGUI
  • Fixed trailer Park in Navezgane covered by sandrocks
  • Fixed trick key use to reuse eat/drink/use infinitely
  • Fixed fat zombie cop collision
  • Fixed Stealth A9.3 vs A12.1
  • Fixed steel and Iron arrow head now use sack model instead of ingot model
  • Fixed zombies show texts as loot containers (untouched, nothing and empty)
  • Fixed feral horde did not arrive
  • Fixed crafting uses too many resources at once
  • Fixed auger continues to idle without gas
  • Fixed zombies dying on fire (excluding torch fire) causing argument exception
  • New DayLight Length times – always sunset at 10:00PM so players always know when zombies will run
  • Fixed windows punching through fog in the distance
  • Fixed cutout wall lamp transparency against sky
  • Fixed screen blood left/right direction
  • Fixed a few env audio fade bugs and load hitch when crossing biomes
  • Fixed sniper rifle bugged super zoom on multiple right clicking
  • Fixed a rare error when shutting down a game server right after a player left who was connected through Steam Networking
  • Fixed the triple lindy flying hatch from the forums
  • Fixed mini bike headlight/horn react to their keybinds when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed confusing campfire – not sure about this one
  • Fixed console errors on rented dedi servers
  • Fixed exc array index is out of range
  • Fixed crafting delay on closing backpack at the wrong time
  • Fixed right click drop simultaneously press mouse buttons to dupe
  • Fixed stone crossbow bolts now get quality range from weapon
Alpha 12.3 [4] 16.7.2015

Alpha 12.3


  • Added land claim recipe using 9 steel ingots, and removed broken tungsten old legacy recipe
  • Added steel arrow-heads as a rare loot drop in junk
  • Added iron log spikes with scrap iron that deal more damage and last longer.


  • Changed fat zombie cop loot to use ammo loot group instead of hard coded to drop the same thing
  • Changed projectiles can pass through metal bars
  • Changed damage/spike class improvement
  • Changed Duct tape can no longer be scrapped into cloth.
  • Changed spike logs take damage when they deal damage. Wood log spikes can be upgraded to scrap
  • Changed increased the weight of cloth to reduce xp exploit from bandages to cloth to bandages
  • Changed removed legacy stone recipes made from old depreciated rocks


  • Fixed multiplayer world weather not getting saved
  • Fixed cars show their paint color again
  • Fixed broken bullet crafting and other things with instant craft
  • Fixed auger crafting time differs from the preview
  • Fixed removed duplicate recipes from xml.
  • Fixed removed duplicate animal spawn entry
  • Fixed winter evergreen fall code in xml
  • Fixed added quality range to crossbow
  • Fixed upgrade doesn’t support these rotations
  • Fixed pickable Items dropped to the ground if backpack and toolbelt are full
  • Fixed nerfed wood log spike damage
  • Fixed sniper rifle shoots through the walls
  • Fixed airdrops & crates from disappearing
  • Fixed cars showing as black sometimes (fix part 2)
  • Fixed bullets can no longer shoot through cobblestone
  • Fixed removed old tungsten ingot mold from recipes
  • Fixed mining light comes from players feet + Mining light does not update across client/server
  • Fixed craft xp gain broken
  • Fixed SP pause screen exploit (open and interactable backpack while game is paused)
  • Fixed trick the craft timer exploit
  • Fixed firearm recipes always show in the available green and misbehave without all parts
  • Fixed campfire eats last item required item for a new recipe, IF something is left in the output window
  • Fixed Duplicate/Flickering Names On Screen
  • Fixed bedroll disappears when placed on weeds in certain biomes
  • Fixed Azalea Bushes Have Black Leaves When Hit/Broken
  • Fixed unable to start a game after a failed attempt to connect to a server
  • Fixed unable to Scrap/repair any item !
  • Fixed an old bug where the scrapping timer would be longer than it should and the crafting progress bar would start delayed
Alpha 12.2 [5] 13.7.2015

Alpha 12.2


  • Added wrench schematic item, art and integrated into common book loot
  • Added new first person rock throw animation
  • Added Iron, Steel and exploding Crossbow bolts.
  • Added exploding crossbow bolt schematics.
  • Added Crossbow schematic which is found in common book loot.
  • Added exploding crossbow bolt schematic which is found in rare book loot.


  • Changed all parts can be obtained now when breaking apart bullets
  • Changed Change “Press Enter to join the world” to “Press any key to begin”
  • Changed Flashlights to not have negative shadows or black dots
  • Crossbows are no longer a default craft.
  • Changed Increased first time crafting bonus of XP given for gun and ammo crafting of bullets and shells. Removed XP given for additional ammo crafted, since it can be taken apart and put back together for free.
  • Changed desert spectrums; more blue at night and a tan colored fog during day
  • Changed increased rain/water effect on sloped surfaces
  • Changed Sound spam and lag when crafting more items at once


  • Fixed High reflections on falling tree
  • Fixed Weather control is turned back off when changing games
  • Fixed Tree falling insides are no longer invisible *(partial fix for the issue – best fix would be to add a cap to the bottom of trees but this is not possible yet with speed tree)
  • Fixed Loottimer reappearing when opening chat and closing it (with esc) while in an opened lootcontainer
  • Fixed Ammo dupe with simple right clicking on the output window
  • Fixed FreeCameraMove + reload button force reload dupes ammo
  • Fixed Various issues with the crafting grid’s visual behavior and ammo dismantling
  • Fixed Removing an ingredient during crafting doesn’t reset the crafting timer
  • Fixed FPS drop when crafting more than 200 items
  • Fixed Crafting grid dupe as shown on the forums
  • Fixed killer tree saplings
  • Fixed Trap A Zombie With Wood Frame
  • Fixed Campfire/torch fire animation is off
  • Fixed Flashlight Icons Missing From The Gun Crafting Grid
  • Fixed console doesn’t work with map open
  • Fixed memory hogs on mp games
  • Fixed Bullet icon turns into 762 rounds icon
  • Fixed Added missing pistol grip to Loot
  • Fixed Crafted items need to be put into inventory if there is space
  • Fixed Auger crafting time differs from the preview
  • Fixed Revamped the crafting logic which improved the overall performance and smoothness, things like sound spam and “the rubberbanding effect” are gone
  • Fixed Crafted item not outputting to slot 8
  • Fixed Another Ammo dupe from the forums (for weapons with alternate ammo)
  • Fixed Fixed massive amount of crafting output when having the inventory closed for a long time
  • Fixed Bullet dupe on right click in the output window using the split function
  • Fixed make crafting window show anomalous output figures
  • Fixed Bullet component duping while dismantling with rightclick and split
  • Fixed stacked item with no right click option to split stack (report from forum)
  • Fixed Camp fire dupe exploit
  • Fixed Minibike gets stuck/slower in gore blocks
  • Fixed Too many chunks in cache when dedicated server is empty
  • Fixed weapons being rendered in front of other objects
  • Fixed weapon offsets on other players in multi player
Alpha 12.1 [6] 8.7.2015

Alpha 12.1


  • Added a global soft wind intensity to avoid dead silence
  • Added wooden bows can now be repaired with sticks
  • Added flashlight attachment support for sniper rifle and hunting rifle
  • Added a little haze into depth of scene
  • Added snow sub biomes now contain birds nests


  • Changed reduced chance for bears to spawn
  • Changed increased club damage and tweaked all clubs
  • Changed increased stone arrows and tweaked all arrows
  • Changed slowed sky transitions for a more natural feel
  • Changed the minimum degradation of all clubs is now 100, like the stone axe
  • Changed new game starts now at 7am
  • Changed raised bottom wellness cap from 50 to 60
  • Changed adjusted rain specularity on surfaces and grass
  • Changed adjusted speedTree alpha cutouts with depth, AO, and diffuse lighting
  • Changed stack limit of many items from 64 to 250
  • Changed auger has no durability until we can resolve it properly, before it degraded too fast
  • Changed tuned each biome for proper amounts of bird nests
  • Changed health of minibike this may help to fix minibikes disappearing in some cases
  • Changed improved zombie hit collision, removed a gap between the head and upper torso which would allow for some arrows or bullets to pass through the neck area
  • Changed committed dead mountain pine billboard meta files – hopefully fixing the billboard outlines in radiated areas on low tree LOD’s
  • Changed randomized weather on new games
  • Changed brightened stormy weather to avoid confusion that it’s night time during the day
  • Changed reduced crafting time of grain alcohol in half (Joel)
  • Changed reduced crafting time of bio fuel in half (Joel)
  • Changed bio Fuel is now made from animal fat instead of tallow (Joel)
  • Changed rain spectrum


  • Fixed loaded ammo changes type when swapping
  • Fixed shotgun shells disappearing when changing to slugs
  • Fixed FreeCameraMove + reload button force reload dupes ammo
  • Fixed craft timer resets to start when removing item out of the output window
  • Fixed auger in output slot gives 1 gas can per gas remaining
  • Fixed heavy rain on biome borders fixed
  • Fixed cursor moves by itself when game controller is attached. Game controller is now disabled by default
  • Fixed flash thunder and weather sounds on entering game fixed
  • Fixed mouse and gamepad axis movement could be bound to actions
  • Fixed game browser showing wrong game time
  • Fixed the Trade “blood for ammo” Bug
  • Fixed removed a syntax error from biomes.xml
  • Fixed global specular reflections in speedTree
  • Fixed indoor furniture getting rain
  • Fixed rain striped effect on surfaces
  • Fixed surface rain effect from popping
  • Fixed locked storage chest becomes empty after breaking lock
  • Fixed game not getting past loading screen with IndexOutOfRangeException
  • Fixed locale issues when loading on Linux / MacOS
  • Fixed load old save game with good gear, start new game and inherit all gear
  • Fixed Console commands GetTime and SetTime
  • Fixed timing of fireaxe, hoe and pickaxe. The animation no longer gets out of sync with the animation in first person
  • Fixed Null ref error when firing arrow into snowy sky
  • Fixed console doesn’t work with map open
  • Fixed save game does not save your minibike
  • Fixed improved fat zombie and fat zombie cop collision so neck shots work
  • Fixed minibike moves on its own after the player dismounts.
  • Fixed increased rain on surfaces angle
  • Fixed reload dupes ammo bug
  • Fixed dead tree02 and dead shrubs so zombies don’t spin on them and updated art. Dead tree02 now falls because it’s bigger.
  • Fixed black textures on linux/mac
  • Fixed Null ref causes chunks not to load
  • Fixed trees killing people immediately

Known Issues

  • Some players have experienced memory leaks
  • Linux / Mac OS builds still have black horizons (black models)
  • Some players are experiencing black chunks of the world
Alpha 12 [7] 3.7.2015

Alpha 12


  • Added a new vehicle system with a craftable minibike. Players must first find and read the minibike book. Then craft a chassis and place it in the world. Next craft minibike handlebars, seat and find wheels, battery and small engine adding them to the chassis. The higher quality the parts the better gas milage, speed, protection the minibike offers. You can interact with the Chassis by pressing or holding <E> which displays available radial menu options. Drag parts into the chassis window to add them. Click on the parts names to remove them.Optionally you can find and add a shopping basket and padlock for storage and locking. Locks are invulnerable for the first version of vehicles. You can also activate the headlight with <F> and the horn with <X>. You can give zombie both large pains and ragdoll deaths if your going fast enough if you’re not they might stop you.
  • Added a new sky and weather system with rain, snow, dust storms and dynamic cloudy, clear and stormy skies even lunar cycles with 7th night full blood moons. The system also supports new weather sky spectrums. Coming soon cold and hot weather survival.
  • A brand new sexy humidity/height based random generation system with more natural elevations, improved poi placement, improved cave placement, improved biome border mixing and footpaths that beg to be explored. It comes with a new random gen mixer that gives players full control over custom hub creation, prefabs that spawn and their probabilities. Rivers, and more lakes will come in the next build.
  • Added a new dynamic ambient audio system with wind loops, gusts, ambient oneshots, ambient loops, daybreak, nightfall and bloodmoon stingers. The system adjusts the wind based on the weather and plays the daybreak stinger at 6 am, the nightfall stinger at dusk when zombies start running and the bloodmoon stinger on full moon 7th night.
  • Added a new physics system with new zombie ragdolls, tumbling blocks and explosion impulses that throw zombies in the air. The system also drops wood, stone and metal terrain debris piles which can be used to salvage resources from physics events.
  • Added a new right click action menu that includes craft, take, drop, equip, wear, heal, eat, drink, read, examine, attach, scrap and split. From it you can quickly do a lot of actions that use to be tedious or harder to learn for new players.
  • Added a new gun attachment system that supports flashlight attachments on all firearms except the blunderbuss.
  • Added a new alternate ammo system that supports stone tipped, iron tip, steel tip and flaming arrows as well as shotgun slugs and the supported recipes. Ammo can be loaded by right click loading new ammo type. (Alt+R) swaps to the next available ammo time in your current selected weapon.
  • Added a new leveled loot system that scales/multiples players loot chances based on their current player level, and yes, level 1 players can get flawless and rare items.
  • Added a new bear enemies that are in every biome except desert and in caves. Bears will attack both the player and zombies. Like Dogs bears have a give up time where they will only chase you so far. If you can kill one you can reap the benefits of bear meat and make charred bear, grilled bear, boiled bear and bear stew.
  • Added quality ranges on bows, crossbows, augers, chainsaws and all clothing.
  • Added the riddle of steel book which allows the player to craft steel molds in turn they can then craft new steel pickaxes, steel tipped arrows, flaming arrows and upgrade concrete blocks into steel reinforced concrete walls
  • Added a bunch of new Graphics options including motion blur, depth of field, dynamic contrast, tone mapping, sunshafts, grass view distance and improved controls allowing a wide range of flexibility for users to tune the game for the visual look and performance desired. The video options menu has mouseover tooltips to guide new players in optimizing the graphics for their system.
  • Added falling trees with physics that fall after damaging them dropping their wood and crushing zombies and players if they fall on them.
  • Added a new high-res acid puking hulk model.
  • Improved crafting with a new basics crafting category at the top of the recipe list to help new players and players who just died find the most used and most important recipes quickly. Items no longer need to be crafted or cooked once to quick craft and quick cook no more required drag and drop.
  • Added a bunch of new weapon animations including punch, drink water from hands, many tools and more. Also improving the unholster time so holstering and unholstering is much faster and more satisfying. We also changed some non-interactive hand and drop items to a burlap sack to reduce clutter and memory
  • Added new single player only game pause game feature simply hit the Escape key
  • You can now craft gravel or small rocks from destroyed stone depending on grid placement
  • Added “Set In Concrete” book to game and loot that unlocks cement molds, rebar frames, and buckets of concrete
  • Added new hidden bomb shelter location to random gen
  • Added new hidden mountain man cabin with the secret loot to the random gen snow biome
  • Added herbal antibiotics item and recipe that has to be found. Will cure dysentery and stage 1 infection
  • Added unique mountain man loot chests that contain herbal recipes
  • Added auger is now craftable from a small engine, handlebar, auger blade and auger parts unlocked by an auger schematic
  • Added realistic values to crossbow
  • Added aviator goggles to loot and protection to eyes from Aviator goggles
  • Added Loot Quality Templates to shorten time on balancing loot
  • Added damage decal to wood window and block models
  • Added pressure plate mines and recipe made from scrap metal and gunpowder
  • Added usage of ESC to go back in menu
  • Added Zombie Dog give up sound
  • Added Scrap metal armor and Iron armor can now be scrapped or melted down
  • Added blocks such as grass, furniture, and glass no longer provide stability and will not support the weight of anything
  • Added leather scrapping. Note you must know how to make leather by reading leather tanning
  • Added plant fibers can now repair plant fiber pants
  • Added Natural healing system where if the player has over 50% food he will slowly heal. A buff icon will show when you are healing.
  • Added new blue and orange concrete painted concrete pillars
  • Added tube pillars with orange stripes to the parking garage
  • Added new furniture tables to locations and wood, redwood, iron and scrap iron table recipes
  • Added ability to click on radial menu options as well as releasing <E>
  • Added recipe to make planks from wood debris
  • Added new block/item placement shader
  • Added glue and duct tape items and recipes
  • Added m136 rocket launcher back, needs anims and balance
  • Added disallowing rules for player spawning inside random gen towns
  • Added desert rock formations, and rock formations to forests and snow biomes
  • Added coal formations to snow, forests and burnt forests
  • Added crafting Icon Mouseover tooltip for icon category names
  • Added a new small yellow book icon above books the player has already read
  • Added print generic system information to log
  • Added new fog spectrums
  • Added bushes now have branch rustling sound when moving through them
  • Added glue and duct tape to the game. Glue can be made with the beaker from bones or found in loot. Duct Tape can be made from cloth and glue and also found in loot
  • Added on clients the save game folder is automatically moved to new location see new changes to saved games in the changed section
  • Added dropped, unlit version of torch
  • Added steel ingot mold
  • Added and changed hotkey shortcuts and inventory management controls
  • RMB - Opens the new right click action menu
  • LMB - Grabs a stack of items and stick it to the mouse
  • While holding a stack in the inventory, left click will place the full stack in the slot, and right click will place just one item.
  • Shift+LMB - Moves the single item or full stack of items between the belt, backpack or loot container
  • If there is no loot container open and you Shift+LMB on backpack items they move to the first empty belt slot
  • If there is no loot container open and you Shift+LMB on belt items they move to the first empty backpack slot
  • If a loot container is open and you Shift+LMB on belt or backpack items they move to the first empty loot container slot
  • If you Shift+LMB on items in a loot container they go to the first empty backpack slot first then the first empty belt second if the backpack is full
  • Shift+RMB - Splits a stack in half and sticks it to your mouse
  • If the stack is an odd quantity, then it will leave the smaller half (for example, a stack of 7 will leave 3 items in the slot and grab 4).
  • CTRL+RMB - Takes one item from a stack and sticks it to the mouse
  • LMB Add to stack
  • If you add a stack to another similar stack it will complete or fill the stack to its max capacity.


  • Changed all in game windows including player built ones are now unified to break out and plug up consistently
  • Changed degradation rate of most tools to be better on the low quality
  • Changed Day and night hordes do not spawn on day 7 blood moon intervals any more, only feral night hordes spawn on the seventh day
  • Changed Night hordes should always come at sundown and will never be delayed. Any current hordes will be disbanded
  • Changed new games at 6 am so players get maximum daylight their first day
  • Changed 24 hour cycle options adding 50 minute default and removed 240 minute option
  • Changed removed perct of night game option replacing it with Daylight length 12 hrs, 15, hrs and 18 hrs which is the new default
  • Changed Daybreak is locked to 6am always
  • Changed a lot of books have been converted into schematics that look like item with a small blueprint in the corner. Like iron armor leather armor pieces are now unlocked with individual schematics. The leather book now only locks leather creation. Many other books have been changed to individual schematics. All firearm unlocks have been converted into individual schematics. Gas cans now unlock as a schematic as well. Ammunition Nation has be removed and all individual ammo types except the 44 have been converted to schematics. The Claw hammer is now unlocked with a schematic as well as the new flaming arrows.
  • Changed increased hardness of steel
  • Changed stun rules so weapon damage and player stamina are considered
  • Changed deleted unused tree and bush assets
  • Changed updated Tree LOD distances
  • Changed low end of mp5 damage was too low
  • Changed dressers have a greater chance to drop clothing
  • Changed cobblestones are now made from small rocks and lumps of clay
  • Changed increased player run speed
  • Changed Animal spawning cap for better performance
  • Changed uvs on pole1m and replaced all poles with new pole
  • Changed shopping baskets with no loot can be picked up and used for a mini bike storage
  • Changed experience given for zombies
  • Changed replaced cutlog block with new smooth logs
  • Changed cleaned up old grouped bushes that looked bad
  • Changed Iron pickaxe does half the damage it did against stone and metal
  • Changed increased spawning of roaming hordes
  • Changed rebalancing pass for player xp
  • Changed switched bear, stag, pig and rabbit to use the standard shader
  • Changed thickened grass in forest, pine forest and plains
  • Changed Metal strips can now repair mining helmets
  • Changed increased probability of finding pants
  • Changed Gore blocks now take longer to degrade and visibly shrink as they degrade
  • Changed updated the terrain stone, forest ground and grass textures
  • Changed lowered cave count per biome, gravel path count per cave path, lowered ore path count per gravel path
  • Changed thirst stage 2 now causes health damage
  • Changed did a wooden frame 4 pane window pass adding broken variants to all the prefabs that used them
  • Changed menu buttons from Exit to Quit
  • Changed cleaned up spawning.xml
  • Changed removed burnt forest ground from rubble sides
  • Changed re-enabled dog hordes
  • Changed Gore blocks fall and have no stability. Gore blocks will stick on the ground if they fall.
  • Changed Gore has several stages of destruction now
  • Changed animals in all biomes except snow and desert respawn 3x slower. In snow and desert they spawn 1.5x slower
  • Changed removed meat on a stick raw and cooked
  • Changed all boiled foods give you 5 water
  • Changed all foods now give half as much food as they used to, to compensate for the slower metabolism in A11
  • Changed in random gen deserts are more common now, and forests less common
  • Changed ladders will now support things
  • Changed placement of wood stairs is now inverted
  • Changed garage doors to be wood instead of wood_weak
  • Changed nerfed axe damage to wood
  • Changed tweaked pine forest spectrums and mood
  • Changed optimized rendering of sky and water
  • Changed some blocks/structures have too much stability
  • Changed terrain doesn’t show density on downgrades
  • Changed green wallpaper blocks now downgrade to a wood frame
  • Changed improved sandstorm effect
  • Changed thinned cacti in desert a little
  • Changed deleted block ID 780 distorted concrete from game and prefabs
  • Changed disable cubemaps when not supported for linux. Disable cubemaps when reflections are turned off
  • Changed removed background color schemes from groups
  • Changed moved scrap recipe button to above the output tray
  • Changed info popup to display all groups an item/block belongs to
  • Changed localization text from “Group:” to “Group(s):”
  • Changed default inventory to tab key
  • Changed radial menu now supports up to 10 possible actions with auto placement
  • Changed antibiotics only give half the wellness over time as before
  • Changed driftwood now drops trunks & removed driftwood to planks recipe since you can no longer get driftwood
  • Changed removed plant fiber torch recipe to clean up crafting menu
  • Changed removed plank recipe from trunk tips
  • Changed renamed “Furniture/Decor” to just “Decor”
  • Changed renamed weapon repair kit to repair kit as its now used to repair the minibike as well as weapons
  • Changed updated all spectrums
  • Changed disabled shadows at very low angles (performance)
  • Changed improved Mouse Wheel Scrolling in menu and in game to be more universal
  • Changed unified made new Item Hover info and Examine windows
  • Changed Gas Pumps now contain gas can loot and do not explode when shot
  • Changed Removed Iron wall recipe
  • Changed tweaked third person camera, it is now to the right of the shoulder
  • Changed all safes are locked and have to be broken into now and loot timers are reduced to 1 second
  • Changed reordered terrain blocks, most likely save games will be borked
  • Changed increased depth of snow, forest ground and grass to reduce banding of textures on hills
  • Changed snowy biome has asphalt roads again now that we have real snow that covers roads
  • Changed removed snowy cabin variants from the game and added all cabins to snowy biomes
  • Changed removed all snow from prefabs and cleaned up old blocks and textures
  • Changed removed all icicles and snowy roof blocks from all prefabs as the new snow system snows on roofs
  • Changed unified all wooden upgrade costs to 4 planks so that you cannot profit from destroyed wood
  • Changed removed ability to attack with a stick
  • Changed thinned trees in snow biomes
  • Changed audio control needs to apply before hitting “apply”
  • Changed all zombie and animal collision to be more accurate for bodies, heads, arms, legs and ragdolling
  • Changed reduced max size of towns
  • Changed: ‘giveself’ and ‘giveselfxp’ can now be executed if the user has permission eg “giveself stoneAxe 600″ or “giveselfxp 10000″ this added to player xp or drops the item at the players feet
  • Changed clay texture and clay is now a sub biome and found in patches rather than on the side of cliffs
  • Changed crafting grid mouseover Item name tip should be a smaller box without an underline
  • Changed snowy bushes and grass on 2 gas stations to normal dead ones
  • Changed improved the Coal and Potassium nitrate texture textures and there tiling
  • Changed Increased probability of getting sporting gear from shotgun messiah and added green plaid shirt to loot
  • Changed increased chance of clothes in dressers
  • Changed created new high res art for yucca and aloe plants
  • Changed lowered stamina use of stone axe
  • Changed air drops drop more stuff
  • Changed updated selectable loot respawn game options: Disabled, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50, default is 30 days
  • Changed mailboxes and lockers have readable books instead of just junk books & junk books are now mixed in with good book loot
  • Changed stack limit of clay lump to 250
  • Changed bookstore loot containers have 0-1 books, household book shelves have 0-2 books
  • Changed Screenshots (F9) now save out jpg’s
  • Changed rebalanced clubs, they are more effective at low quality levels but wear out faster
  • Changed lowered entity damage on lower quality stone axes
  • Changed renamed home maintenance book to hammer schematic and changed art
  • Changed wrench can no longer be crafted (Might add this back in later)
  • Changed changed weight of short shotgun barrel 8 oz
  • Changed Chat box and text no longer renders in front of other menus
  • Changed orange drywall texture less saturated
  • Changed the save game folder for the game
  • Old folders:
    • Windows: <User>/Documents/7 Days To Die
    • Linux/MacOS: <User>/7 Days To Die
  • New Folders:
    • Windows: <User>/AppData/Roaming/7DaysToDie (%APPDATA%/7DaysToDie in the Windows run dialog or explorer address bar)
    • Linux: <User>/.local/share/7DaysToDie
    • MacOS: <User>/Library/Application Support/7DaysToDie


  • Fixed wood spikes go invisible and no longer damage
  • Fixed Kick/Ban/ConnectionError Messages close very fast without interaction of user
  • Fixed Zombie Death State Not being sent to clients when out of chunk load distance
  • Fixed Max model icons look wrong
  • Fixed Zombies turn circles on porch wood poles (like undead strippers)
  • Fixed mixed concrete cannot be scraped into metal
  • Fixed splints can now be burned
  • Fixed material types on all cobblestones giving them proper durability and stability
  • Fixed you can now scrap flashlights
  • Fixed yucca/aloe plant placement shader (white outlines)
  • Fixed spikes taking damage when placed
  • Fixed sideways smoke stack on 5 floor apartment
  • Fixed Crafting Dupe bug
  • Fixed Disassemble Ammo Exploit
  • Fixed wrongly rotated trash in modern house
  • Fixed alpha specular on terrain grass texture
  • Fixed Kick message window can be closed by ESC
  • Fixed repair on many misc clothing and armor items
  • Fixed tweaked loot of fat zombies and many items
  • Fixed problem with expanded char set
  • Fixed haybales have no sound when destroyed by pickaxe
  • Fixed bug where people could craft Shotgun Stocks without reading the book
  • Fixed dupe bug multiple people picking up item
  • Fixed single player games only saving data on quit now they save on regular intervals
  • Fixed final stage gore blocks are unable to be broken
  • Fixed buffs losing their effects on logout but staying ‘active’
  • Fixed rebar frames are now gated by set in concrete book
  • Fixed inside wood corner frames don’t drop scrap iron
  • Fixed video resolution selection texts overlapping
  • Fixed airdrops and crates not rendering at far distances
  • Fixed key assignment always fires the event for the key you want to assign AND mouse-directions as button
  • Fixed cutout objects (eg. WoodFrame) get damage decals now
  • Fixed God ray intensity matches fog now
  • Fixed Block’s Pickup Target not properly instantiating quality based items
  • Fixed recipes unlocked via book transfer from game to new game
  • Fixed Items in crafting grid lost on disconnect
  • Fixed breaking down now does not kick from output on inventory close
  • Fixed Gun Crafting exploit
  • Fixed server does not remember password in save game on p2p
  • Fixed Mining helmet light sways dramatically when you have a item in hand
  • Fixed Mining helmet has no flashlight
  • Fixed Character Creation Screen is bugged
  • Fixed exploit moving items from local game to server
  • Fixed exploit armor/clothing follows a player from SP to server, server to server and SP to
  • Fixed water destroys secure chests
  • Fixed Azalea plant from making wood footstep sounds
  • Fixed NRefs with food
  • Fixed buffs now seem to work properly
  • Fixed losing overflow items in campfires/forges
  • Fixed belt is accessible when hitting escape
  • Fixed another missing chunks problem
  • Fixed concreteReinforced doesn’t drop itself when downgraded
  • Fixed fall damage is too low
  • Fixed another Broken leg bug and breaking leg while swimming bugs
  • Fixed Bad billboard textures on MaintainPineDead trees
  • Fixed All hunting rifle parts can be scrapped
  • Fixed the UFPS bug that allowed the ability to crouch through 1 meter holes. Although it felt cool was not by design and counter to a true survivalist game
  • Fixed invisible ghost tree bug
  • Fixed the ability to open backpacks and other in game menu items while in the game menu
  • Fixed Null Ref when trying to fill damaged cobblestone frame with cobblestone(Robert)
  • Fixed bug where other players can hear you learning
  • Fixed missing home maintenance book
  • Fixed ladder placement in ranch style house so players can get up them
  • Fixed barn_01 from falling by moving hay bales
  • Fixed wrongly rotated light pole bases
  • Fixed lack of bird nests thinned grass and increased bird nest probability
  • Fixed small rocks/resource boulders appearing in Husker Avenue houses (Navezgane)
  • Fixed ‘P’ drops the camera and lets you control the character when in dev mode
  • Fixed car tooltip not showing vehicle as empty when looted
  • Fixed scroll wheel scrap Weapon/ammo dupe exploit
  • Fixed long item name text renders behind item icons
  • Fixed 1/4 and 1/8 concrete blocks behave like glass
  • Fixed wrongly rotated attic blocks in yellow house
  • Fixed planted mountain pine trees display A11 trees not a10 legacy trees
  • Fixed shotgun parts can be scrapped
  • Fixed spider zombie can now summon hordes again
  • Fixed AI can spin on broken resource rocks and gore rib cages
  • Fixed Disallow player spawning in towns
  • Fixed POI spawned too high and drops metal beams
  • Fixed returning to a game Toolbelt always reverts to slot 1 on rejoin
  • Fixed bear rug cabin floor so it doesn’t fall


  • Changed server executable name to 7DaysToDieServer(.exe, .app, .x86), 7DaysToDie_Data folder changed name accordingly
  • Changed Default save game folder (see changed section). If the current serveradmin.xml is to be kept make sure to move it over to the new location or explicitly specify a SaveGameFolder in the serverconfig.xml
  • Changed times in serveradmin.xml and players.xml are always saved in the fixed format “yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss”
  • Fixed command execution without delays over command (“Telnet”) interface
  • Added custom item icon loading from mods
  • Changed 24 hour cycle menu options adding 50 minute default and removed 240 minute option
  • Changed removed NightPercentage game option replacing it with DayLightLength, menu options 12 hrs, 15 hrs and 18 hrs with 18 being the default
  • Modded server XMLs are now correctly transferred to clients (excluding those required server side only: biomes, rwgmixer, spawning)

Known Issues

  • Snow might appear in the desert/burnt_forest if you’re viewing it from a biome with snow; and may fade out when you enter the hotter biome.
  • If you’re having framerate issues drop your reflection quality to low or off and turn off reflected shadows
  • Occasionally roads will go on unexpected paths under buildings
Alpha 11.6 [8] 12.6.2015

Alpha 11[ | ]

Alpha 11.6


  • Fixed a problem that chunks do not draw on clients sometimes. This only affects clients in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed a problem that biome spawned zombies sometimes stopped spawning.
  • Fixed fall damage was set too low
  • Fixed several random Broken leg bugs
  • Fixed supply crates and planes not visible in some cases
Alpha 11.5 [9] 28.5.2015

Alpha 11.5


  • Added loading information output on startup so users know the game is still loading


  • Changed improved loading time for clients with 5 or more GB of RAM
  • Changed Dedicated server write less data to disk resulting in performance gains with more players
  • Changed Improved dedicated server CPU usage


  • Fixed serverside EAC connection so it doesn’t stop authenticating players after a long uptime
  • Fixed the Bleeding debuff exploit
  • Fixed Wood log spikes are taking damage when placed
  • Fixed bug where rockets deal terrain damage if they hit a zed/player
  • Fixed bug where pipebombs make doors move

Known Issues

  • Linux builds: Only 32 bit engine supported (has been this way since Linux has been introduced
Alpha 11.4 [10] 29.4.2015

Alpha 11.4


  • Changed default back project to DX9 as some clients experienced problems with DX11
  • Changed Networking we now use both Unity and Steam in parallel. Clients try to connect with directly to IP/port with Unity Networking first and only fall back to Steam Networking if it failed. This improves networking when connecting to dedicated or for those who have port forwarding properly setup
  • Changed improved startup time by about 2.5s
  • Changed Windows dedicated server now uses its own registry key so it does not change the client’s resolution settings
  • Changed if all players disconnected the dedi clears the chunk caches
  • Changed lowered Cave count for performance
  • Changed lowered Gravel path count for performance
  • Changed lowered Ore path count for performance
  • Changed we now Allow admin/ban/kick by partial usernames


  • Fixed GUIWindowMessageBox from PlayerDenied closed when dropping to main menu
  • Fixed several dupe bugs associated with the forge and campfire
  • Fixed made a slight dedi performance improvement
  • Fixed new forge dupe bug
  • Fixed supply Crates falling through world
  • Fixed clients not showing ban message
  • Fixed Server browser would stop refreshing before connecting to server
  • Fixed kicking player on invalid arguments with Ban command
  • Fixed potential memory leak on dedi by clearing all caches when all players disconnect
  • Fixed problem where admins we’re unable to give admin rights to ex-banned users
  • Fixed Cobblestone has no downgrade textures
  • Fixed another crafting dupe bug
  • Fixed disassemble ammo exploit
  • Fixed some console command’s output going to log file instead of console
  • Fixed Check for player placed output item in crafting grid causing items to vanish


  • Serverconfig: No Telnet password by default -> connections only accepted from localhost
  • Console: Register vanilla commands first so Mods can’t break them

Known Issues

  • Linux builds: Only 32 bit engine supported (has been this way since Linux has been introduced
Alpha 11.3 [11] 17.4.2015

Alpha 11.3


  • Added graphics option to specify grass view distance
  • Added Mouse Inversion setting now applies right away without the need of a game restart
  • Added Settings that take effect only when a game restarts are now unchangeable in-game
  • Added basic code mod interface, only loaded on the dedicated server build
  • Added new Foliage rendering distance option to help slower computers run the game


  • Changed Updated Tree LOD distances
  • Changed Dedi + Client now use about 200MB less heap memory
  • Changed reduced frequency of wandering hordes
  • Changed reduced default max alive at once in hordes to improve framerate
  • Changed sisable Cubemaps when not supported. Disable cubemaps when reflections are turned off
  • Changed game to default to Direct3D 11 with auto-fallback to D3D9 if D3D11 is not supported has performance gains for DirectX 11 supported cards
  • Changed Capped Animal spawning for better performance


  • Fixed Zombies passing through closed doors
  • Fixed: Block model LOD switching appears to not be functional regardless of LOD setting
  • Fixed mouse inversion broken
  • Fixed: Far clipping not setting when the game starts
  • Fixed ping display
  • Fixed Wood spikes go invisible and no longer damage
  • Fixed colors in chat not terminated properly if multiple colors were stacked
  • Fixed Terrain generator caching
  • Fixed Kick/Ban/ConnectionError Messages close very fast without interaction of user
  • Fixed Zombie Death State Not being sent to clients when out of chunk load distance
  • Fixed new model shape icons like the stairs looking wrong
  • Fixed flashlight control breaking after re-connecting to a dedi server
  • Fixed Zombies turn circles on porch wood poles (like undead strippers)
  • Fixed scrap metal piles in wasteland can be scrapped and smelted again
  • Fixed scrap metal piles in wasteland can be scrapped and smelted again
  • Fixed arrows are made of wood instead of metal


  • New Telnet implementation which allows multiple connections at a time and should be more resilient against crashes
  • Telnet uses UTF8 encoding. If you use PuTTY to connect select “Connection Type: Raw”
  • Telnet only listening on localhost if no password is set but it does not ask for password in this case in return
  • Output of console commands is only sent to the issuer of the command, not to all connected Telnet/Web clients
  • Types of log messages shown on a Telnet / Web connection can be selected for each connection individually with the “loglevel” command
  • Commands support double-quoted strings now, in order to use a double quote within such a quote use two quotes (e.g. say “Hello “”people”””)
  • Added new console commands (getgameprefs, gettime, kill, listplayerids, loglevel, version)
  • Commands rewritten (admin, ban, commandpermission, kick, settime, whitelist; use help <command> to see new/changed features)
  • Commands buff/debuff working on clients in multiplayer
  • Console help command extended by detailed help on single commands, some commands got that help texts added now

Known Issues

  • There are still a number of known duplication bugs please be patient as we will resolve these as soon as possible
Alpha 11.2 B4 [12] 10.4.2015

Alpha 11.2 B4

We’ve been troubleshooting the issues with Mac and Linux not loading and have fixed the issue. We used a new loading function in the first set of builds and it causes the program to crash on many Mac systems. We have not tested this on Linux because the systems we have loaded the first set on worked fine. If you are on Linux and are still having issues, please let me know in this thread. We reverted to the old (11.1) loading system until we can get in and debug it fully. This change will not affect anyone’s saves or what have you, it’s a simple pre-game change. However, there was a small change to the RWGmixer XML that got added from yesterdays patch, so you MAY have some generation issues. I highly doubt it, but just covering the bases here gents. Please go ahead and download it and get back into the game!

Alpha 11.2 [13] 9.4.2015

Alpha 11.2


  • Added physics to wooden bow arrows
  • Added new Vsync option added to the graphics menu
  • Added new video options mouse over tooltips to explain the various rendering options and their impact on performance
  • Added RWG draw time optimizations
  • Added new Exposed BiomeCacheSize property to rwgmixer.xml


  • Changed increased shotgun block damage and reduced blunderbuss block damage to match
  • Changed fixed biome masking so zombies don’t spawn at night if you have cleared the area during the day or vise versa
  • Changed reduced assets loading at game start fixes 32 bit users crashing at start bug
  • Changed scrap metal block into scrap metal pile
  • Changed Navezgane’s “city” spectrums to use the forest spectrum
  • Changed deleted unused spectrums
  • Changed lessened plains fog
  • Changed improved granite specular
  • Changed increased damage on mp5
  • Changed Video options defaults to a lower setting to support new players with low to mid range systems. Default Video options are as follows: view distance of 7, 50% LOD, FOV 60, textures on quarter, trees on medium, and everything else on low/off.
  • Changed set new patches or newly downloaded games to launch in minimal deafault graphic settings
  • Changed: Infection stage 1 doesn’t lower your stamina as much
  • Changed: Food poisoning doesn’t lower wellness so much
  • Changed loading screen is now faster
  • Changed reduced leaning/swaying while crouched
  • Changed deserts to be slightly (5%) more common (Robert)
  • Changed standardized the options menu buttons video, audio and control options to have 4 buttons ok, cancel apply and default
  • Changed improved client rendering performance with camera code


  • Fixed single Player inventory migrating to Server bug
  • Fixed town block/biome edge distance check causing them to not spawn. You should see more towns and roadside rural locations in the random gen world
  • Fixed explosion damage not working
  • Fixed Voice Chat debugging output in a release build
  • Fixed “Inventory full” Duplication bug
  • Fixed large wood log spike’s collider size and player damage
  • Fixed dedi stops spawning zombies bug
  • Fixed weights on various items using new auto calc weight feature
  • Fixed Auto calc weight for rebar frames and blunderbuss
  • Fixed zombies spawning with negative y-coords
  • Fixed spawning and breaking your legs bugs

Known Issues

  • Option menu changes have reset all settings including graphics, audio and key bindings are now default
Alpha 11.1 [14] 4.4.2015

Alpha 11.1


  • Added screen space ambient occlusion video option
  • Added quality range to stone shovel and hunting knife


  • Changed spacing for all trees to reduce fill rate for performance reasons
  • Changed cleaned out legacy animations for memory
  • Changed lowered dog chase give Up Time to 18 seconds
  • Changed reduced grass thickness in forests and plains for performance. Decorate last with grass to ensure loot gets placed
  • Changed Increased crafting xp on all items


  • Fixed problem when a player logs off a server and closes the game it crashes
  • Fixed repairing of part based weapons not repairing all items correctly
  • Fixed: serveradmin.xml created no start if not existing
  • Reduced chance for sharing violation while saving Player Stat to occur
Alpha 11 [15] 2.4.2015


  • Added Unity 5 with many of its newer bells and whistles
  • Added new Steam networking and server browser enhancements
  • Added new Speedtree system with brand new gorgeous trees and bushes. The fidelity of the trees can be adjusted for quality and performance in menu/options/video/tree quality.
  • Added Unity 5’s global physical based shader system and refined all the art to take advantage of it. The fidelity of the system can be adjusted for quality and performance in the menu/options/video under reflection quality and reflection distance.
  • Added our own Screen Space ambient occlusion system that gives everything better shadows and weight and darkens caves and interiors
  • Added our own new water reflection that interacts with the standard shader
  • Added our own new custom high res better looking fog
  • Added new high res sky system with stars that can appear on clearer nights
  • Added a new quality range system for guns. The system allows players to find gun parts of varying quality ranges. The parts have 7 quality ranges with colored degradation bars including grey broken, brown faulty, orange poor, yellow good, green fine, blue great, and magenta flawless. Once the player collects enough parts and has read the right gun book unlocking a recipe he can assemble a working gun. The average quality of all the parts determines the quality of the assembled weapon. The parts themselves govern attributes like damage, accuracy, degradation rate, penetration, falloff range and in the future zoom level and knockback strength. This will allow for thousands of permutations of guns like a realistic Borderlands
  • Added the new item quality range system for tools, melee weapons and armor. Bow, crossbow, wrench, hammer nail gun, chainsaw, auger and clothing will come in a future update.
  • Added new player leveling system. The system increase your chances to craft higher quality ranged items at higher levels with +/- 50 degree of random quality. The system is basic a precursor to skill trees. The player currently will earn XP for activities like killing zombies, unlocking new recipes and crafting new recipes for the first time.
  • Added new locations including a huge hospital, 2 new grocery stores, a new larger bookstore, new larger hardware store, 2 new luxury cabins and an indian burial ground. Note some of these are Navezgane only and some are random gen only
  • Added new random gen underground cave system, new random gen roads on hills, new random gen biome transition dithering, improved random gen rivers, improved bridges over rivers
  • Added new high res first person hands and first person animations
  • Added new first person procedural camera system with procedurally based physics and inertia
  • Added new player safe zones set in the serverconfig.xml. The safe zones disable zombies in chunks for 5 in game hours if you don’t have a sleeping bag and are level 5 or under
  • Added new smoother iron sights system
  • Added new craftable primitive blunderbuss single shot primitive muzzle loader gun and blunderbuss ammo
  • Added new craftable new primitive bow and arrows
  • Added rare Tazas Stone Axe weapon which can be found in new rare Apache Artifacts Chests in caves and in indian burial grounds
  • Added new feral zombie to the game which has a chance for gun loot if you kill him
  • Added new on fire burnt zombie to the game. He has a chance to catch you on fire if he hits you
  • Added Fire Buff icon to Game which can happen from players hitting you with a torch, walking on lit campfires, walking on large ember piles and from on fire zombies striking you. Submerge yourself in water to douse the fire.
  • Added new high res spider zombie to the game
  • Added new Zombie Gore Block System: corpses decompose into a bloody terrain pile which can grow if more zombies die near or on top of each other eventually live zombies will use the gore blocks to cross over your spiked pits or jump over your fort walls. If the gore blocks are left alone the will eventually biodegrade.
  • Added Items made from cloth such as clothing can now be scrapped into cloth
  • Added cobblestone ramps that upgrade and downgrade like cobblestone blocks, and recipe to make them.
  • Added wood railing recipe
  • Added health storage crate and recipe
  • Added paper scrapping from skill books
  • Added Sniper rifle schematic
  • Added Hunting Rifle book
  • Added new plains ground texture
  • Added cash register loot containers to the stores and businesses
  • Added stone shovel and recipe to the game
  • Added new primitive sod recipe used to make sod houses
  • Added unattainable books to gate all weapon part molds. Weapon part forging may appear in a future update.
  • Added insecure downgrade path to player made storage crates
  • Added recipe for flagstone and wedge flagstone
  • Added dynamite held item and new dynamite bundle placed block models
  • Added shopping cart and shopping basket loot containers found in stores and businesses
  • Added flagstone stairs and recipe
  • Added small engine and auger blade to loot
  • Added snow roads and green metal 60’s and tip blocks to the game
  • Added green metal roof gable and inside corner wedge green metal roof
  • Added snow roads to snow biomes in RWG
  • Added auger recipe
  • Added handlebars to automotive loot
  • Added tooltips to category icons in server browser
  • Added new Steam voice proximity chat please test push <v>to talk
  • Added new flashlight model replacing the old one
  • Added snow blowing/drifting effect to snow biome
  • Added blowing sand/dust to desert biomes
  • Added casino token to the loot
  • Added shamway foods cardboard box loot containers and shamway crates that require breaking
  • Added wood stairs filled block shape WIP
  • Added new pill case looting sounds
  • Added window plug centered block shapes and unified boarding up existing windows and plywood filled windows in the world using a hammer and planks they now upgrade to one board, two boards, 3 boards and sheet metal
  • Added sportings good loot to shotgun messiah crates and reduced chance for full weapons to be found
  • Added new stalactites, moss and mushrooms to new caves
  • Added Generic Attribute system now usable on ANY item
  • Added snow zombie female sound set to the game
  • Added spider zombie sense sounds never had these in before
  • Added new iron shovel model
  • Added new sledgehammer
  • Added new system for arrows to fall with gravity
  • Added new custom burnt zombie sound set and added missing zombie sounds to the sounds mix xml
  • Added new audio mixers for impact bullet, impact general and block destroys to help with the overall mix. Note: this doesn’t fix shotguns shooting trees or chainsaw impacts overloading channels but it helps
  • Added recipe for bolts and arrows from femurs
  • Added burnt embers to burnt forest
  • Added hot embers to burnt forest terrain texture
  • Added you can now mine burnt embers and get bits of coal
  • Added zoom to player preview
  • Added new stun rules for zombies. (If your stamina is over 50 you have a 100% chance to stun a zombie and if your stamina is 50 or below it is your stamina level x 2.
  • Added edible mushrooms found in caves
  • Added all new firearm reload sounds
  • Added new give up time for static spawned and biome spawned dogs. They will chase you for about 20 seconds and give up unless they damage you or you damage them which results in thier give up time resetting. Note horde spawned dogs will not give up.
  • Added new Steam Voice Chat integration works only in proximity of other players press<v> to talk
  • Added english.txt entries for all camel cased missing items
  • Added a mouse-over ToolTip for the level progress in the character menu


  • Changed improved wellness feedback so the size of health stamina bars reflect your current top capacity along with sounds, screen fx, tooltips and character screen info to give proper feedback
  • Changed lowest wellness bottom capacity to 50
  • Changed respawning players should have full meters of health and stamina
  • Changed stack limit on weapon repair kits increased to 50
  • Changed driftwood can no longer be picked up, but has to be chopped like a tree. It cuts down much faster though
  • Changed recipe for aloe cream now requires four aloe plants instead of one
  • Changed antibiotics only raise your wellness by 1 on consumption instead of two. They still add wellness over time
  • Changed player made concrete and cobblestone walls drop destroyed stone when broken
  • Changed sped up making plant fibers from grass
  • Changed slowed down making plant fibers from yucca
  • Changed sped up crafting of metal trussing
  • Changed sped up stick crafting and increased yield
  • Changed increased stack limit of paper to 250
  • Changed sped up gravel crafting time
  • Changed updated normal maps for storage crates
  • Changed roaming hordes now are small on day 1 and get bigger and nastier up until day 7 then the cycle restarts. On day 6 there are roaming dogs, to help cue the player that the next day will have the feral hordes coming. Day 7 roaming hordes are now full nasty ones containing cops, dogs and hornets, like the wasteland spawns use. Day 8 should restart the cycle, with roaming hordes being very small and easy
  • Changed Integrated menu into one game scene which speeds up game load times and allows video and audio options to be changed from in game now
  • Changed corpses now carry “junk” loot and gun parts and ammo
  • Changed nerfed food found in purses
  • Changed all firearms now require a book or schematic to craft
  • Changed all firearm part molds can no longer be crafted but are still in the game. They might be exposed later when skill trees are implemented.
  • Changed aligned sniper barrel icon to look better when on the crafting table
  • Changed optimized pine forest and changed spectrum
  • Changed removed spider zombies from general spawning. Now when you see them they will always be scout zombies which can summon a horde if not killed quickly
  • Changed thickened grass textures
  • Changed added new chrysanthemum texture
  • Changed pine forest has its own color spectrum
  • Changed metal shovels dig faster
  • Changed increased how much a small rock repairs a stone tool
  • Changed improved plains grass and color spectrum, adding red dawn
  • Changed optimized distance checks in all areas of random gen
  • Changed removed grass blocks from all barns so they display native terrain
  • Changed all roads in random gen snow biome use snowy road texture
  • Changed Dynamite no longer adds structural stability when placed and does not stick to walls or ceilings
  • Changed removed coal torch item
  • Changed: Minerals always survive stability crashes
  • Changed all non item data is removed from items.xml and put into the newly created misc.xml
  • Changed all of the spectrums
  • Changed the focus box on torches/candles to no longer show
  • Changed recipe of stone axe to use small stones instead of sharp stones.
  • Changed crossbow bolts use small stones instead of sharp stones
  • Changed removed sharp stone recipe, they are no longer used in the game, use small rocks instead
  • Changed all recipes using grass to use plant fibers
  • Changed removed rocket launcher from game until it can be better integrated
  • Changed now the sun now orbits realistically based on the local latitude and time of year
  • Changed made new Bookstore Bookcase thats a little less generous with book loot and thinned bookcases in both bookstores
  • Changed crossbow now requires forged metal and leather strips in its recipe
  • Changed added all ranged weapon fires to the sounds.xml and gave them full volume
  • Changed rivers to no longer have their own biome
  • Changed biome water levels to match river
  • Changed rivers now sometimes feed into biome lakes
  • Changed lowered the footstep overlay volume for the feral, snow and burnt zombies
  • Changed STATS is only written of a connection is successful
  • Changed improved wellness feedback health and stamina meters are the size of their capacity, meter added to character screen with current amount and full capacity, sound effects, gui gow and new messaging for state changes
  • Changed iron pickaxe recipe to use only 3 ingots
  • Changed riverbeds to dirt
  • Changed removed coal spots from burnt forest
  • Changed femurs have no degradation and can now be stacked to 10
  • Changed nerfed feathers in loot since you can craft more from one feather now
  • Changed removed degradation from torches and you can now stack 50 of them
  • Changed tweaked damage of stick and femur
  • Changed stone doesn’t break when falling
  • Changed hub spawn chances
  • Changed added new shotgun and sawed off shotgun sound fx. They also now play random variants
  • Changed removed tungsten from mining until we can find a good use for it
  • Changed potassium Nitrate ore only gives you 5 Potassium Nitrate Powder instead of 10
  • Changed coal ore only gives you 5 coal pieces instead of 10
  • Changed junk loot now has more stuff in it, and trash now uses junk loot so there is a greater chance of finding something good in garbage
  • Changed default spectrums have no purple and less fog
  • Changed updated light intensities for prefab lamps brighter
  • Changed players can use the f key to toggle on one at a time mining helmet or equipped flashlights. Note: This will work with upcoming weapon flashlight attachments in A12
  • Changed Zombies now run based on sunAngle rather than “time”
  • Changed removed unused inventory tab removed from the characters inventory GUI
  • Changed reduced dogs and stags FOV from 330 to 180 they shouldn’t see you as easy now
  • Changed increased spawning in forests and desert biomes
  • Changed: Increased distance of player spawn from wasteland biome edge
  • Changed: Decreased non central wasteland hub spawning to 5%
  • Changed gun crafting times to 5 seconds since the player takes them apart frequently to do upgrades
  • Changed Stamina use for all tools and weapons is now 8 per swing
  • Changed stone axe and fire axe are worse weapons and better tools
  • Changed protection value scale to be more easily readable
  • Changed protection values to drop trailing decimal points
  • Changed logic on bow
  • Changed Reduced degradation on mp5
  • Changed reduced frequency of hungry and starving penalties and reduced how fast you die when starving
  • Changed liquids can no longer debuff players while burning. First aid kits and bandages do though.
  • Changed unified all guns now have 4 parts to recipes to work with the new gun quality system
  • Changed spike trap damage bounds and amounts for players and zombies


  • Fixed burn time on wooden stairs
  • Fixed Dog plays death animation immediately when killed, not delayed after the attack animation completes
  • Fixed Diersville Trees Drop Multiple bundles of wood
  • Fixed enforcer magazine can be converted to paper or burnt
  • Fixed zombies will now follow you down a shaft up to 20 meters deep, they should be better about finding you underground
  • Fixed reworked network communication for forge to decrease item loss and dupe bugs
  • Fixed a campfire exploit bug
  • Fixed bug where biome deco random Loot containers were rotated wrong
  • Fixed bug where sometimes if you were hit while looting: Loot timer stops but can’t move
  • Fixed various clothing items that could not be scrapped into cloth
  • Fixed spelling on vegetable stew english.txt
  • Fixed backpacks dropped in doorways cause nullref when attempting pickup
  • Fixed save games should now always match their original game mode
  • Fixed dedicated servers now default to drop nothing on quit to match default settings
  • Fixed feral mode icon in server browser at wrong position
  • Fixed servers not properly receiving client data
  • Fixed Server browser: Feral mode active icon at correct position
  • Fixed game server not shutting down when switching to main menu
  • Fixed entity draw distance to match chunk draw distance
  • Fixed Server Browser page buttons displaying wrong state when filtering for server name
  • Fixed relooting empty containers rolls loot
  • Fixed auger duplicating items on MP game
  • Fixed exception when dying/respawning
  • Fixed campfire repair exploit
  • Fixed bug if inventory full, items get lost on pickup
  • Fixed crops vanish on pickup if only free space in toolbelt
  • Fixed auto-equip destroying items
  • Fixed the seam between the curtain top and bottom halves
  • Fixed timing on zombie crawler attack
  • Fixed background of item names in recipe preview is too small
  • Fixed splitting a stack after crafting makes you lose half
  • Fixed smells work, but tooltip is wonky
  • Fixed decayed brick block models drop nothing
  • Fixed some UI textures are influenced by texture resolution settings
  • Fixed character rotation bug in Inventory UI
  • Fixed camera track offsets for both mirror and character creation
  • Fixed barbed wire does nothing
  • Fixed wood spikes don’t work most of the time
  • Fixed server pushed config files remaining loaded
  • Fixed food items with negative hydration allow for going over the hunger cap
  • Fixed can’t break down bullets
  • Fixed scrapping dupes items
  • Fixed disappearing gun part bug
  • Fixed can’t scrap cooking pots
  • Fixed learn on craft isn’t working correctly
  • Fixed Cook Button resets progress of cooking
  • Fixed canned water still superstacks
  • Fixed Campfire shift click item loss
  • Fixed similar recipes (output) cloning ingredients when using craft list
  • Fixed Navezgane and random gen map info descriptions
  • Fixed persistent profile game menu description
  • Fixed iron armor can be repaired
  • Fixed floating decals
  • Fixed persistent profile game menu description
  • Fixed replacing parts in a gun loses all ammo
  • Fixed player dropped backpacks are breaking from zombies
Alpha 10.4 b10 [16]


Alpha 10[ | ]

Alpha 10.4 B10 Hotfix

Happy New Year Survivalists, We fixed a problem where some mesh instances were set improperly to static resulting in framerate loss and lag. From our testing this fix has improved framerate for everyone.

This patch is save game, network and backward compatible with A10.4 b9

Alpha 10.4 b9 [17] 19.12.2014

Alpha 10.4 b9 Hotfix


  • Fixed KeyNotFoundException error for bald players when wearing hea
  • Fixed new player built named storage crates crashing old save games with already built storage crates
  • Fixed a problem with the Unity NAT facilitator so peer to peer connections work again. We’re looking into a longer term solution for this.
  • PersistentPlayerProfiles changed to default to false for dedicated servers. Persistent player profiles: TRUE means that when you log into a server for the first time, whatever character you are playing as (a big black woman with long hair) will always be what you look like, even if you change it to another profile (to a bald, fat white guy). FALSE means that you will change looks depending on what your current character looks like each time you log in.
Alpha 10.4 [18] 18.12.2014

Alpha 10.4


  • Added system where you can now see hair that makes sense to see when wearing hats, helmets still fully cover hair
  • Added beverages to coolers
  • Added a new place cobblestone sound
  • Added damage\upgrade particle effect to steel door and old wooden door
  • Added damage stage sound effect to steel door and old wooden door
  • Added street_light_02 to towns


  • Changed made kicks by EAC/Steam more robust
  • Changed public game is now the default option in the multiplayer game options menu tab
  • Changed the Server browser history to no longer show private games and other games which cluttered up the history
  • Changed improved player swimming physics
  • Changed increased how much cloth repairs clothing
  • Changed sped up cobblestone use animation
  • Changed hammer is now unlocked in home maintenance book
  • Changed all storage crate recipes so they are centered
  • Changed output.log to give give more precise information when loading TextureAtlasBlocks fails
  • Changed reduced frequency of resource rocks found in biomes
  • Changed corn is less frequent in the grasslands
  • Blueberries are restricted to sub biomes in the snow biome. (Joel)
  • Changed skill books can be stacked to 50
  • Changed loot chances in book cases which now drop 0-2 books instead of or 1-3 as well as Shotgun Messiah crates and Working Stiff crates lowered chances for items
  • Changed making cobblestone now yields 4 from 1 stone and 1 cement, or 1 destroyed stone
  • Changed slowed crop growing speed down
  • Changed players take no health damage from food poisoning but more wellness damage
  • Changed rotten flesh doesn’t infect you any more
  • Changed storage crates are now lockable
  • Changed Log prefixing messages with INF (information), WRN (warning), ERR (error), EXC (exception)
  • Changed placement of candles to be flat on the ground when placed
  • Changed 7th day hordes may be postponed if other hordes are active
  • Changed Reintegrated random wandering hordes
  • Changed in debug mode when you teleport the player using the coordinates the player is now set to the ground on spawning
  • Changed torches to not have burn time any more
  • Changed Yucca juice no longer provides any food
  • Changed Yucca fruit no longer provides any water. Increased food from 3 to 5
  • Changed torch now stores degradation when placed
  • Changed Town sizes to be a little smaller [103×103 min to 412×412 max]


  • Fixed ServerMaxPlayerCount offset by -1 since 10.3 hotfix
  • Fixed problem that some blocks like ladder are not visible on Linux computers
  • Fixed problem that some corn bottom parts could not be harvested
  • Fixed prefab xml static spawners were working in random gen cities when they should not. Cities in random gen are currently handled by biome spawners
  • Fixed prefabs set to max in hub 1 would spawn more in the same city block. You should not see 2 of the same special buildings like gun stores close to each other now
  • Fixed nref on supply crate spawns
  • Changed zombie/animal pathing so it is a projected path onto the terrain, should fix most remaining cases of spinning zombies with a few exceptions that can be fixed on a case by case block item collision basis
  • Fixed mis-rotated window in old west building
  • Fixed a few bad english entries like cobblestone frame in English.txt
  • Fixed one of the missing chunk problems
  • Fixed skull cap icon colors
  • Fixed problem that removed blocks from blocks.xml caused saved games to corrupt if they were dropped
  • Fixed glass appearing opaque blue on one of the commercial doors
  • Fixed Sound doubling/networking bug clients would hear an echo of impacts sometimes
  • Fixed handling of players with invalid SteamIDs
  • Fixed NullRef in ServerBrowser after entering wrong password
  • Fixed various barn blocks to the correct material and they don’t drop metal or stone anymore
  • Fixed sign_slow and sign_speed_25 signs to face properly in towns
  • Fixed null reference error when right clicking while all container windows were closed
  • Fixed prefabs sometimes spawning at y position 0 or less causing errors
  • Fixed NullRef on shutdown with multiple clients still connected
  • Fixed player permanently holding nail in his hand after loading nailgun
  • Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException if player builds terrain higher than 254 meters
  • Fixed Pillcases now have medicine loot not book loot
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in EntityFallingBlock
  • Fixed setting PersistentCustomCharacters makes server non-stock

Known Issues

  • Some rare occurrences of zombies and enemies spinning
  • Some buildings will occasional overlap in town hubs
  • A very small amount of icons have improper tinting or a missing icon
  • Clients may still occasionally see missing world chunks. This can be fixed by quitting and rejoining a server
Alpha 10.3 B12 [19] 13.12.2014

Alpha 10.3 B12

Hey Survivalists, We fixed a bug where some users were wrongfully kicked and could not rejoin without a server restart. This is a client and dedi fix.

This build is a code change only so saved games and networking are compatible.

Alpha 10.3 [20] 12.12.2014

Alpha 10.3


  • Added to the character customization system several new hair stlyes both male and female, many facial hair variants for the male, and new hair, eye and skin color selection
  • Added red, blue green, brown and black clothing variants to plaid shirts, skull caps, bandanas and pants
  • Added new pharmacies, book stores and hardware stores with custom signs,decor and special loot to Navezgane and Random Gen
  • Added new cobblestone upgrade system. Cobblestone walls are now made by first creating a cobblestone frame which is made from 5 sticks and some plant fiber to “stake” out the area where you will build the cobblestone wall. Once you place the frame you take cobblestones (made from cement and small rocks) and you right click the frame to upgrade it to a ¼ high cobblestone wall. Repeat several times to complete the wall. The cobblestone frames have very little structural integrity so you might need to support your cobblestone outward structures until they are completed with another supporting block.
  • Added a new Wellness curve, It’s easier to earn wellness when your wellness is lower than it is when its is higher.
  • Added a new unique snow zombie sound set and icey footstep overlays
  • Added Vitamins to the loot which boost wellness and cure Dysentery.
  • Added rigidbody to animals to have better hit detection
  • Added “bullet material name” to override bullet sound for chainsaw/auger
  • Added beer item, beer to loot, and beverage cooler loot containers which appear in gas stations, old businesses, pharmacies, gun stores, hardware stores, movie theaters and ski lodges. With beer you can now get both a positive Beer buff and a negative hangover debuff
  • Added Game option to allow overwriting the saved character looks in a game with the currently selected profile
  • Added PersistentPlayerProfiles to server options
  • Added Persistent Profile to new/continue game
  • Added orange and green metal roofs used on the new hardware store and book stores
  • Added ability to edit player profiles
  • Added new craftable and placeable candles


  • Changed improved town code to allow larger buildings you’ll see a much larger variety of different buildings in towns now
  • Changed towns now use random block sizes and shapes
  • Changed male and female uma dna converter clamps for legs and some others
  • Changed entities now consider y position of the terrain for spawning
  • Changed removed cobblestone metal from blocks and blocktextures
  • Changed reduced time to craft plant fibers
  • Changed random will now choose random hair and skin colors from the available colors
  • Changed reduced wellness from antibiotics from 5 to 2
  • Changed tweaked footstep attenuation settings to be a little louder
  • Changed the terrain is now also lowered if needed when a block is placed
  • Changed PersistentCustomCharacters to PersistentPlayerProfile to match internal code
  • Changed PersistentPlayerProfile default to false on peer to peer MP games
  • Changed grain alcohol gets you drunk now
  • Changed school to use terrain filler so its grass is native to the biome its in
  • Changed removed regular zombies from snow biomes
  • Changed removed dogs from burnt forest. Dogs should now only appear in the wasteland and at barns
  • Changed getting stunned has a chance to lower your wellness
  • Changed brightened wall torches
  • Changed the server time is now only advanced if a player is connected to the server
  • Changed torches now have a random burn time of about 20 minutes. After this they will disappear.
  • Changed Cleaner log output
  • Changed non-stock values give more precise log output
  • Changed only grass and dirt can be hoed


  • Fixed dog attack animations and spastic spinning dogs. Dogs are now easier to kill
  • Fixed Reinforced Concrete Ramps now downgrade to broke01,02 and 03 versions like reinforced concrete does
  • Fixed breaking reinforced concrete drops nothing
  • Fixed removed old reinforced concrete recipe
  • Fixed players can spawn on trees and then fall and break their leg
  • Fixed no hordes after day 49
  • Fixed buffs not checking friendly fire
  • Fixed critical blunt buff chance on clubs
  • Fixed trees disappearing in last growing stage if player is not at the location of the tree
  • Fixed fat zombies hawaiian shirt ones cannot navigate through an open new model door
  • Fixed general pathing through doors
  • Fixed Sniper rifle reload animation doesn’t move the players camera and head around
  • Fixed IndexOutOfRangeException sometimes crashing random gen servers
  • Fixed nref in PlayerProfile save
  • Fixed digging down problem
  • Fixed various xml errors and cleaned up unused spawn groups and entities
  • Fixed reworked low level connection to fix reported network problems with some systems
  • Fixed negative effects of buffs do not apply when God mode is on
  • Fixed clicking on stuff with bare hands when not thirsty shows warning
  • Fixed neon texture issue “junk textures” when changing screen sizes or alt-tabbing
  • Fixed Hair/Beard desync when changing tabs after using Random button
  • Fixed problem that some models floated in the air when placing it on terrain
  • Fixed blueberries are found in coolers, not blueberry bushes
  • Fixed spikes should snap the ground to them
  • Fixed dogs play attack anim when moving
  • Fixed zombies spawn with zombiespawning=0
  • Fixed a bunch of new item and blocks English.txt entries
  • Fixed player count in serverbrowser resets to 0 after loading details
  • Fixed server browser stops refreshing when window is closed
  • Fixed server rules query returns current player count


  • Added <property name=”PersistentPlayerProfiles” value=”true” /> <!– If disabled a player can join with any selected profile. If true they will join with the last profile they joined with –>
  • Changed server won’t continue to start if no config file or errors within with a proper message in the log
  • Changed server will show proper log messages when reading entries in admin.xml or players.xml fails
  • Also due to an upcoming change in our EAC Anti-cheat all servers must update to our 10.3 Dedi or turn off EAC by Monday Evening or they will no longer accept connections

Known Issues

  • Some buildings will occasional overlap in town hubs
  • A very small amount of icons have improper tinting or a missing icon
Alpha 10.2 [21] 01.12.2014

Alpha 10.2


  • Added Custom icon color tinting property for item icons
  • Added murky water can now be collected in old empty cans you find everywhere.
  • Added canned murky water can be boiled on a stick in the campfire. Canned water has a stack limit of one since there is no lid to the container and it is meant for basic survival in the wild with primitive means until a cooking pot can be obtained
  • Added canned water can be turned into scrap metal
  • Added Forge Ahead Book icon
  • Added items and icons for red, brown, and black denim pants


  • Changed it so torches can be placed anywhere like before
  • Changed it so breaking a wall torch drops nothing
  • Changed log to not contain any passwords
  • Changed log on startup when parsing serverconfig fails
  • Changed concrete dries slower
  • Changed log to not contain any passwords
  • Changed log on startup when parsing serverconfig fails
  • Changed removed recipe for wall bracket, it is no longer needed
  • Changed the forge is now gated by an easy to find book called “Forge Ahead”. So you won’t be able to make a forge until you find this book.
  • Changed planted trees now only grow on ground with a fertile level > 0
  • Changed updated EAC files
  • Changed prefab menu is now only accessible in edit or debug mode
  • Changed increased heat map settings for animal gore
  • Changed the particle effects on the forge, campfire and torches for better performance
  • Changed the forest biome decorations for better performance
  • Changed UMA-based screen checking for dedicated servers to disabled
  • Changed removed command “spawnwanderinghorde”
  • Changed ranger station prefab xml so it can appear in random gen in the wilderness in all biomes
  • Changed air drops now drop military weapons and parts, rare books and valued medicines
  • Changed lowered weight of reinforced metal siding
  • Changed torches so they can be picked up once placed on a wall and fixed translation


  • Fixed player texture rebuilding when swapping resolution and/or fullscreen
  • Fixed tallow recipe, 1 animal fat makes 1 tallow in 10 seconds
  • Fixed reading doubles from files independent of locale
  • Fixed error when opening creative menu when there are no group files
  • Fix map not loading bug
  • Fixed Null ref in HandleDirtyUpdate
  • Fixed texture rebuild was happening when window was not in focus instead of waiting
  • Fixed EAC was not used on dedicated servers since 10.1
  • Fixed server browser does not show favorites + history servers if they are not public
  • Fixed 3rd person body colliders for better hit detection of projectile weapons
  • Fixed missing sniper rifle trigger housing mold recipe
  • Fixed Animator.GotoState errors on hatches
  • Fixed NullRefException in GameManager.RequestToSpawnPlayer()
  • Fixed problem that zombie dog was hard to hit
  • Fixed problems with Navezgane Diersville basements and overlapping light poles at gas stations
  • Fixed the prefab menu is longer accessible in normal game modes
  • Fixed forge producing NullRef when first firing up
  • Fixed zombie cop attacking and animation broken
  • Fixed Alpha channel for crafting output was being overridden by custom tint
  • Fixed Alpha channel for crafting preview was being overridden by custom tint
  • Fixed Alpha channel for campfire output preview was being overridden by custom tint
  • Fixed Alpha channel for forge output preview was being overridden by custom tint
  • Fixed splint buff never goes away
  • Fixed icons and translations for all pants and tanktops

Known Issues

  • Some clients may experience connection problems while playing which can result in the world chunks not drawing and zombies not moving. This can be fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting
  • When loading a previous saved game Weapons can sometimes load rotated incorrectly. This can be fixed by switching hold items
  • Impact sounds for chainsaws/augers still use bullet impact sounds which is why they are too loud which will be fixed in the next build
  • Animals and zombies will occasionally spawn and fall through the world
  • Cars are sometimes sunk down into the world
  • Mac clients cannot connect to EAC protected servers this will be resolved hopefully tomorrow
Alpha 10.1 [22] 25.11.2014

Alpha 10.1


  • Added nails to junk loot
  • Added green and blue tanktops
  • Added all colored tank tops to loot lists
  • Added red denim pants, brown denim pants, and plant fiber plants
  • Added recipe for plant fiber pants


  • Fixed vegetable stew recipe
  • Changed Burning can now be debuffed by drinking any water or juice
  • Changed coffee is always drinkable for an energy buff, but now offers negative hydration of -1
  • Changed torches can no longer be stacked and cannot be placed on a wall by themselves. To place one on a wall, first place a “Torch Holder” on the wall, then right click the torch holder with a torch to upgrade the empty torch holder to one that has a lit torch in it. Punch the lit torch to make the torch holder drop the torch. Torches degrade now when used as a weapon
  • Changed removed recipe to make the item “coal torch”. The same recipe now makes a regular torch
  • Changed updated to latest EAC SDK, should fix problems for some users using the launcher on Windows
  • Changed renamed cloth and leather pants to cloth leg armor and leather leg armor
  • Changed renamed cloth shirt to cloth chest armor, and leather jacket to cloth chest armor


  • Fixed ammo crate recipe
  • Fixed poured concrete never dried
  • Fixed reenabled “saveworld” console command
  • Fixed “Err” exception spamming the console and corrupting save games
  • Fixed loading XMLs when clients connect
  • Fixed server browser not showing details for peer2peer entries
  • Fixed server browser name filter would add newline on enter
  • Fixed server browser showing non-feral servers as feral
  • Fixed exception System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type
  • Fixed zombies not attacking client players unless they are close to player running server
  • Fixed antibiotics don’t expire (neither did an entire class of buffs)
  • Fixed you should be able to drink coffee even if you are full (negative thirst)
  • Fixed missing SteamAPI leads to exceptions instead of proper ingame error message
  • Fixed buffs can kill people with friendly fire, like light someone on fire with a torch who is your friend.
  • Fixed startdedicated.bat makes sure the steam_appid.txt contains the clients AppID
  • Fixed alt tabbing would cause UI artifacts on player model
  • Fixed pressing random many times would cause the textures to start offsetting
  • Fixed joining game through steam was skipping player profile check
  • Fixed planted trees go invisible after growing
  • Fixed the Iron armor and scrap armor sets now have their materials and textures working

Known Issues

  • Changing screen resolution/fullscreen causes weird character texture rendering. Changing clothes of any kind will fix the problem
  • New Fire debuff icon looks blank
  • 4 new pants have blank icons and need english translations
  • 2 new tank tops have icons and need english translations
  • Some clients may experience connection problems while playing which can result in the world chunks not drawing and zombies not moving. This can be fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting
  • When loading a previous saved game Weapons can sometimes load rotated incorrectly. This can be fixed by switching hold items
  • Impact sounds for chainsaws/augers still use bullet impact sounds which is why they are too loud which will be fixed in the next build
Alpha 10 [23] 22.11.2014

Alpha 10.0


  • Added a brand new Character Creation System complete with custom face, body morphing and fully visible clothing and armor on your character. With it you can make customize your character and make him or her look like you’d like. Future versions will include custom skin, eye color and hair style choices. Also included in this build are a shit ton of new lootable or craftable clothing including: Kevlar helmets, swat helmets, bandanas, goggles, sun glasses, denim jacket, pants, worn boots and tank tops. You can also remove, make a favorite outfit and put it back on quickly using the -, star and + buttons below the new character mirror in the inventory menu as well as rotating around your character in the mirror. Profile Creation has been added to the game options menu where you can create your custom charters as well as zoom in and pan around them.
  • Added a new zombie horde world heat map system that tracks how much noise and smells have added up in a zone. Over time the zone will cool down, but if it heats up too fast spider zombies will come and investigate the area. If they find something and start screeching a horde will soon follow. Campfires, forges, smells and dead animal gore also contribute to the heat maps intensity.
  • Added a new Wellness System that can go up and down based upon your eating habits, disease and death. Your wellness influences your stamina and health cap and can go from 0 to 200 over boosting these caps. Note: 100 is your base starting wellness. If you live well you’ll benefit from it with more stamina and health potential. If you live poorly you’ll suffer with less stamina and health. You can check this stat in your character screen. Remember that dying is bad so you have to play the game a little more cautious. It is possible to live well for several days and raise your wellness level quite high and reap the benefits of boosted stamina and health.
  • Added a new model based destructible/upgradable door system provides elegant door animations, multistage destruction and upgrades to all player built and intact world doors. Now you know when a door is going to break open with physical model changes, particle effects and impact sounds. Also replaced all world doors with new model ones
  • Added our enhanced buff system which controls the new debuff hunger and thirst states with multiple stages. Dehydration will kill you faster than starving and both lower your wellness. Also the broken leg system has been reworked to a more intuitive healing system with a splint icon. The new system allows buffs to affect other buffs, buffs to affect zombies and animals and even apply critical and timed damage. With it clubs have a chance to do criticals on heads, arrows cause bleed out on other players and animals and torches can light zombies on fire. Zombies are immune to bleeding, sickness, and disease.
  • Added a brand new server browser with a completely overhauled GUI. The new browser spools pages of servers better and has a large row of top buttons providing options to sort servers by Standard, Modded, Peer to Peer, Friends, History/Favorites, LAN and more. The main left panel has a sub header with icons for easily digesting server information and sort by many categories including ping. The browser also includes a new vertical server stats page on the right with a custom server message, and server address link
  • Added a township system that creates small towns in random gen can appear in every biome type with a greater probability than cities but less probable than rural locations along roads. They are smaller than cities but can have between 2-8 blocks with each block having anywhere from 4 to 8 buildings.
  • Added Linux 32 bit client and the Linux dedicated server 32 bit only. Future versions will include 64 bit.
  • Added Steam offline mode support. now you can play Survival SP or Survival MP by yourself or continue your client hosted games offline
  • Added a post apocalypse world destruction art pass. Every structure has been upgraded with boarded windows, cracked windows, broken windows, partially broken doors, locked doors, old blinds and more.
  • Added new random gen locations with custom signs including Shotgun Messiah’s gun stores and Pass-n-Gas gas stations as well as several new wasteland city buildings, rubble piles, parking lots, 4 farm shed variants and 4 vacant junk filled lot variants to the world
  • Added new concrete fort building path. You start with a rebar frame and place it. Then you upgrade that with wood planks which places the concrete forms. Then you take a bucket of concrete mix and pour it on the wood form and when it dries the wood pops off and you have hard reinforced concrete. Also added a new broken concrete texture
  • Added new better ladder physics so players can stay on ladders easier and fight from ladders
  • Added 5 new craftable containers that are labeled with symbols for player crafted storage to keep your items organized including guns, ammo, supplies, food and explosives
  • Added new search by ingredient that shows uses of an item
  • Added mouse over ingredient name tooltip to crafting tarp
  • Major efforts put into server performance which should support more players in multiplayer than before. Optimized mesh building of chunks so that this should take less CPU power
  • Added new improved wood hit set for using wooden weapons to hit zombies and objects in the world of varying material types
  • Added scrap armor recipes
  • Added bio-fuel. It is made from animal fat in the beaker
  • Added pigs, stags drop animal fat and animal fat to fat zombie loot
  • Added new nail gun to loot which can be used to upgrade forts really fast or used as a weapon requires new nail ammo which can be found in loot or forged
  • Added recipe for concrete mix
  • Added new recipe for gravel using small stones. Note the old two recipes are still there as well
  • Added a baby cotton plant that grows into the existing cotton plant
  • Added lead and tungsten trophies to the loot
  • Added reinforced concrete ramps
  • Added a texture quality option to Options->Video to allow to down sample textures to half and quarter resolution. This will lead to memory and speed improvements on lower end hardware
  • Added tallow made from animal fat in a cooking pot
  • Added Animal Stealth and sneak damage (must be crouched and they must be unaware). NOTE: animals do not affect player stealth state
  • Added new hard to get loot stash in each apartment building which include a munitions crate and Shotgun Messiah crate
  • Added animal gore block which spawns after looting an animal or after an animal dies. These contribute to the horde heat map
  • Added vegetable stew
  • Added mold time to forge
  • Added shipping crates which must be broken to expose a lootable interior crate
  • Added new shotgun messiah loot containers
  • Added spawnDeadChance to biome spawning to allow the simulation of ambient ecosystem heat and the potential to spawn scout hordes not directly due to player interaction
  • Added both good and bad wellness attributes to all foods
  • Added goldenrod seed recipe
  • Added slight animated wobble to campfire and forge lights to create natural bouncing shadow effect, as a followup to the disabled flicker that caused headaches previously
  • Added MacDyvers guide to scrap metal crafting which unlocks scrap iron armor recipes
  • Added new craftable Wooden Hatch Doors which can be placed to fill a ladder hole. Note the top ladder block must be placed first
  • Added zoom function to sniper rifle scope part for a makeshift telescope
  • Added: Hard coded backpack for the player, this will always be on the player. Note: future version will include crafting backpacks
  • Added gravel to mining and added stability to coal and potassium nitrate
  • Added to Navezgane the new small gun store in the snow biome and the large gun store to the wasteland biome


  • Changed Overhauled clubs. They use more stamina now and have a slower animation but do more damage. Barbed and spiked clubs have a chance to do bleeding damage
  • Changed farming with a complete overhaul. The hoe now raises dirt and makes the dirt it raises fertile (along with a new fertile dirt texture) and the ground adjacent to it gets flattened out and it clears out the grass and turns it to regular dirt. So you can make these nice pretty looking farm fields now and its easy to tell where to plant as well. Seeds will project where the plant will be planted when you focus on a spot. Also crops won’t break if walked on any more and grass doesn’t grow under your crops or on the dirt adjacent to it that was hoed. If you want to grow grass just place a dirt block. Also we added goldenrod farming
  • Changed Bone breaking. Now there are two stages. A sprain or break. Both can be splinted. Splints are still applied like before but when you splint your leg it replaces the broken leg icon with a splint icon. When the leg heals the splint icon is removed. If you fall while splinted the splint will break off and a new one will be needed
  • Changed removed planks block and many other old blocks that used its textures
  • Changed replaced old wood planks with new plank counterparts
  • Changed updated fertile farm ground texture
  • Changed farming grass no longer will grow on hoed earth. Crops will not grow on placed dirt only on hoed dirt. Grass grows on placed dirt blocks. The hoe turns dirt into fertile farm ground now
  • Changed icon for lead trophy
  • Changed removed deprecated material metal_no_distortion
  • Changed wasteland cars are easier to mine for resources
  • Changed updated white brick and decayed brick textures
  • Changed updated adobe peach and white textures and clay roof texture
  • Changed all sidewalks to be cracked with a new sidewalk texture
  • Changed corn crops to new growing concept
  • Changed Antibiotics and grain alcohol cook twice as fast
  • Changed gas cans are now made from grain alcohol and bio fuel
  • Changed: Reduced the health of pigs to match stags
  • Changed cloth and plant fiber torches now require animal fat
  • Changed yucca juice now takes 4 yucca
  • Changed removed recipes for concrete blocks replaced by new upgradable concrete forms
  • Changed dirt to grow grass in at a random time interval
  • Changed you can’t eat or drink if you are full or not thirsty
  • Changed If you eat or drink excess food or water increases your meter more than 100% (but it still shows as 100%). (i.e. this means food/water can be over saturated)
  • Changed lowered airdrop medicine quantities a bit
  • Changed moving in water slows you down
  • Changed now plants continue growing, even if no player is around
  • Changed Forge and Campfire now operate if no player is nearby
  • Changed Creative menu can now also be enabled per client with the “cm” / “creativemenu” command
  • Changed almost all prefabs to use a new Terrain Filler block. This allows these prefabs with allow topsoil decorations true flag to fit into nearly all biomes for better locational variety
  • Changed fuel values and weight values of many objects
  • Changed resource rocks no longer drop coal or potassium nitrate powder
  • Changed fire should debuff if in water
  • Changed hay bales can now be picked up and negate all fall damage
  • Changed Air Drop from hours to Days and changed the Default to Every 3 Days and change the options to Disabled, 1 Day, 3 Days, 7 Days
  • Changed in game option main categories to Stock, Modded and Multiplayer reorganizing the options under these 3 new fields and reordered the options under them to better match our new server browser structure.
  • Changed removed Difficulty Presets, Damage Given and Damage received and rolled them into one new category called Difficulty with 6 levels 1. Scavenger, 2. Adventurer, 3. Nomad, 4. Warrior, 5. Survivalist and 6. Insane
  • Changed updated particle system on wall torch, campfire and forge
  • Changed updated shader on sniper rifle
  • Changed increase zombie dogs pain-hit pause to make dogs better
  • Changed increased chance for rare books to appear
  • Changed random gen spawning to limit the largest buildings in the cities with the new MaxPerHub function. F.E you should only see one movie theater or 1 of the same large apartment building
  • Changed updated English.txt with all new in-game items, blocks and clothing
  • Changed optimized resource boulders to use less draw calls
  • Changed recipes learned from books will now show on the tooltip above the toolbelt
  • Changed improved locker loot, added clothes and football helmets
  • Changed disabled BB Colors on server names and chat window
  • Changed lowered volume of frig, chainsaw and auger
  • Changed: Zombies respawn immediately in wasteland. 4 days in other biomes. Animals respawn every 5 days


  • Fixed bug in spawn algorithm that led zombies spawn in player’s view cone
  • Fixed prefabs and roads overlapping sometimes causing an asphalt block with air density
  • Fixed Terrain decoration flag on small trees in burnt forest
  • Fixed dysentery so it advances and lasts forever until cured
  • Fixed Goldenrod doesn’t break when you walk on it
  • Fixed wrong popup “Player was kicked by server” if a player was kicked and disconnected from another server after being kicked
  • Fixed with Unity 4.5.4: game window always on top
  • Fixed with Unity 4.5.4: Mac full screen sometimes shows texture garbage
  • Fixed flickering between up/downgrades of block entities
  • Fixed not being able to eat food that increases hydration when full. Food is discarded in this case but hydration is consumed
  • Fixed improperly rotated cabinets in the apartments
  • Fix airdrop crates showing smoke if they are in unloaded chunks
  • Fixed culling distance on wall torch, campfire and forge
  • Fixed scope aim location on sniper rifle, added muzzle origin
  • Fixed Dropped items like grass should not clip into terrain any more
  • Fixed dupe bug that allowed you to copy your inventory on exiting the game with Alt-F4 or killing the game process
  • Fixed game speed exploit when moving from single player to a multiplayer server
  • Fixed zombie pain-hit pause
  • Fixed weight of scrap lead so that single trophies can be scrapped
  • Fixed bug that ambient sound volume was also controlled by music volume slider
  • Fixed joining a password protected server through steam://connect/ links or the friend list while the game is not running
  • Fixed console commands issuing exceptions will not spawn in the server log any more
  • Fixed (Mac/Linux only): problem that some float values were read wrong on non-english locales
  • Fixed nullref in buffs
  • Fixed password for a door or chest was using a header font
  • Fixed replaying a saved game you can reread the books again
  • Fixed ambient loops to not use 3d position
  • Fixed repair wrench should not be allowed to upgrade concrete

ServerConfig.xml and Dedicated Servers

  • Added Linux Dedicated Server Support
  • Changed in game options to Standard, Modded and Multiplayer reorganizing the options under these 3 new fields. Changing Modded options or XML files will make a server sort into the modded server list
  • Added config options: ServerDescription, ServerWebsiteURL
  • Removed serverconfig options PlayerDamageGiven and PlayerDamageReceived. Those are integrated with the GameDifficulty (0 = 200% given, 50% received, 1 = 150% / 75%, 2 = 100% / 100%, 3 = 75% / 150%, 4 = 50% / 200%, 5 = 25% / 250%)
  • Removed horde mode and death match parameters (DayCount, FragLimit, MatchLength, RebuildMap) from serverconfig.xml
  • Renamed VACEnabled to EACEnabled
  • For servers to show up in the new “standard” category in the server browser the following settings have to be at their default values: DayNightLength = 40, DropOnDeath = 0, DropOnQuit = 1, CraftTimer = 1, LootTimer = 1, EnemySenseMemory = 60, EnemySpawnMode = 3, NightPercentage = 20 – 50, BlockDurabilityModifier = 100, LootRespawnDays = 7, LootAbundance = 100, AirDropFrequency = 72, BuildCreate = false. Also the XML files in Data/Config/ may not be modified
  • Changed default port to 26900. If this port is used and the server set to public it will be found in the local LAN in the LAN tab of the server browser

Tools and Modding

  • Folks we’re not really officially supporting modding yet but we’re working on some of the proper framework to do so. That said here are some things that have been done or are in the works.
  • Changed Xml configuration files reside now in Data/Config for modding
  • Because we changed our Block IDS dramatically for organizational and performance benefits we have asked Hal 9000 to create a prefab conversion utility which thankfully he agreed. The Utility converts your previously built user prefabs to our new block IDs so you can use them with Alpha 10. More info and download here: http://www.vendocode.com/SDTD/SDTD.asmx/GetPrefabConverter
  • Hal 9000 is also working with us on an official Xml Editor which will help folk’s mod the game. It can be downloaded here: http://www.vendocode.com/SDTD/SDTD.asmx/GetXMLEditor

Known Issues

  • Some clients may experience connection problems while playing which can result in the world chunks not drawing and zombies not moving. This can be fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting
  • When loading a previous saved game Weapons can sometimes load rotated incorrectly. This can be fixed by switching hold items
  • Impact sounds for chainsaws/augers still use bullet impact sounds which is why they are too loud which will be fixed in the next build
  • The Iron armor and scrap armor sets are missing their materials and appear to be chrome. This will be fixed in the next patch

Playing Old Versions

We’re also making the last stable Alpha 9 build and older builds available to re download so here’s how you do it.
1. Open your steam client.
2. Click on Games/View Games Library
3. Right click ‘7 Days to Die’ and select properties
4. From the new popup dialogue box select the ‘BETAS’ Tab
5. Under ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into’ – select ‘Alpha 9.3 Stable’
6. The game will then update and download Alpha 9.3
7. Switching back to the latest version is as easy as repeating steps 1-4 and on step 5 choose the option ‘None – Opt out of all Beta Programs’ and you’ll revert to the latest version
Alpha 9.3x [24] 18.09.2014

Alpha 9[ | ]

Alpha 9.3x


  • Controller support using 3rd party mapping tools is now compatible with EAC. Note: We will be officially supporting native USB controllers in the future.
  • Support of the latest versions of the 3rd party capture programs like Fraps, Dxtory, Shadowplay and others are now supported with EAC
Alpha 9.3 Hotfix [25] 08.09.2014

Alpha 9.3 Hotfix


  • Changed crops to grow faster (every 40 minutes they advance to the next stage) but yield a little less food.
  • Changed it so crops no longer break when walked on
  • Changed renamed all VACs to EAC in anticheat load screen
  • Changed console command “set time” so it sets directly the specified time, without adding offset any more


  • Fixed 7th Night Feral horde from spawning on subsequent nights. Note: they will still spawn on nights divisible by 7.
  • Fixed army camp burnt forest allowed biomes tag spelling in the xml
  • Fixed “time warp bug” on client dedis
  • Field of view is now only applied to the game camera, the gun camera stays at 60
  • Fixed prefab/road overlap block type bug
  • Fixed problem that client sometimes jumped back one second esp. during nights
  • Fixed cotton so it doesn’t grow instantly
  • Fixed player spawning in wasteland hub so players don’t spawn in the city
  • Fixed shift clicking with left and right mouse button dupe
  • Fixed buff chance percentage display
  • Fixed ArgumentNullException on dedicated servers when a player logs off

Known Issues

  • 32 bit Operating Systems can run out of memory sometimes. We’re still optimizing this.
  • Zombies and animals will still occasionally spin in circles but not as often we are still working on this

Playing Older Versions

We’re also making the last stable older builds available to re download so here’s how you do it.
1. Open your steam client.
2. Click on Games/View Games Library
3. Right click ‘7 Days to Die’ and select properties
4. From the new popup dialogue box select the ‘BETAS’ Tab
5. Under ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into’ – select ‘Alpha 9.2 Stable’
6. The game will then update and download Alpha 9.2
7. Switching back to the latest version is as easy as repeating steps 1-4 and on step 5 choose the option ‘None – Opt out of all Beta Programs’ and you’ll revert to the latest version
Alpha 9.2 Dedi only CPU fix [26] 04.09.2014

Alpha 9.2 Dedi only CPU fix

We updated the dedicated server only build (appid 294420). It uses the same version number (A9.2 b14) to be compatible with the existing clients. The update was due to a change in Unity 4.5.3 that obviously handles the VBlank different then in previous version. This caused a dedi server to take full CPU time of a single core even if no user was connected. :This problem should be fixed with the latest update (steam buildid 373581)
Alpha 9.2 [27] 04.09.2014

Alpha 9.2


  • Added new early version of Easy Anti-Cheat system that is a server option. If server has anti-cheat Vac enabled you cannot connect to it with a modified DLL. If you want to use your modified DLL as a client the server must have anti-cheat disabled. Modified DLLs on servers are possible with anti-cheats on. If you want to join anti-cheat enabled servers you will need to use stock DLLs only as a client. Hopefully no more TNT fists of fury!
  • Added Biome Zombie Spawning masks. Clear an area of zombies and that area will not spawn zombies again for about 5 days. This gives the player time to build a fort. It is not a free pass from wandering hordes or noise triggered hordes. It also forces the player to travel to hunt as you clean an area from animals.
  • Added new zombie pathing system. It’s just an early start to a grander scheme but zombies don’t weave back and forth as much and path straighter, they will only walk off a ledge from a certain height and can get through doors easily now. We still need to improve staircase and long distance pathing and they will occasionally spin but not as often.
  • Added feral night hordes. Once per week or every 7th night zombies get really hungry and become feral. These feral night hordes can sense players and will find them regardless of how well they are hiding. Every week the horde grows in numbers until the 7th week.
  • Added new grasslands biome formerly the plains with 4 new grasses, new sky spectrum, ground texture and tree and changed plains decorations to look more like Arizona and less like Kansas
  • Added a new large hotel never before seen to the random gen spawn list. You can find it in desert, plains, forest and pine forest biomes along roads
  • Added new large hotel to Navezgane Desert
  • Added sham sandwich
  • Added new 9mm Pistol
  • Added new random gen map thumbnail and description
  • Added coffee farming
  • Added english.txt entry for Sham Sandwich
  • Added sparse corn plants to the plains
  • Added hwy_overpass_sign prefab
  • Added billboard trussing
  • Added recipe to make books from paper
  • Add weights to various metal objects so they can be melted down or they drop scrap iron when destroyed


  • Changed the walk speed of one walk type, the cripple looking walk with the long stride. These guys and gals are annoyingly fast now so you have no time to loot any more
  • Changed automotive loot now guarantees auto loot, with a chance to find one tool, and a chance to find one junk item
  • Changed added stone axe to tool group list and moved claw hammer to rare tools list
  • Changed added wood planks to junk loot list
  • Changed reduced chance of finding random biome loot like trash or backpacks
  • Changed food poisoning does damage over time and more stamina damage
  • Changed moldy Bread and rotten flesh have a chance to cause food poisoning
  • Changed rotten flesh has a chance of causing infection if you eat it
  • Changed zombies no longer drop cans of food but possibly rotten food or flesh
  • Changed reduced chance of finding complete firearms in backpacks. Backpacks now guarantee a food item, with a chance for weapons or parts, a chance for melee weapon and a chance for an armor or clothing item
  • Changed cars now guarantee one auto part and have a chance to drop a tool and a junk item
  • Changed zombies no longer drop cans of food but possibly rotten food or flesh
  • Changed reduced chance of finding complete firearms in backpacks. Backpacks now guarantee a food item, with a chance for weapons or parts, a chance for melee weapon and a chance for an armor or clothing item
  • Changed cars now guarantee one auto part and have a chance to drop a tool and a junk item
  • Changed scaled coal texture to be smaller
  • Changed stone and potassium nitrate textures
  • Changed Random Gen Description in English.txt
  • Changed farming. You no longer have to plant near water. Crops also grow at a consistent speed which is in seconds. They still require sunlight and fertile soil (hoe’d or recently placed)
  • Changed Less aggressive “snap to terrain” code to avoid doubling of terrain blocks
  • Changed sledgehammer is now gated by the home maintenance book vol II
  • Changed moved hunting rifle parts from misc to resources group
  • Changed redid metal pole texture

Fixed &Fixed typo of army camps so Wilderness is spelled correctly and should show up in Random Gen &Fixed shotguns are not triggering death animations on zombies if it was a one shot kill when connected to a dedicated server &Fixed over 40 prefabs that had the wrong township flag or type in the random gen prefabs.xml. This was causing some of them not to show up in Random Gen &Fixed army camps xmls so wilderness was spelled correctly causing them to not show up in random gen &Fixed housetanpyrmid2 name removing space causing it to not show in random gen &Fixed problem that the “snap to terrain” changes have not been transferred to a connected server &Fixed static spawner y offset being incorrect so prefabs with ground or basement were not spawning zombies in random gen &Fixed It is no longer possible to contract dysentery when you have advanced dysentery &Fixed can burn trunk tips and wood pillars &Fixed Stability of roof in Barn_03 prefab &Fixed shortened english.txt longer recipe names to fit and got rid of Camel Cased words &Fixed Gave coolers terrain decoration flag


  • EAC will be on if the serverconfig.xml file has VACEnabled set to True like the line below
  • <property name=”VACEnabled” value=”true”/> <!– Enables/Disables Valve Anti Cheat –>

Known Issues

  • 32 bit Operating Systems can run out of memory sometimes. We’re still optimizing this.
  • Zombies and animals will still occasionally spin in circles but not as often we are still working on this

Playing Older Versions

We’re also making the last stable older builds available to re download so here’s how you do it.
1. Open your steam client.
2. Click on Games/View Games Library
3. Right click ‘7 Days to Die’ and select properties
4. From the new popup dialogue box select the ‘BETAS’ Tab
5. Under ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into’ like – select ‘Alpha 9.1 Stable’
6. The game will then update and download Alpha 9.1 Stable
7. Switching back to the latest version is as easy as repeating steps 1-4 and on step 5 choose the option ‘None – Opt out of all Beta Programs’ and you’ll revert to the latest version
Alpha 9.1 [28] 22.08.2014

Alpha 9.1


  • Added “Search…” default text to recipe search field
  • Added pickup items in the game now show item name
  • Added about 35 new locations to the random gen spawn list including army camps, all old businesses, ghost town and factory locations
  • Added claw hammer and recipe. It upgrades faster than a stone axe or wrench
  • Added home maintenance volume II which unlocks the hammer to rare book loot
  • Added military munitions crate to the police station prefab and made military munitions loot crates harder to get to at the army camps


  • Changed spawning so zombies and animals re-spawn faster in biomes
  • Changed compass so it never hides and adjusted Tooltip messages and backpack so they never overlap and shrank tooltip text size
  • Changed recipe search to now search across all categories
  • Changed made the player map icons about 1.5 to 2 times bigger
  • Changed increased max zoom out on map
  • Changed added new sleeping bag house icon that’s easier to see on the map and compass
  • Changed increased chance to find rural hubs from 70% to 85% in random gen
  • Changed increased possible max rural lots to 4 locations in random gen
  • Changed slightly increased chance to find Wilderness POIs in random gen
  • Changed inhaling sound is now only played after you are under water for a minimum number of seconds or take drowning damage
  • Changed background color for offline friends to a darker gray to be visible on friends list
  • Changed stack limit on sticks from 64 to 250
  • Changed stack limit on trophies from 10 to 64
  • Changed doorknob stack limit from 10 to 64
  • Changed stack limit on shotgun shells to 128
  • Changed stack limit on feathers to 250
  • Changed stack limit on buckshot to 250
  • Changed increased stack limit on all jarred items to 15
  • Changed scrap lead to be in the junk category, reducing its chance to spawn in trash
  • Changed redwood planks no longer downgrade to a frame that was never built in the first place
  • Changed and removed some underwater messages that were redundant or self-evident
  • Changed all recipe colors for known, unknown, craft-able and un-craftable and the recipe header color
  • Changed removed fuel “Burn Time” text and moved the header and timer for campfire
  • Changed removed show friends icons game option it’s now hard-coded true
  • Changed chainsaw is now able to attack also frame blocks
  • Changed reduced probability of getting the Iron helmet schematic was too common
  • Changed Improved dogs play pain animation functions
  • Changed Increased the weight of pistol parts to be divisible by scrap iron
  • Changed improved mip mapping setting for decals atlas so that street lines render at greater distances


  • Fixed grass blocking collision when hunting or fighting zombies also improves looting of zombies in the grass
  • Fixed Spawning/re-spawning on top of buildings/above ground.
  • Fixed all known friends list and invite problems
  • Fixed displaying friends or other players sleeping bags on the compass
  • Fixed not being able to see all screen resolutions, now uses scrolling drop down
  • Fixed game options list getting cut off sometimes
  • Fixed drowning buff was sometimes not removed when leaving the water
  • Fixed all bedrolls showing on compass
  • Fixed bedrock not spawning under some places in map
  • Fixed land mines and trunk tips not giving damage when on top of them
  • Fixed server browser search to no longer be case sensitive
  • Fixed server browser sort header clicking
  • Fixed favorites server list column headers
  • Fixed explosion resistance on player armor
  • Fixed random gen wilderness POI placement
  • Fixed random gen wilderness POI terrain trimming
  • Fixed random gen floating wilderness prefabs
  • Fixed random gen wilderness prefabs not being set at the correct y Offset
  • Fixed random gen rural lot spacing so one prefab will not cut off another
  • Fixed cloth gloves values to be consistent with cloth items
  • Fixed wasteland car04 now drops scrap iron
  • Fixed textures on wooden upgradable inside corner wedges and ramps to be correct
  • Fixed player placed dirt self-breaking. Seems to be when dirt is placed on top of more dirt
  • Fixed sawmill rotation to 0 for facing the road and set proper y offset
  • Fixed terrain in random gen around wilderness POIs being cut down to dirt and clay
  • Fixed backpacks on slopes, stairs and sometimes terrain are swallowed up, elevated to the next open Y coordinate, or simply just not appearing
  • Fixed decayed brick recipe uses fertile dirt instead of dirt
  • Fixed debuff items showing wrong description
  • Fixed Inventory Menu render order
  • Fixed planted maple seeds now grow maple trees instead of pines
  • Fixed supply crates have a chance drop keystones in MP games
  • Fixed english.txt for Pickup items
  • Fixed bug in code that snaps terrain to cubed blocks
  • Fixed bug where crafting search box would stay active after closing inventory
  • Fixed possible ArrayOutOfBoundsException in the context of random terrain generation
  • Fixed augers so they can impact surfaces you can shoot through like frames
  • Fixed improved Stag in water. Pig is too low, rabbit still seems to run atop the surface. Needs more work still. Bounding box issues most likely.
  • Fixed grid spacing collision for drag and drop on belt, backpack and crafting grid so accidental item drops are not possible
  • Fixed bug where dog death animation didn’t play right away
  • Fixed cook button being off center
  • Fixed server browser not filtering by server version
  • Fixed problem that cars could not be opened again after looting


  • There are no changes to the serverconfig.xml

Known Issues

  • 32 bit Operating Systems can run out of memory sometimes. We’re still optimizing this.

Playing Older Versions

We’re also making the last stable Alpha 9 build and older builds available to re download so here’s how you do it.
1. Open your steam client.
2. Click on Games/View Games Library
3. Right click ‘7 Days to Die’ and select properties
4. From the new popup dialogue box select the ‘BETAS’ Tab
5. Under ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into’ – select ‘Alpha 9 Stable’
6. The game will then update and download Alpha 9
7. Switching back to the latest version is as easy as repeating steps 1-4 and on step 5 choose the option ‘None – Opt out of all Beta Programs’ and you’ll revert to the latest version
Alpha 9 [29] 15.08.2014

Alpha 9.0


  • Added new game map option ‘Random Gen’ which creates a randomly generated world seed based on the name you give the world. The random world generation includes all biomes, a full random sized central city, random in the wild cities, roads, rivers, lakes and random roadside and wilderness locations. Simply select Random Gen as the Game World and the name you give it will be the seed.
  • Added new sexier data driven ‘M’ map that renders based on where the player has visited with ‘Fog of War’ functionality. The new map shows, current position, cursor position, has waypoint functionality, recenter view to player, track friends on compass, mouse wheel scroll to zoom and left click drag to pan.
  • Added new biome type wasteland hub with custom spawning definition for random gen cities
  • Added overhauled most of the GUI including the new belt, backpack, compass, map, freinds list, character screen, loot container and more as well as new gui functionality and Truetype fonts
  • Added many new locations never before seen that appear only in the randomly generated worlds including, city blocks, movie theaters, several apartment buildings, parking garages, parking lots, new destroyed buildings and giant sewer holes.
  • Added a Debuff system for sprained, and broken legs that work with a new craftable splint that accelerates the healing time. Legs can also be re-injured more easily while on the mend and the more severe the injury the longer the recovery time.
  • Added Dysentery Debuff contracted from drinking river or murky water. Dysentery is cured by drinking goldenrod tea or taking antibiotics.
  • Added new stunned concussion debuff which slows the player down for a few seconds and has a chance to happen with zombie hits.
  • Added soft shadows to moon and sunlight
  • Added Simple drowning Debuff system that detects when the player is underwater and displays the icon. Going above water removes the icon. staying underwater for too long causes drowning pain damage and drowning death
  • Added Underwater visual effects, sound effects & leaving water effects with refract & screen particle effects
  • Added new tooltip loading screens
  • Added craftable Cloth jacket, pants, shoes, hat and gloves
  • Added cotton, cotton growing and cloth recipes from cotton
  • Added new scrap metal frame, ramp recipes and upgrade path for more fort building options
  • Added scrap metal inside corner wedges for scrap metal upgrade path
  • Added outside corners for scrap metal forts
  • Added recipe for scrap metal inside corner frames
  • Added Apartment building, Parking Garage, Movie Theater and new destroyed buildings to Navezgane Gravestown
  • Added eat glass for suicide option
  • Added empty jars added to inventory when using water, coffee, murky water, yucca juice, and goldenrod tea
  • Added recipe for adobe tan made from sand or sandstone and cement
  • Added paper to trash loot
  • Added cabinet filler pieces and cabinet top plate blocks for counters replacing some of the cabinet loot in the world
  • Added green plaster wallpaper full blocks
  • Added, blood bags, blood draw kits and first aid kits to the world. First aid kits heal 50 hit points immediately plus an additional 50 over 10 seconds. It is made from a bandage, grain alcohol, and a blood bag. Blood draw kits can be reused to make blood bags.
  • Added “gunpowder charge” item & recipe which is made of 9 gunpowder
  • Added inside corner wedge and wedged corner for oldwood for attics
  • Added seeds to garbage and backpack loot
  • Added icons for leg splint, blood bag, blood draw kit, first aid kit, gun powder charge\bottle, cloth hat, cloth pants, cloth jacket, cloth shoes and cloth gloves.
  • Added slowed movement speed in sand, water and web for player and entities
  • Added weapon parts to loot lists, reduced chance of finding complete weapons
  • Added a new water biome sound loop plays on rivers in random gen only
  • Added Reduced damage from crawling zombies but gave them a chance give the player a sprained leg
  • Added new blocks creme wall with backsplash block, wood floor with drywall ceiling block
  • Added city street painted lines
  • Added random rotation to loot on roads
  • Added Player placed dirt now grows grass
  • Added bookcase blocks, textures and recipes to craft them and bookcase loot containers to the world
  • Added updated english.txt random gen description and new items
  • Added MovementState to hornet controller to stop error msgs
  • Added a few pigs to pine forest biome
  • Added smell debuff code support and buff note: smell blips still show up on the main map
  • Added upgradable inside and outside wood corners useful for building mitered roof corners
  • Added scrap Lead to garbage loot
  • Added recipes for wooden inside and outside corners


  • Changed removed old minimap compass and replaced with new sleek minimalist compass that shows player sleeping bag position, set waypoints and tracked friends
  • Changed Hordes are smaller in general but except every 7th day they are super nasty.
  • Changed thinned the total amount of loot containers in all world prefabs and moved the best prefabs to harder to reach areas
  • Changed Drinking river water doesn’t damage your health and you get some stamina now just like drinking pure water, but there is a chance of catching the new Dysentery Debuff from drinking it. Dysentery is cured by drinking goldenrod tea or taking antibiotics. If untreated it becomes advanced dysentery which damages stamina and health which is only curable with antibiotics
  • Changed credits adding all Kickstarter Backers and made it scroll faster
  • Changed cupboards to have 0-1 cans of food instead of 0-2
  • Changed increased amount of food you get from canned Lamb and Chicken
  • Changed decreased weight of candy tins, hub caps and air filters
  • Changed slowed crop growth
  • Changed spiked club recipe to require ingots instead of scrap metal
  • Changed white flowers are now cotton plants
  • Changed lowered zombie player damage to work with the new stun system
  • Changed awnings are made from cloth instead of plant fibers
  • Changed most all interior house walls are a full block thick improves lighting and enemy pathing
  • Changed pipe bombs are now made from gunpowder charge instead of gunpowder
  • Changed TNT now uses loads of gunpowder instead of gunpowder
  • Changed replaced all plate block and plate block corner thin walls in old houses and ranch houses
  • Changed new default spectrum (used in plains and Diersville) with magenta sunset and bluer nights
  • Changed craft time of sandbags from 30 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Changed all blocks that use the shape of the pine tip are now only 1m height.
  • Changed backpacks so you have equal chance of finding the items they contain
  • Changed pistol book so it gates pistol part mold crafting instead of pistol crafting.
  • Changed removed shotguns from the book so they can be assembled by anyone who has the parts. Molds still require the book to learn how to craft them
  • Changed Sandbags can be picked up
  • Changed made both mattresses work as player bedrolls when placed
  • Changed Fog, Sunlight and Sky in forest
  • Changed when placing a regular block on the terrain, the terrain now “snaps” to this block
  • Changed Zombies are no longer slowed by forge or campfire light at night, and never run in dark places during the day
  • Changed increased chance of clay deposits in earth. Removed chance of getting clay when digging dirt
  • Changed increased chainsaw wood damage
  • Changed removed flicker from wall mounted torches
  • Changed plains terrain grass is a little greener
  • Changed resources underground so there are only 3 minerals per layer. There is stone and iron ore in every layer. The third mineral changes every twenty layers down starting with coal, then potassium nitrate, then lead, and finally tungsten.
  • Changed radiated terrain texture, added more loot to cupboards
  • Changed Added peeling paint and grunge to Diersville houses and white door
  • Changed reduced cars in Diersville and gravestown for performance
  • Changed the way chunks are build in background threads to optimize them
  • Changed scrap metal wall and reinforced scrap metal wall art
  • Changed dirt grows into grass, grass grows into tallgrass
  • Changed ramp trussing textures to use new scrap metal textures
  • Changed redwood cabinets plain on sides and bottom
  • Changed removed blob shadows on all entities (zombies, animals, players, etc)
  • Changed Biome intensity fading now also over time
  • Changed winter biomes have less fog and brighter midday
  • Changed dirt to sides of burnt forest blocks and burnt forest dirt on the sides of the wasteland blocks
  • Changed tweaked cupboard loot. Added empty cans and coffee beans are now in the seed group
  • Changed Reduced decal litter on roads
  • Changed increased weight of fishing weights from 1 to 4 ounces
  • Changed cars now only have automotive loot
  • Changed crafted doors to be unlocked by default
  • Changed Serverconfig.xml defaults to zombies normal 3
  • Changed: Moved VAC window to the top


  • Fixed scrap timer not updating when adding more scrap while it’s in progress
  • Fixed problem that other players HUD text was flashing
  • Fixed elevator to surface bug
  • Fixed all backpacks and purses have terrain decoration flag so they don’t clip terrain
  • Fixed animals should avoid water > 1m deep unless they are forced in via physics somehow.
  • Fixed player should be push out of ground correctly
  • Fixed: Gave wasteland scrap metal block terrain decoration flag so it doesn’t float
  • Fixed drinking from river not being the same as drinking murky water
  • Fixed the VAC warning dialog
  • Fixed problem with animated doors on a client and also open/close state of a door can be saved in a prefab
  • Fixed regression: god mode wasn’t enabled in Cheat mod
  • Fixed bug where Mouse Sensitivity was not adjustable
  • Fixed horizon colors flickering a single time when time turns from about 13:50 to 14:10
  • Fixed Spinning rabbits and deers
  • Fixed the rotation of the preview of a door before placing is now correct
  • Fixed loot not spawning the right amount of items
  • Fixed severe problem that sometimes the collider for a newly placed block wasn’t generated
  • Fixed: Fat Cop Zombie Vomit Projectile disappears before it hits anything
  • Fixed old window upgrade path showing wrong model
  • Fixed old window upgrade path to include scrap metal reinforced version
  • Fixed window01white to require scrap metal to reach the metal reinforced version
  • Fixed walking in shallow water plays footsteps from ground below
  • Fixed playing “fall into water” sound now only if the fall distance is > 1m
  • Fixed hovering over item in campfire and closing causing item names to stay
  • Fixed Removed muzzle flash & smoke from crossbow
  • Fixed problem that client player in a Coop game was not seen by enemies if far away from the server


  • Renamed GamePref ShowAllPlayersOnMap to ShowFriendPlayerOnMap
  • Server config file option “ShowAllPlayersOnMap” has been renamed to “ShowFriendPlayerOnMap”

Known Issues

  • 32 bit Operating Systems can run out of memory sometimes. We’re still optimizing this.
  • Some users have trouble setting the video to higher resolutions like 1920×1080 or 1920×1200 as the list appears to long. The work around is to use your keyboard up and down arrow to reach these.

New Free Tool

Also we are pleased to announce that our friends at www.blackboxservers.net have released the 1st Visual Rcon tool (7DTDCC Alpha 0.1) for 7 Days to Die. The Rcon tool enable Server admins to:
  • Control and administrate multiple servers live
  • Chat with players and add MOTD’s when players join
  • Kick Ban/unban players ( select player name and kick/ban )
  • Live Navezgane Map – View player location, msg players , kick and ban
  • Change Server settings on the fly (without server Restart)
  • View and log / search game server console.
  • Create server banners for websites and forums using www.bbtracker.net
  • No need to download any additional software it is all web base interface

One Year Ago Today

Coincidentally today is our 1 year anniversary of getting funded on Kickstarter. Thanks folks for funding us! We all remember “where’s my Key Bro… where’s my Key!” Thank god that’s behind us. And for all of you waiting on tangible goods don’t worry we’re working on getting the T-shirts, Map and Zombie poster designs done and out. We can’t finish them until the world and characters are done so thank you for your patience.

Playing Older Versions

We’re also making the last stable Alpha 8.8 build and older builds available to re download so here’s how you do it.
1. Open your steam client.
2. Click on Games/View Games Library
3. Right click ‘7 Days to Die’ and select properties
4. From the new popup dialogue box select the ‘BETAS’ Tab
5. Under ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into’ – select ‘Alpha 8.8 Stable’
6. The game will then update and download Alpha 8.8
7. Switching back to the latest version is as easy as repeating steps 1-4 and on step 5 choose the option ‘None – Opt out of all Beta Programs’ and you’ll revert to the latest version
Alpha 8.8 Dedicated Hotfix [30] 24.07.2014

Alpha 8[ | ]

Alpha 8.8 Dedicated Hotfix

Howdy Survivalists

We fixed a bug in the dedicated server only build (app id 294420) that did not allow any explosion. For being compatible with all other builds we did not change the version number but kept it at 8.8 b1. We would like to ask all server providers to update their servers.
Alpha 8.8 Hotfix [31] 23.07.2014

Alpha 8.8 Hotfix

Bonjour Survivalists

We have an Alpha 8.8 patch out for you that fixes the steam ID spoofing or account hijacking bug.
Alpha 8.7 [32] 09.07.2014

Alpha 8.7


  • Added several new measures to deter cheaters including turning on Valve Anti Cheat and have begun processing cheaters. Servers have the option to run VAC true or false.
  • Added a new standalone Dedicated server software accessible to anyone who has purchased the game. You can find it in your steam client under Library/Tools/7 Days to Die Dedicated Server. Note: Client run coop will always be supported but Client run Dedicated servers will only be supported for a few weeks.. Server providers should run, test and migrate over to the new standalone server as soon as possible.
  • Added integrated NGUI 3 to the game in preparation for vector fonts in the next release.
  • Added new southwest adobe wall blocks and wedges in white, peach and tan wall. They also include variants with interior walls and trims
  • Added: Loot group “seeds” so as we add more plantable crops to the game it’s easy to implement them into the loot system
  • Added upgradable trunk tips and trunks
  • Added Drop Ceiling02 black ceiling for clubs and theaters
  • Added Ban now allows using steam ID to ban, does not require them to be on the server
  • Added If banned steam id is on the server it will kick them when banned
  • Added VAC Warning when joining a server with VAC Enabled


  • Changed: Removed ‘Suicide’ button
  • Changed: Chainsaws and augers are easier to find
  • Changed removed the suicide button in the normal game mode. It’s now a debug mode option only
  • Changed distribution of “low probability” ores like lead and potassium nitrate to occur more often in the ground
  • Changed the terrain textures now use the asset bundles
  • Changed moved some textures into external bundles. The dedi only build doesn’t include these textures now
  • Changed removed old block cacti
  • Changed stability glue of cloth so it’s more stable
  • Changed improved performance on dropped items (simpler collision checks)
  • Changed English.txt updating all new items
  • Changed Bush1 the green bush that yields sticks in the plains is now a bit bigger to allow it to be seen better
  • Changed removed old redundant “lit campfire” block id 856
  • Changed femur has durability and breaks
  • Changed increased durability of all wooden clubs
  • Changed increased chance of finding garbage in houses instead of hero loot containers
  • Changed increased chance to find empty jars than food in cupboards
  • Changed greater chance to find garbage on roads instead of backpacks
  • Changed added more deer and rabbits to the biomes but slowed the re-spawn delay significantly
  • Changed: Improved water art
  • Changed: over 96 blocks now drop scrap Iron when destroyed
  • Changed: Decreased lower cupboard and stove loot from 1-2 to 0 to 2 items
  • Changed: Increased spawn time for deer to re-spawn to approximately 8 days
  • Changed Sped up daytime zombie alerted approach speed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed height collision on cacti
  • Fixed zombies descending on hills don’t pirouette anymore
  • Fixed Dogs should not clip through player
  • Fixed cactuses don’t do damage
  • Fixed can’t pick up some small rocks
  • Fixed Window01 white and window02 collision
  • Fixed bird nests and small trash being hard to loot
  • Fixed bug where ammo and gasoline get consumed from your inventory by other people in MP
  • Fixed bug when player is dehydrated and eats an item that lowers hydration further the stamina drain sound loops forever
  • Fixed sound fade in on planes
  • Fixed Can’t walk up a player placed dirt slope
  • Fixed bug where TNT explodes twices
  • Fixed placing a sleeping bag at some rotations allows half of it to be picked up
  • Fixed trigger radius of landmines we’re too small
  • Fixed in SP the DropOnQuit option was taken from the last MP game
  • Fixed a lot of sounds issues when joining dedicated server
  • Fixed Lumber Jack Digging, was broken
  • Fixed bug that trunk blocks were not destroyable
  • Fixed crash when flying in and out of police station
  • Fixed players and crates are not affected by View Distance
  • Fixed Terrain decoration on dead shrub so it doesn’t float on hills sometimes
  • Fixed Terrain decoration on trash so it doesn’t float on hills sometimes
  • Fixed pole blocks can now be burned for firewood
  • Fixed other player names render on top of the crafting tarp
  • Fixed bug where using water buckets you can break doors
  • Fixed BannedUntil wasn’t being properly checked against server time


  • Added a console “saveworld” command for dedis to be able to save the current state of a world
  • Added a simple Zombie Performance Limiter as a GamePref so server providers can set this limit manually setup the default to 60 Added: VACEnabled GamePref Valve Anti-Cheat defaults to enabled. This will start tracking for any trainers or cheats that a client might be using when playing on a VAC enabled server.
Alpha 8.6 [33] 14.06.2014

Alpha 8.6

Added Added

  • Added rare book loot list for iron armor schematics & magnum schematics


  • Changed improved performance for dedicated server 8 players are still the recommended maximum.
  • Changed retuned TNT
  • Changed purses don’t contain shotguns or hunting rifles
  • Changed mailboxes now have a chance to have book loot.
  • Changed minor loot tweaks to night stands

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed taking damage would close out loot containers even if damage was from self F.E. hunger or thirst
  • Fixed when loot would respawn the container would say empty even if it had new items in it
  • Fixed the zombies do not attack planted saplings
  • Fixed airdrops weren’t showing parachutes
  • Fixed players bouncing in random locations or being teleported through the ground to the surface
  • Fixed can’t go up a ramp into a doorway
  • Fixed collision on dead shrub so blocks could be placed adjacent to it
  • Fixed solid wood ramp frames can be upgraded and sort properly
  • Fixed zombies should not dig or attack structure in a horde unless they sense the player
  • Fixed take all on supply crates drops items on ground
  • Fixed supply crate dupe bug when in MP and you take all
  • Fixed player backpacks not being destroyed when looted
  • Fixed terrain chunk corruption problem
  • Fixed spawn near bedroll player spinning bug
Alpha 8.5 [34] 31.05.2014

Alpha 8.5

  • Alpha 8.5 is out which fixes another major crash! This should be compatible with the last couple of patches and saved games.
Alpha 8.4 [35] 30.05.14

Alpha 8.4


  • Changed zombies to not play certain types of smaller pain animations but they still take the damage given

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crafting grid swallowing items when clicking on recipe in list
  • Fixed crafting grid recipe list position not resetting when hiding the scrollbar
  • Fixed player placed containers generating loot instead of starting empty
  • Fixed loot abundance percentage calculation
  • Fixed airdrop dropping supplies in radiation zones
  • Fixed intermittent server crash sometimes seen as a freeze
  • Fixed parachutes` not displaying on clients
Alpha 8.3 [36] 28.05.14

Alpha 8.3


  • Added schematic required to learn how to craft iron armor. There is a schematic for each piece
  • Added book to learn leather crafting & leather armor. The one book teaches you all leather armor pieces


  • Updated to Unity 4.5 which resolved many known 64 and 32 bit crashes and freezes
  • Changed tuned pipe bombs and rockets and their damage to players, zombies and structures
  • Changed hardness of concrete/cobblestone, metal and their resistance to explosions (Joel)
  • Changed land mines so they can be scrapped
  • Changed reduced chance of finding books
  • Changed reduced crafting time for sharp stones
  • Changed reduced repair time of anything using metal strips
  • Changed only one book can be found in book loot group instead of 1-2
  • Changed reduced air drop loot to a maximum of 6 items instead of 9

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Non feral zombies hone in on the player non-stop and is harder than feral mode.
  • Fixed conflicting recipe with barnwood & red wood planks
  • Fixed a pipe bomb would destroy a water block, which could then be picked up as a dropped item
  • Fixed bug that decals weren’t showing
  • Fixed problem that explosion destroyed land protected doors
  • Fixed helmet model for Iron helmet now uses swat helmet and leather helmet uses a cowboy hat instead of a cloth item
  • Fixed garage loot container size to be same as regular cardboard boxes
  • Fixed Shift clicking on a recipe in the recipe list will swallow items if it’s already full
  • Fixed zombies don’t take damage from land mines
  • Fixed plant shader for cactus models to accept fog
  • Fixed campfire particle system to not have smoke appearing far outside of the model
Alpha 8.2 [37] 22.05.14

Alpha 8.2


  • Added lens flare to sun and new sun texture
  • Added moon shadows and increased moon light
  • Added pine and maple tree farming. Tree seeds can be planted on dirt or forest ground and do not need to be watered or near water using seeds dropped from pine and maple trees
  • Added rebar ramp recipe
  • Added cobblestone upgrade path to include ramps and require forged iron (Joel)
  • Added rotting flesh, femur and hide to zombie dog loot
  • Added military weapons and ammo loot groups
  • Added melee weapons loot group
  • Added Hard Metal Door recipe & two upgraded versions. They are upgraded with forged metal.
  • Added furniture material that has no stability (couches and chairs can no longer be stuck to walls)
  • Added a weight to small rocks so they can be smelted into cement (Joel)
  • Added cobblestones to airdrops
  • Added new icons glass pane, cement mold, forged iron, goldenrod flower, goldenrod tea, dirt, sand, and clay


  • Changed recipe crafting system overhaul includes: new recipe group tags to items and blocks so recipes are now sorted by groups. New color backgrounds for matching groups F.E. ammo and weapons are read, semi-transparent item icons appear in recipe grid, new recipe text colors bright green quick craft, dark green known, white unknown but have ingredients, grey unknown and don’t have ingredients, new alphabetical recipe sorting and sorting based on text color
  • Changed cut down memory consumption by clearing refs on chunks
  • Changed the limit on the number of chunks that are generated at the same time. Also to reduce memory consumption
  • Changed optimized chunk memory consumption once again
  • Changed internal handling of all normal maps to save memory. On a client this will bring about 300MB of system memory
  • Changed the game uses now a different texture compression that leads to a 300MB memory saving on clients
  • Changed the voice chat is now disabled per default! If a server switches voice chat off, no client can do voice chat! Note the voice chat bug is not fixed but this allows folks with this problem to play
  • Changed biome resources underground to have no gravel and more small deposits of ore for better mining
  • Changed mismatching versions cannot connect message is shown “Incompatible versions”
  • Changed improved suitcase loot
  • Changed increased drop scale of metal fragments, lumps of coal, and small rocks
  • Changed selectable max player value in game options, limited to 8
  • Changed removed Rusty Metal Door recipe
  • Changed all recipes using thin metal plates or forging iron (a block) to use forged iron (an item)
  • Changed hunting knife and bone shiv to have more durability and damage
  • Changed lightened dead shrub texture
  • Changed new high res cacti
  • Changed default spectrum to be desert blue sky
  • Changed went through menu descriptions and fixed inaccurate or incorrect wording and updated new options english.txt
  • Shortened names of the recipes that are too long in the english.txt
  • Changed ammunition nation book now unlocks bullet tip mold and bullet casing mold
  • Changed cobblestone recipe now yields 2 cobblestones instead of 1
  • Changed Sleeping bags now drop cloth when destroyed
  • Changed increased stack limit on coal and potassium nitrate to 250
  • Changed dirt is now at least 3 meters deep before hitting stone
  • Changed increased stack limit of aloe cream to 10
  • Changed weight of scrap brass to 8 oz so smaller items can be scrapped like trophies
  • Changed updated icons for yucca juice, small rock, coffee, and stone
  • Changed decreased fog in the plains
  • Changed resource rock prefabs to more optimized sphere colliders, fixed excessively large collision area boxes had previously had
  • Changed updated grass texture, curbs and curb corners
  • Changed tuned zombie loot
  • Changed Mp5’s, rocket launchers and sniper rifles are only found in military munitions crates
  • Changed corrugated metal textures

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players can’t fall through terrain or get stuck inside blocks
  • Fixed problem that wrong blocks were hit when digging
  • Fixed zombies can’t hit doors & heads clip through doors and can attack things behind doors
  • Fixed grass should be easier to hit from every angle
  • Fixed colliders on melee weapons. Gave each weapon appropriate sized colliders. For example its much easier to hit a zombie with a sledgehammer than with a stick
  • Fixed campfire output not clearing when changing recipes (putting in bag)
  • Fixed issue with oven not being able to loot from certain angles
  • Fixed stability problem in Diersville homes with basements
  • Fixed the lighting on zombies & animals black at night except dog
  • Fixed glass panes forging bug
  • Fixed you can’t crouch while iron sighted
  • Fixed the bad lighting on the ski lodge roof
  • Fixed cobblestone so doors can be placed in it
  • Fixed Sledgehammer not playing all the time
  • Fixed supply crate bgs Airplanes animate smoothly on clients, parachute not showing, supply crates appearing black, supply crates despawning after landing
  • Fixed manoeuvring through open door doorways is bad
  • Fixed burnt wooden frames to be made of wood instead of stone
  • Fixed use of don’t not use texture in several prefabs
  • Fixed use of thin grass only in many prefabs f.e the grass in Diersville is now thicker
  • Fixed hole in the plains that went down to the bedrock
  • Fixed fall damage not working since introduction of smooth terrain
  • Fixed player keeps walking/running when opening chat window


  • <!– 0 = Normal, 1 = Feral →

Known Issues

  • You have to hit Shift+Tab twice to bring up the steam overlay
  • 64 bit is known to unstable run it at your own risk
  • Sometimes players might bounce up and down from certain collision situations
  • Some users have reported a possible problem with Windows 8. A possible fix is to run the executable in windows 7 compatibility mode.
  • 64 Bit version could be unstable.
Alpha 8.1 [38] 10.05.2014

Alpha 8.1


  • Added repair wrench can now upgrade blocks like the stone axe can. It takes three hits instead of four. Also it repairs faster than a stone axe.
  • Added new holster and unholster sounds
  • Added all lights now have a self illumination texture when turned on
  • Added dirt under snow in snow biomes. Note you may need to start a new game to get this change
  • Added window tag to windows so in future builds Zombies target windows


  • Changed stone axe now takes 4 hits to upgrade ramps instead of three
  • Changed scroll wheel timeout is changed now 800ms (old: 300ms). Changed hot key timeout to 0ms (old: 300ms) this helps with holster/unholstering problems
  • Changed river water so it adds 15 hydration instead of 10
  • Changed Entities are spawning now 0.5 to 1m higher to adjust to the smooth terrain fixes zombies and animals falling through the world on spawn
  • Changed updated window reflections to correctly change brightness at night
  • Changed updated window models to allow proper alignment
  • Changed stone axe to dig dirt with 9 hits
  • Changed shovel to dig dirt with 3 hits
  • Changed doubled land protection of dirt to reflect new easier digging of non-land protected dirt
  • Changed snow no longer drops dirt or clay, but just snow.
  • Changed chat log buffer size to 50 lines to fix chat breaking
  • Changed shotguns to do 120 damage instead of 96
  • Changed Stamina now it only uses 75% of the stamina it used to so you can run a little further
  • Changed street lights are turned on

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak on dedicated servers
  • Fixed Skylight windows in known prefabs
  • Fixed connecting to friends directly from the steam friends list
  • Fixed block entities do not show up in the preview window so windows cannot be seen before you place them
  • Fixed players no longer get stuck in a 1×1 hole
  • Fixed equipped like items like hats now go into your backpack when you die
  • Fixed deprecated server issues. Should only show servers running the same version as client.
  • Fixed some servers showing A8 and PVP
  • Fixed resource rocks to drop resources every time you break them
  • Fixed broken doors in the school from not opening
  • Fix stamina so running uses stamina.

Known Issues

  • You have to hit Shift+Tab twice to bring up the steam overlay
  • 64 bit is known to unstable run it at your own risk
Alpha 8 [39] 05.05.2014

Alpha 8.0


  • Added full smooth terrain RIP minecraft looking world
  • Added new per poly colliders for improved thrown objects
  • Added air plane supply drops with configurable drop frequency
  • Added new weapon holster and unholster system and sounds
  • Added animation controller to rock resources so they can have break animations
  • Added new sub biomes into most of the main biomes for variety
  • Added lens flares to house lights, mining helmets and flash lights
  • Added ability to break secure containers down into non-secure containers
  • Added Delete All option to Drop On Death
  • Added gascan recipe from grain alcohol
  • Added “forged metal” item
  • Added new model window blocks with environment mapping to all the Navezgane prefabs 3 of which support the new window upgrade/downgrade path
  • Added reinforced hard metal door


  • Changed made high res old window frame, transparent glass, garage door, old shingles, painted wood textures used on world prefabs
  • Changed wood frames so you can pick them up (useful for re-arranging your house) until they are upgraded. Once upgraded to a solid wood wall, if you tear down the old wood wall the frame remaining can never be picked up
  • Changed FPVFemaleMagnumHold so iron sites aim with the magnum
  • Changed pickaxe animations to have more weight
  • Changed FPVFemalePickaxeFire Blending
  • Changed wood ramp frames so you can pick them up (useful for re-arranging your house) until they are upgraded. Once upgraded to a solid wood ramp, if you tear down the old wood ramp the frame remaining can never be picked up
  • Changed frames and ramps so they drop nothing when destroyed now that there are frames that can be picked up and used for scaffolding
  • Changed cobblestone walls to be upgraded to the third tier using cobblestones instead of cement
  • Changed art for cobblestone reinforced and cobblestone reinforced with metal
  • Changed Sped up crafting of sharp stones
  • Increased probability of finding iron ore
  • Decreased weight of lead ore
  • Changed block downgrade to drop items just like block destroy
  • Changed various stack limits
  • Changed zombies path on smooth terrain (dogs/animals are very bad right now)
  • Changed dirt to only be two layers deep so players only have to dig down two layers to make a strong foundation
  • Changed dirt and stone have a 2x additional hardness underneath land claims
  • Changed dirt and stone are harder to dig or mine
  • Changed “New” and “Continue” game options to use categories and accordion style lists
  • Changed removed boarded windows recipe. Windows can now be boarded up by repairing them with a stone axe as long as you have planks in your inventory
  • Changed mining helmet light to be more of a blue tone and lowered the intensity a little so it doesn’t blind the player as much
  • Changed dying will now re-spawn you with 50% health, food, and water
  • Changed removed Survival Mode (for non dedicated servers) and replaced with Survival SP and Survival MP
  • Changed sticks burn only half as long
  • Changed “wood framework” to “wood frame”
  • Changed wood based ramp blocks to downgrade to a ramp frame
  • Changed hard metal door texture
  • Changed hard metal door recipe to use forged metal item instead of forging metal block
  • Changed removed Dm and Horde maps. Horde like game play will be supported in Navezgane, Future new maps and the random generated worlds with game options in a coming builds
  • Changed rebalanced wood cutting and wood base blocks
  • Changed player names only shows if a player is closer than 3m
  • Changed updated rock shader and glass shader to properly change lighting level at night
  • Changed Increased durability of tools to compensate for harder wood and earth
  • Changed increased block damage on zombies to compensate for much stronger forts
  • Changed turned down volume of hornets flying
  • Changed did Some dedicated server speed optimizations
  • Changed rebalanced all loot containers
  • Changed Steam authentication port from 8766 to GamePort + 2 for scalability
  • Changed added block durability option 25% durability
  • Changed running no longer decreases stamina and stamina will no longer regenerate while running
  • Changed stamina weapon damage reduction is capped to 50%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed FPV water drink animation
  • Fixed upgrade and downgrade path of new placeable frames for wood and rebar
  • Fixed material bug on resource rocks
  • Fixed explosions should consider land protection now
  • Fixed zombie damage ignores land protection correctly
  • Fixed water drink from playing after using last block
  • Fixed trees too dark
  • Fixed item duping bug when dropping and changing tool belt items at the same time
  • Fixed item duping bug when swapping molds in the forge
  • Fixed item duping bug when closing the crafting grid with non ingredient items in it
  • Fixed null reference error in telnet that would sometimes lock up dedicated servers
  • Fixed: Holster/Unholster animation gets out of sync
  • Fixed it so downgraded blocks do not leave a block
  • Fixed knives so they can cut grass
  • Fixed bug that sometimes on a server with connected clients decorations (like trees) were not shown
  • Fixed problem that you could activate the same tool belt slot twice by pressing the hot key
  • Fixed block rebarRampFrame renders adjacent blocks right
  • Fixed dropping empty backpack on death or quit.


  • AirDropFrequency – Added; How often air drop occur in game-hours, 0 == never
  • DropOnDeath – Changed; option of 0 (drop nothing), 0 now drops everything.
  • GameMode – Horde and Death match have been Deprecated commands will be removed in the coming builds

Known Issues

  • You have to hit Shift+Tab twice to bring up the steam overlay
  • 64 bit is known to be unstable run it at your own risk
  • Playing with larger numbers of players can be slow to rebuild collision
  • Cactus damage is inaccurate
Alpha 7.11 [40] 21.04.2014

Alpha 7[ | ]

Alpha 7.11


  • Added new medicine loot group for zombie nurses and medicine cabinets


  • Changed reduced chance for finding firearms in cars and increased chance to find them in backpacks
  • Changed increased zoom on all weapons except sniper rifle
  • Changed cobblestone stairs recipe to use cobblestones instead of blocks
  • Changed removed cloth strips from the game and added more cloth fragments. All recipes that used to use cloth strips now use cloth fragments
  • Changed barbed, iron reinforced clubs to use scrap metal.
  • Changed animal hide only yields 2 leather now instead of 3
  • Changed metal trussing recipe so it doesn’t conflict with grill
  • Changed barn wood recipe to use wood plank instead of the now obsolete old wood
  • Changed driftwood to create wood planks instead of old wood blocks
  • Changed trees now give wood amounts relative to their size

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed car and zombie cop death explosions not showing particles
  • Fixed voice chat not working on steam build
  • Fixed problem that on dedicated servers some block changes were swallowed by lp
  • Fixed frame rate problem
  • Fixed problem that some bushes did not show but slowed down the player
  • Fixed pig loot to always drop meat hide and bone

Known Issues

  • The 64 bit version has been somewhat unstable. If your running into crashes try running the 32bit version by double clicking the “Install_32bit” in your SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die folder
  • Currently there are no upgrade/downgrade path for concrete, reinforced concrete or metal doors.

New Systems Guide Alpha 7.10 came with upgradable downgradable blocks, land claims, friends list and locking doors and chests. Here is a little more information on how these systems work. Upgradable and Downgradable blocks

  • Players can build wood frames and while holding a stone axe with wood planks in their inventory right click on a wood frame block and upgrade it to a wood block and repeat action to upgrade it to a reinforced wood block. Then if you have scrap metal you can upgrade it once again to metal reinforced wood block. These same blocks can be damaged and downgraded to their previous states and then repaired and upgraded again.
  • There is also a higher grade cobblestone path that upgrades form metal rebar to cobblestone to fortified to reinforced metal concrete

Land Claims

  • New players are awarded 1 land claim keystone block in their starting inventory if a server is running Survival PvP. Ways to earn more will be added in future updates.
  • You can kill players and loot their land claim blocks if they haven’t been placed or mine up a land claim block and steal it for your own so its wise to protect your land claim blocks
  • The keystone block is a special looking block that when carried by the player shows a 7×7 or server set protection grid rendered as a transparent green protected grid.
  • The keystone block offers durability protection 7×7 all the way vertically
  • Keystone blocks can be destroyed by other players removing their durability modifier of the fort
  • Only the owner and friends in your group can build blocks in your land claimed areas
  • Land claims have a no claim zone outside of their perimeter where only the land claim owner and friends in his group can stake additional neighboring claims. Default could be 30 meters measuring keystone to keystone (This could be an optional owner permission setting)
  • Only the owner of a land claim and friends in his group can add new neighboring land claims right next to an existing land claim but not overlapping
  • Zombies and owners/friends of the claim owner are not affected by claim durability
  • Players must revisit claim once a real-time day to prevent Claim Decay

Land Claim Game Options include

  • Claim Size – Sets the size of the protected area around a land claim block. Default is 7×7 all the way vertically.
  • Claim Deadzone – Sets the distance neighboring non friended players can place their land claims. Default is 30 blocks/meters away.
  • Claim Duration – The number of days a player can be offline before their land claims expire. Default is 3 real-time days
  • Claim Decay Mode – How a land claim’s hardness modifier decays over time that the claim owner is not on the server. Default is Slow
  • Claim Health Online – The hardness modifier applied to land claims for players who are currently online. Default is 32x harder to destroy.
  • Claim Health Offline – The hardness modifier applied to land claims for players who are currently offline. Default is 32x harder to destroy.

Friends list The new friends list can be found if click on the friends tab in the main inventory menu accessed by hitting ‘I’ in-game. From there you can invite players on the server to friend, see invites, accept invites and remove friends. Friends have advantages like sharing buildable areas, seeing each other player icons and turning on friendly fire if these options are set on the server. Locking Doors and Chests Players who craft doors can lock them, unlock them and set passwords which can be shared with other players. Note the player who owns the door or chest never has to unlock it or enter a code to open the door. Friends who know the password only have to enter it once.

Alpha 7.10 [41] 19.04.2014

Alpha 7.10


  • Added new Survival Pvp mode featuring Land Claim Blocks that bolster your forts protection. Many options accessible from the game options menu. One is given on player starting inventory options for more will be added in coming builds.
  • Added new upgradable and downgradable player built wood and cobblestone block sets. Build frameworks blocks and upgrade them to solid and reinforced blocks
  • Added new in-game push to talk voice chat system bound to the ‘V’ key by default with mic gain and voice volume controls in the sound options menu.
  • Added new higher resolution old kitchen cabinets
  • Added new sub-biomes like thick tree patches in the plains or flowered areas to the pine forest
  • Added new large resource boulders that be broken down to acquire metal and underground resources above ground
  • Added radial icons for doors and chests, locked, unlocked and keypad
  • Added cement recipe and item
  • Added resource rocks which drop minerals and small rocks when destroyed
  • Added Disable option for loot respawn. (-1 in config file)
  • Added woodPlanks recipe from pine trunks
  • Added wood frame recipe from wood planks
  • Added reinforcedWood block
  • Added reinforcedWood Item
  • Added new door locked, locking and unlocking sounds for new door features
  • Added a new door and chest password sound set to sounds/misc
  • Added metal reinforced Wood
  • Added drinking water from stream animation
  • Added contextual action menu system
  • Added lockable containers and doors
  • Added new prefab style rock boulder resources to biomes which can provide some above ground minerals
  • Added upgradable wood frame for new construction of wood player bases
  • Added assigned new icons to buffs for medicine and first aid for bandages
  • Added bandage recipe from cloth strips. Bandages stop bleeding but do not offer healing like the first aid bandage does
  • Added regular bandages that provide no healing but stop bleeding
  • Added reinforced wooden door textures
  • Added Right click when unarmed to drink water from a body of water like a lake or river. Same as drinking murky water.
  • Added icon for iron fragments, bucket of cement, cement mix. newobblestones, SMG Schematics. and cell phone
  • Added wooden door upgrade and downgrade path
  • Added wood ramp frames and wood ramps
  • Added reinforced metal wooden door


  • Changed wood door texture
  • Changed cement recipe to need cement
  • Changed reduced hardness of wood planks. It is twice as strong as barn wood, old wood, and trees.
  • Changed increased hardness of barn wood, it is the same as a tree
  • Changed explosion damage now hurts other players even if friendly fire is set to off
  • Changed all rocks now become small rocks when picked up
  • Changed forge is made from small rocks instead of stone
  • Changed crossbow bolt is are made using sharp stones instead of small rocks
  • Changed toilets to break easier
  • Changed block radius damage of pipebombs
  • Changed Rabbits are now a little bigger and move a little slower
  • Changed Moved the /Saves/Default/Region folder to /Region in preparation of having a separate save folder
  • Changed increased durability to stone axe from 125 to 150
  • Changed stack limit on crossbow bolts, small rocks and sharp stones to 250
  • Changed all recipes using old block planks to new item planks
  • Changed all textures like curtains, shutters and one of the windows to not need uvs and corrected them in the prefabs
  • Changed the default save game folder is now “/7 Days To Die/Saves/” and can be overridden by specifying a SaveGameFolder=”xxx” in serverconfig.xml
  • Changed renamed small rock to small stone
  • Changed wooden steps recipe to use new wood planks item
  • Changed wooden ladder texture to match new wood set
  • Changed the decorator to not place decorations on steeper slopes in preparation for smooth terrain
  • Changed trees will now drop only one trunk block but with a stack to improve performance
  • Changed cleaned out old unused tree leave textures and xml entries
  • Changed cleaned up and got rid of extra rubble and radiated blocks, textures and xml entries
  • Changed cleaned up and got rid of extra grass blocks, textures and xml entries
  • Changed cleaned up and got rid of extra dirt blocks, forest ground blocks textures and xml entries
  • Changed cleaned up and got rid of extra stone blocks, blocks textures and xml entries
  • Changed Replaced all recipes using thin plank blocks to use wood plank item.
  • Changed yield of farm fence and privacy fence.
  • Changed removed stairs planks recipe and added old wood stairs recipe
  • Changed default Audio settings overall volume to 100, default ambient volume 20, default music volume 10 and default mic gain volume to 75
  • Changed reduced chance to find a weapon in a car
  • Changed spawning rules if player has a bed he can choose to spawn on it or near it, if he doesn’t have a bed he spawns randomly on one of the world start points.
  • Changed Game setting SaveGameFolder is not persistent any more
  • Changed reduced amount of cloth strips you get from cloth from 5 to 4
  • Changed removed thin plank recipe and fixed stick recipe
  • Changed bandage recipe to use cloth strips
  • Changed grass decorations now more randomly placed and randomly scaled
  • Changed first aid bandage that heals to heal over time rather than to heal instantly
  • Changed spike traps to use sticks in the recipe and shortened craft time to 5s
  • Changed removed sharp sticks from the game to reduce crafting redundancy
  • Changed: Forge/Campfire output tray: Right click picks up single item from output tray, Shift+Right click auto moves single item to bag
  • Changed: Forge/Campfire input tray ignores stack limits
  • Changed updated torch to have new texture and self illumination material.
  • Changed Resized all small pickup rocks to be 50% original size and are small stones in your inventory
  • Changed renamed pole block power pole segment to Wood Fence Post
  • Changed aged wood now both pick up as a single object and are craftable into planks (Joel)
  • Changed increased weight of metal fragments from 1oz to 4oz
  • Changed made storage chests harder to break
  • Changed turned down the chainsaw and auger volume
  • Changed stone to make 5 small rocks instead of one
  • Changed metal trussing recipe to not conflict with metal rebar recipe
  • Changed wood stairs can burn
  • Changed Shift+LClick on crafting recipe loads crafting sheet with maximum number of items you can craft.
  • Changed cobblestone recipe to be one stone and one cement
  • Changed Lowered weapon probability on backpacks and gave them new canned food group

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed long recipes in the beaker reset their time
  • Fixed crafting antibiotics does not give the item
  • Fixed entity looting not working
  • Fixed deleting of save games
  • Fixed rabbit and deer to always drop hide & meat
  • Fixed cooking, crafting, forging output overflow -> backpack transfer stacking
  • Fixed crafting time estimate being wrong before starting to craft.
  • Fixed problem after using a door the bottom block is replaced by the top block
  • Fixed block use animation
  • Fixed water drink animation from playing at the wrong time
  • Fixed male and female block use animation
  • Fixed male and female third person drink animation
  • Fixed infection
  • Fixed for collision IndexOutOfRangeException problem
  • Fixed some NRE fixes
  • Fixed existing buffs not displaying on HUD after loading a save game

Known Issues

  • The 64 bit version has been somewhat unstable. If your running into crashes try running the 32bit version by double clicking the “Install_32bit” in your SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die folder
  • Currently there are no upgrade/downgrade path for concrete, reinforced concrete or metal doors.
Alpha 7.9 [42] 08.04.2014

Alpha 7.9


  • Changed improved performance optimizations including: Removed legs colliders on zombies but not players. This will be added back when optimizations come. UpdateLight script is called less often, not on a dedicated servers at all and does not animate color on static objects. Optimized shadows, Improved batching of billboard objects and fixed leak on materials
  • Changed block name and player name are now displayed when focusing another player’s bed
  • Changed improved Magnum reload
  • Changed Increased repair amount on stones
  • Changed stage three of infection can now be lethal
  • Changed adjusted wasteland junkyard spawner count and definition
  • Changed collision on light fixtures, tvs and faucets so players don’t get caught on them
  • Changed TV’s now drop scrap metal when destroyed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Stealth where zombies can’t see you at all when you are crouched
  • Fixed ceiling lights in ski lodge that used the wrong fixture
  • Fixed Medicine Cabinets to the English Localization
  • Fixed chat wrapping in output window and in chat input
  • Fixed player names with coloring overriding the chat color
  • Fixed chat scrolling issue when there is very little text in the history
  • Fixed bug where you would lose an item if shift clicking with a full toolbelt
  • Fixed repairs eating repair items and returning a tool/weapon in worse condition
  • Fixed zombies feet clipping into the ground
  • Fixed Admin Tools bug with commands being executed anyway when player not found in any list
Alpha 7.8 [43] 03.18.2014

Alpha 7.8


  • Added new higher fidelity first person hands and removed legs in the view
  • Added HDR Lighting, Bloom and Adaptive Exposure for greatly improved visuals
  • Added loot abundancy and loot respawn time configurable game options
  • Added new 44 magnum handgun, parts and bullets to loot. The gun can only be made from parts and recipe learned/unlocked from finding and reading a book however the bullets can be crafted.
  • Added a new burnt forest town in the middle of the world with several new burnt houses and a garage and a new burnt forest spawning definition
  • Added metal strips, leather strips, cloth strips, oil and weapon repair kit items and icons for repairing all weapons in the new weapon repair system. Note: Weapon combining for repair is no longer used
  • Added recipe Books for learning and unlocking some of the more powerful and unique recipes in the game like the new 44 Magnum. Recipes are learned by using/reading the book
  • Added new zombie infection debuff cured with antibiotics and critical damage debuff cured with bandages
  • Added new HD 2048 Mp5, Shotguns and Magnums kins and Metal Shader
  • Added new System to make all picked up rocks turn into the same rock in your inventory and be a random rock if placed
  • Added new chat window with colored server messages, bigger text, and a chat history of up to 500 lines. This replaces the old chat window.
  • Added short metal pipe to zombie loot
  • Added all new items to the english localization
  • Added filing cabinet and cooler loot containers to the world
  • Added bandages as a start item
  • Added automotive loot group for cars
  • Added tungsten, coal, lead, potassium nitrate ore back under the ground
  • Added tungsten door recipe & reduced door crafting times
  • Added recipes for antibiotics, moldy bread items, weapon repair kit & plank stairs, concrete pillars, wood pillars, pine pillars, redwood pillars, stainless steel fridge top and bottom, desk safes, cabinet and cabinet top, bacon and eggs and the house plant
  • Added a new Spider Zombie Pain animations
  • Added new open and close sounds for doors, lockers, file cabinets coolers and medicine cabinets and stealth noise
  • Added new beretta pistol fire sound
  • Added tree fall sound to a tree is chopped down
  • Added new icons for the Swat Helmet, Goggles, Kevlar Helmet, Night Vision Goggles, Cigarette, Cigar, Shades, Aloe cream, Short Metal Pipe, Potato sprout, Tungsten Ingot icon, Tungsten Ingot Mold, Moldy Bread, Painkillers, Antibiotics and Enforcer Magazine
  • Added LODs to all modular cactus pieces, driftwood, toilets, office chairs, all rocks, and the store shelves
  • Added permissions system, admin/mod system, and remote command system using in-game console with serveradmin.xml file for setting up and storing the newly added admin system and telnet password to server config


  • Permission level – Any whole number. These operate in reverse order, the lower the number the more access the player has to commands. A player may execute any command equal to or above their permission level.
  • Partial Name or ID – The name of the player in game or the session id (3 digit number listed in lp)
  • New Console Commands: *all commands are without the ‘[' or ']‘ these are for readability only.
  • admin add [Partial name or ID] [permission level] – Will add the player to the admin list.
  • admin update [Partial name or ID] [permission level] – Will update the player, used to change permission level.
  • admin remove [Partial name or ID] – Will remove the player from the admin list.
  • mod add [Partial name or ID] [permission level] – Will add the player to the moderator list.
  • mod update [Partial name or ID] [permission level] – Will update the player, used to change permission level.
  • mod remove [Partial name or ID] – Will remove the player from the moderator list.
  • whitelist add [Partial name or ID] [permission level] – Will add the player to the moderator list. Use a high number if no command permission desired. eg; 999
  • If there are any players in this list whitelist only mode is automatically activated, preventing anyone not in the list from entering the game.
  • whitelist update [Partial name or ID] [permission level] – Will update the player, used to change permission level.
  • whitelist remove [Partial name or ID] – Will remove the player from the moderator list.
  • cp add [command] [permission level] - Will add a command to the permission list.
  • cp update [command] [permission level] - Will update the command, used to change permission level.
  • cp remove [command] - Will remove the command the command permissions list.


  • Changed All items fill the backpack not the belt when you pick them up. They go to the belt only if the backpack is full
  • Changed it so ammo does not need to be in your belt to use it. It can be in your backpack
  • Changed replaced BanFileName with AdminFileName in serverconfig.xml
  • Changed to new loot balancing system more to come
  • Changed telnet to require password for login
  • Changed focus cube art and color for easier building
  • Changed increased cost of TNT recipe to make TNT
  • Changed HUD Buff icons to now last until they expire or are debuffed
  • Changed Animals are harder to find, and doubled respawn time for animals
  • Changed lowered the number of zombies spawning on Husker Avenue
  • Changed tweaked campfires and torches to look better with HDR
  • Changed made all character lighting a little brighter
  • Changed spike traps can no longer be picked up they must be destroyed
  • Changed slowed down pig
  • Changed removed snowy rocks from some wasteland prefabs that had them
  • Changed Blueberries are now only found in the snow biome
  • Changed lowered weight of iron girders in wasteland but made them easier to mine
  • Changed gun safes to be made of metal_hard and they are now craftable
  • Changed gun and desk safes have a larger inventory
  • Changed stability of weak wood and items to not support heavy loads like fridges, furniture, and cloth will no longer add structural stability to houses as a whole
  • Changed Iron ore no longer drops coal, lead or potassium nitrate ore
  • Changed reduced shotgun shell craft time from 5 to 2 seconds
  • Changed reenabled LODs on block models (like trash pile)
  • Changed did a chaos pass to the school rooms with desks pushed up against doors hallways barricaded
  • Changed Beaker now has 4 ingredient slots
  • Changed Zombies don’t spawn in player visible area
  • Changed converted top/bottom fridge blocks into single piece model entity with LOD
  • Changed cleaned up various prefabs that were using the wrong corrugated thin metal
  • Changed optimized memory consumption on chunk loading
  • Changed death messages to not show zombie or animals, only for players.
  • Changed snow to have trilinear filtering
  • Changed First Person, male, and female club fire anims to be more weighted
  • Changed console commands can now also be locally executed on a client, like debug menu. So you don’t need a debug.dll any more
  • Changed third person is now only available in debugmode. 3rd person will not be officially supported
  • Changed other players are not be able to pick up your placed Sleeping bags or beds only destroy them
  • Changed updated old wood texture and stone texture
  • Changed axe animations to show more weight
  • Changed Reduced ammo found
  • Changed weight of scrap iron from 16 oz. to 8 oz. so more little items can be easily converted to scrap
  • Changed desert shrub to block models to reduce biome draw calls
  • Changed bush to block models to reduce biome draw call
  • Changed reduced number of trees in burnt forest to improve performance
  • Changed updated all block entities to use the new lighting script to fix brightness in dark settings

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed knife so it breaks glass easily
  • Fixed school stability
  • Fixed school scale and added roof access
  • Fixed church cupboards rotation
  • Fixed log cabin wood so it can be burned
  • Fixed crash of dedicated server that came in b3 or b5
  • Fixed stick and sharp stick to have the correct delay for impact to match animation
  • Fixed a black block in one of the houses
  • Fixed debug cheat where players can speed up and slow down time in the game
  • Fixed problem that fall damage was duplicated when connected to a server
  • Fixed problem where oil barrels do not disappear on explosions
  • Fixed problem that sometimes when you connected as a client you were playing in creative mode
  • Fix block wireframe guide to show as far as the block preview does
  • Fixed console not closing when pressing the console key again
  • Fixed non reflective water not working
  • Fixed old frig glowing in the dark
  • Fixed private games still listing on the master server in some cases
  • Fixed when a buff is debuffed the character UI image does not clear
  • Fixed coffee requires specific sqaure placement of ingredients to cook side by side not anywhere
  • Fixed problem that wooden railings that had full block collison
  • Fixed punching tallgrass has now particles
  • Fixed stone texture to have filtering
  • Fixed repair wrench delay
  • Fixed crouch punch
  • Fixed male zombie shader to use the right one and adjusted specular color
  • Fixed an incorrect rotation of forge particles prefab
  • Fixed take all so it considers existing stacks
  • Fixed campfire eating wood without starting
  • Fixed time sync on client side campfire. Now works like the forge, fuel wise
  • Fixed campfire keeps playing the animated texture and lit without fuel
  • Fixed sectional couches so they can be used as firewood
  • Fixed server messages being hard to read, they are now a light yellow
  • Fixed mouse click take all does not work on a dropped player backpack
  • Fixed sometimes take all key does not work
  • Fixed repair not working correctly if repair_time was not set on repair item, will now default to 1 second
  • Fixed usage of multiple repair tools in multiple spaces causing incorrect repair amount
  • Fixed drinking fountain to have collision
  • Fireaxe does more base damage and equal head damage

Known Issues

  • Player joined server message show up kind of late
  • Explosion splash damage doesn’t really kill zombies
  • Hornets spawn in the ground cannot move
  • AI get into into a state where they don’t recognize players and attack them
  • Null reference in desert junkyard
Alpha 7.7 (b7) [44] 03.18.2014

Alpha 7.7 (b7) Bugs

  • - Players can speed up and slow down time
Alpha 7.7 [45] 03.18.2014

Alpha 7.7 Changes

  • Changed the new roaming hordes that won’t destroy player structures unless they sense the player
  • Changed returned to 7.0 terrain and improved the performance. The change was made for visuals, alpha 8 performance and player feedback. Note full smooth terrain will come with Alpha 8 as well as new solutions to mining and ladder placement
  • Changed removed Bucket of Water recipe that used a bottle of water, buckets of water must be obtained from lakes or rivers
  • Changed Bucket recipe to only create 1 bucket not four
  • Changed toilets to drop short metal pipes when destroyed
  • Changed refactored internal model handling for performance
  • High Quality Lights is now the default after installing the game
  • Changed switched off shadows on point lights (all lights in the world) to increase performance
  • Changed with the terrain switch, this occasional problem is also fixed: Cannot expand this MemoryStream

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed blueberry seed recipe
  • Fixed a connection bug
  • Fixed cannot shift click from hot bar to inventory
  • Fixed low weight forging scrap items no longer vanish when breaking down to scrap
  • Fixed buff icon sometimes would cause an error when trying to get buff data
  • Fixed quick take stack size exploit
  • Fixed slider mouse offset bug
  • Fixed menu not showing when clicking fast on the splash screen
  • Fixed zombie dog death animation was missing
  • Fixed panel fade desync
  • Fixed occasional array out of bounds exceptions
Alpha 7.6 [46] 15.03.2014

Alpha 7.6 Added

  • Added new buff and debuff system that can do damage and healing and other effects over time. The system shows a temporary icon over the compass and icon and stats in the character screen. Coffee and food poisoning are the first offerings with many more to come.
  • Added new roaming hordes watch out for them. This is in addition to the existing noise spawned horde system.
  • Added viewable item stat system where you can mouse over anything in your inventory
  • Added new double resolution terrain mesh to allow cubed terrain blocks making mining and building with organic terrain materials much more enjoyable
  • Added new huge high school location and new road in the plains
  • Added new wearable icons and items for a skullcap, cowboy hat icon and baseball cap
  • Added new lootable, gun safe, school lockers and sinks to the world
  • Added hats to dresser loot
  • Added recipe, icons and items for coffee and coffee beans
  • Added breakable faucets that yield iron and brass to the world
  • Added brown grass to burnt forest
  • Added new concrete recipe from stone and gravel
  • Added gas recipe
  • Added new corn on the cob recipe, items and icons
  • Added new car wreck at the intersection of Riedel and Jordan


  • Changed caching of terrain values lead to better performance
  • Changed made percentage of night 35% as a default for all game modes
  • Changed increased weight of tin cans and candy tins so they can be scrapped better
  • Changed optimized collision testing thus performance on servers with many players and zombies is improved
  • Changed the seed of the all world randomization is now taken from the game name
  • Changed all the chunks are set to static now that might improve the performance
  • Changed hitting water with bullets or items now hits the blocks below water. The particle effect is still played on the water. So you can mine now under water
  • Changed particles for water impact are updated and working for all materials vs water
  • Changed increased delay and player cluster range for sound meter based hordes
  • Changed zombies can run in water
  • Changed car wrecks to have less dogs and more crawlers
  • Changed horde meter to not play warning and spawn sounds
  • Change horde triggering noise sensitivity to have some randomness
  • Changed exact collision on projectiles crossbow, rocket and trees
  • Changed lowered ladder structural integrity so they don’t support houses any more
  • Changed made brass easier to destroy
  • Changed wooden ladder texture to not clip the new terrain
  • Changed forge recipe to require a short metal pipe in addition to the stones
  • Changed air conditioners to give more short metal pipes
  • Changed zombies can now path through water
  • Changed improved stealth state logic

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed cloth stability
  • Fixed player cameras can clip into trees
  • Fixed bullet impacts only seem to register to the 1m volume area of a block entity model (Gun Safe), but not the
  • Fixed all LOD levels on forge was switched on
  • Fixed can now destroy the small dead animated bush
  • Fixed you can now destroy the desert shrub & get plant fibers
  • Fixed moon jumping problem in games with smaller night length
  • Fixed trees growing through bridges
  • Fixed sham and other canned foods from disappearing instantly before actually eating them.
  • Fixed winter pines to use colliders instead of blocky collision
  • Fixed name on potassium nitrate powder
  • Fixed crash on startup
  • Fixed various cooking recipe bugs
  • Fixed icons that were stone
  • Fixed desert shrub to have shorter collision
  • Fixed truck stop so mechanics pits are not full of dirt
  • Fixed zombies can see through doors when closed
  • Fixed hole in map in the north plains
  • Fixed problem that when attacking a block with the fist the full density was set
  • Fix various model import settings to not include animations to stop console spam
  • Fixed repairing fully repairs items
  • Fixed Metal Scrapping dupe bug.
  • Fixed Item dragging, players can no longer drag stacks larger than the max stack size for that item, remainder will be left in the slot. This prevents going over stack size for water and many other items in all interfaces
  • Fixed item loss with containers in multiplayer
  • Fixed an old west building closet that could not be entered
Alpha 7.5 [47] 15.03.2014

Alpha 7.5 Changes

  • Changed candlestick to not be a weapon

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed structural integrity bug causing buildings to crash
  • Fixed hornet bug causing console spam and floating dead hornets
  • Fixed trash that was rotated sideways
  • Fixed stealth shadow overlay
Alpha 7.4 [48] 15.03.2014

Alpha 7.4 Added

  • Added NightPercentage and BlockDurabilityModifier game options to serverconfig.xml


  • Moved back to bigger rays for Player melee attack
  • Reduced beaker loot quantity and chance to find

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed stacking of iron gloves
  • Fixed item duplication bug when having a full inventory and the crafting grid tried to drop items
  • Fixed item duplication bug when changing molds in the forge
  • DeadTree02 can now be melee attacked
  • Fixed Block Durability default, was 10%, now 100%
  • Fixed gas recipe, it is made in the beaker
  • Improved zombie dog behavior
Alpha 7.3 [49] 15.03.2014

Alpha 7.3 Added

  • Added new basic Character Armor System accessed through the inventory crafting menu. Here the player can put on new found and crafted clothing for protection including hats/helmets, leg armor, chest armor, gloves, shoes and more. The character page also shows the players level and game stats. Note: The only clothing that’s tracked to the player model currently is the mining helmet more will come with the full character system in future builds.
  • Added a new Police Station, Truck Stop and 8 new campsites locations to the world
  • Added new smell icons that show on minimap that measures and show the players current smell level when he’s carrying smelly foods on his belt or backpack
  • Added new day/night percentage game options
  • Added new block durability game options as part of a larger plan for land protection
  • Added basic character sickness and gassiness from eating raw meat and eggs
  • Added gun crafting models and molds for the separate hunting rifle pieces
  • Added icons for the new clothing/protection system for a Leather Hat, Boots, Gloves, Jacket and Pants
  • Added icons for the new clothing/protection system for an Iron Helmet, Gloves, Chest Armor, Boots and Leg Armor
  • Added recipes for leather and iron armor
  • Added Bandana icon and Sunglasses icon
  • Added a boiled Egg Recipe and Icon


  • Changed sawed off shotgun fire to add more recoil to first person and third person female
  • Changed stags and rabbits flee in straight line away
  • Changed Zombies attacking blocks in proximity of player now show on minimap
  • Changed Reduced crafting time of spike traps from 30 to 10
  • Changed improved stealth & zombie sense detection logic
  • Changed raw uncooked foods to damage attributes
  • Changed increased chance for iron ore to drop lead
  • Changed increased chance to find beaker and added them to medicine cabinets

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed zombies attacking animals marking players as sensed
  • Fixed redid torch flicker
  • Fixed clients not hearing sounds
  • Fixed spider zombies to not crouch down to attack when they are not running on all four legs
  • Fixed collision on trees, now it is much more accurate and will not block bullets in the air
  • Fixed bug where hordes wouldn’t spawn after day 10
  • Fixed black missing blocks in a couple of the old houses where light fixtures were supposed to go
  • Fixed a bug of storage chests loosing inventory when player opened them while starving
Alpha 7.2 [50] 04.03.2014

Alpha 7.2 Added

  • Added new ‘Difficulty Presets’ game option that will allow the player to set the general Difficulty of the game. All options here are configurable separately.
  • Added Animal Hide model
  • Added Leather model
  • Added animal hide icon
  • Added leather icon
  • Added Feathers to Garbage
  • Added leather recipe
  • Added recipes for Leather Furniture
  • Added recipe for Paned Windows
  • Added Night Stand recipe
  • Added Animal hides to Animal loot
  • Added caption for craft result


  • Changed Snow & water = River Water
  • Changed renamed Bottled River Water to Bottled Murky Water
  • Changed Bucket hold ID to 34 to resolve bucket animations not playing correctly
  • Changed Pickaxe fire animations to feel more substantial
  • Changed M-136 Rocket Launcher model to include M-136 Rocket
  • Changed m136 reloads to include rocket in the animation
  • Changed all looting sounds, inventory, forging and cooking sounds to be quieter when crouched
  • Changed impact and destroy sounds so less of them could be played simultaneously
  • Changed swoosh sounds so less can be heard simultaneously
  • Changed max sounds so a few more enemy sounds could be heard
  • Changed rocket launcher fire so it adds less value to the horde meter and rocket explosion so it adds more
  • Changed rocket explosion to be the furthest traveling noise
  • Changed Toned down brightness of hand held torch and reduced flickering
  • Changed name of Yellow flower to Goldenrod Flower
  • Changed Zombies are scaled down on minimap
  • Changed Zombies that are breaking blocks and within 16 meters of a player always show on minimap
  • Changed enemy sense time is now in seconds

Bug Fixes

  • - crafting grid storage exploit
  • - being able to start crafting before having items on the tarp
  • - wrong item total preview count in crafting window in some cases
  • - aged wood craft duping
  • - weapon breakdown duping
  • - weapon repair bug
  • - zombies not giving up after specified memory sense time
  • - zombies attacking air
  • - horde spawns even when enemy spawns are disabled
  • - breaking backpacks if you die in the air
  • - losing items when crafting large amounts with crafting tarp closed
  • - instant item creation is now instant rather than superfast
  • - items not dropping on the ground as last resort on full inventory while crafting
  • - loot timer game option description
  • - animal flee logic (straight line) still needs pathing improvement
  • - all zombie classes appear correctly on minimap
  • - bug that allowed a user to spam the loot key to bypass the loot timer
  • - a couple grammar issues in English.txt
  • - the radiator object showing the incorrect mesh
  • - Gunjoint for female knife 3rd person
  • - male FullBodyOverlays to be false when crouching so player would not stand when using items
  • - hunting rifle recipe
  • - bug where Enemy Memory was not working. Zombies now lose interest and roam away if you’re quiet for the designated time set in the game options
Alpha 7.1 [51] 01.03.2014

Alpha 7.1 Preferences

  • Added new ‘Craft Timergame option that will allow the player to set the craft timer to Normal, fast or none
  • Added new ‘Loot Timergame option that will allow the player to set the craft timer to Normal, fast or none
  • Added new ‘Enemy Spawninggame option that allows the player to set the amount of enemies that will spawn in the world
  • Added new ‘Damage Given’ and ‘Damage Recieved’ game options allowing the player to set how much damage he gives out or receives from enemies
  • Added new ‘Enemy Memory’ game option that allows the player to set how many real world minutes that a zombie will pursue something he has sensed in the world.


  • Changed Reduced Zombie Dog health
  • Changed Zombies will not spawn in a diameter of 30 blocks around your Sleeping Bag
  • Changed Slowed biome day time zombie respawning to 2400 seconds
  • Changed Increased damage to Bone Shiv and Hunting Knife to compensate for slow animations
  • Changed it so loot containers that have been opened already will open without a timer a second time
  • Changed removed Difficulty menu options as these are now rolled into ‘Damage Given’, ‘Damage Received’ and new ‘Enemy Spawning’ and ‘Enemy Memory’ options
  • Changed lowered brightness of wall torches
  • Changed lowered loot times on longer items like cars, safes, animals and air conditioners.
  • Changed increased time for animals to respawn
  • Changed some tools to take less time to craft
  • Changed crouch loot time to 1.5 times slower instead of 2
  • Changed so already searched or empty loot containers require no time to open
  • Changed looting a touched or empty container now takes no time.


  • - decoration problem on servers in a peer to peer game
  • - a client connecting to a multiplayer server now also gets a lunch pack
  • - stealth undetected and sensed screen fx
  • - flashlight cookie showing a square cutout
  • - item duplication bug when moving items to inventory.
  • - selected recipe background highlight stays up unless another recipe selected, you click craft or exit the crafting menu
Alpha 7 [52] 28.02.2014

Alpha 7.0 General

  • Added new smooth terrain imported from the old world. The full terrain smoothing pass will come in the next big release
  • Added new high res ground terrain textures, new model trees, bushes, cactus, grass and destroyed building block pieces. Who says the apocalypse can’t be a beautiful place.
  • Added new sun shaft and brighter moon
  • Added regular zombie, fat zombie and snow zombie idle, walk and pain animations
  • Added ‘Destruction’ group in the creative menu and icons which contains all destruction sets
  • Added preview icons for all existing building destruction sets modular sets
  • Added impact particle effects for various materials vs snow terrain and block destroy effect for snow
  • Added impact particle effects for stone vs various materials

Game mechanics

  • Added a new Stealth system with minimap noise blips, zombie color aggression icons and an object throwing distraction system which currently works with Small Rocks and Pipe Bombs. The system also uses food smells. Meats smell the most, then charred, grilled and boiled smelling the least. Carbs smell the least, raw or cooked, at least to zombies, so things like corn bread and blueberry pie that do not increase your health but can fill you up smell very little. You can now run away in the dark and crouch and lose enemies. No more zombie GPS!
  • Added a Campfire Cooking system with many newly and improved recipes. The system uses 4 cookware including a Cooking Pot, Cooking Grill, Sharpened Stick or Beaker. Having a specific cookware combined with your ingredients unlocks new recipes.
  • Added a new horde spawning system where player’s noises contribute to the possibility of a horde spawning. Zombies no longer no exactly where you are day or night.
  • Added a new loot opening timer system. Crouching will take longer to open a loot container but make less noise. Take all gathers items quicker but makes more noise.
  • Added crafting time for crafting which improves the survival experience.


  • Added a new lighting model which allows point lights in the world and flashlights and torches to look better.
  • Added a Household Flashlight binding key F which toggles on and off your flashlight or new Mining Helmet if you have.


  • Added LOD for trees and large bushes and a slider in the video options that can be tuned to boost performance
  • Added new player spawn rules: New players in coop spawn near other players. Solo players spawn at start points. New players in PVP spawn at the nearest spawn 100 meters away from other players. If you quit and rejoin it spawns you where you were at. When you die if you don’t have a Bedroll its spawn you randomly 75 meters away from your death location. If you a bedroll and dies a selection comes 1. Spawn at bedroll 2. Spawn near from bedroll (75 meters away)
  • Added new drop on death and quit options drop nothing, everything, Tool Belt and Backpack only.
  • Added new player dropped backpack model and map icon so you can find your loot. The system only displays your last dropped backpack and the backpack stays in the world until it’s emptied.
  • Added start inventory of one Water bottle and one can of chili


  • Added Glass Jar forging & Glass Jar Mold, windows now have a chance to drop Broken Glass items that can be collected and melted into glass objects
  • Added in an Industrial Wall Light and Fluorescent Ceiling Light
  • Added model and icon for Crushed Sand
  • Added Goldenrod Tea, Charred Meat, Grilled Meat and Boiled Meat recipes
  • Added Campfire and Cooking Pots to the cabins
  • Added Glass Pane forging
  • Added Mining Helmet to loot
  • Added Gravel recipe from Destroyed Stone
  • Added new icon for Coal Ore
  • Added four variation set of Steel Sink Faucet models
  • Added brass version of Sink Faucet set
  • Added Gravel underground and reduced its stability so it can cave in making natural ore veins


  • Added new stone hit sound set


  • Changed the Household Flashlight and Torch to useable melee weapons
  • Changed Rotated Wood Planks and Red Wood Planks so it tiles on stairs correctly
  • Changed Pig, Rabbit and Stag art
  • Changed Zombies hand animations to be more lifelike
  • Changed Sand so it can no longer make glass, but it can be crafted into Crushed Sand which can be used with the new glass forging system
  • Changed Player punch does much less block damage (Pure-Dur changed)
  • Change Removed recipe to make empty jars from sand and thin metal plates
  • Change lowered health regeneration rate
  • Change filling water bottles now gives you Bottled River Water instead of pure water
  • Change water can be boiled into Pure Water in the cooking pot
  • Change removed glass pane recipe from sand
  • Change removed Bed Frame recipe
  • Change reduced chance to find backpacks, purse, suitcases, etc (Storage)
  • Changed Rotated white and black woods so they tiled better
  • Changed Log blocks only yield 2 wood planks instead of 4
  • Changed Log spikes only yield 1 wood plank instead of 2
  • Changed Slowed fire rate of Hunting Knifes and improved animation
  • Changed Slowed rate of fire on Stone Axe and improved animation
  • Changed Ore to be several clusters
  • Changed weight of Iron Ore to 96 ounces instead of 432 ounces since it is found in clusters
  • Changed Stone Stairs to be Cobblestone Stairs
  • Changed Gunpowder and Gas Can recipe to be made with Chemistry
  • Changed all prefabs in the world to use new smooth terrain blocks where applicable
  • Changed all destroyed and burnt buildings in the world to use some of the new block destruction set
  • Changed wooden furniture you can pick up a fuel value so it can be burned
  • Changed thinned loot containers in business areas in the plains/grasslands and upped spawning
  • Changed lower stainless steel fridge to not be a loot container
  • Changed Sledgehammer hold and attacks
  • Changed Biome spawning to improve zombie counts
  • Changed Max Stack number on Crushed Sand to 16
  • Changed Concrete blocks break down into Gravel now (they don't)
  • Changed Red Wood Planks and Red Barn Wood recipes to require less Flowerpots per wood ratio
  • Changed Pine Forest spectrum to have more variety
  • Changed Gravel so it’s harder to mine and Iron Ore weigh less
  • Changed Concrete recipe so it requires Gravel instead of Stone or Destroyed Stone
  • Changed Removed Potassium Nitrate, Coal Ore and Lead Ore from the world, instead it is found randomly when Iron Ore is destroyed


  • - reflective water is not switched off unless you quit the game and re-start again
  • - Zombie Dogs so they don’t spin circles
  • - Hunting Rifle, Sniper Rifle reload animations to not jerk the camera
  • - bushes to break easier and drop sticks
  • - burnt zombie so he has the right shader
  • - windows so zombies can see through them
  • - naked zombies not always playing their attack animations
  • - hunting rifle ammo icon based on bug report
  • - problem that chunks were not drawn any more
  • - crouch punch for male
  • - feet clipping on the zombie dog
  • - crouch punch for female
  • - wasteland having concrete layer under it
  • + Upgrading to Alpha 7 will sometimes cause players to lose key bindings go into options/controls/restore defaults and hit apply then close the game and start again to fix the problem
  • + Augers and Chainsaw make idle sounds when they are out of gas
  • + Sometimes trees are not rendered but their collision is there. The work around is to restart your server and restart your game. We will work on this for a patch.
Alpha 6.4 (b1) [53] 06.02.2014

Alpha 6[ | ]

Alpha 6.4 (b1) Bugs

  • - banned users can no longer get around their bans by changing their Steam gamename
Alpha 6.3 [54] 03.02.2014

Alpha 6.3 Changes

  • Changed all loot containers to have a greater chance to be empty
  • Changed cars to have more tool loot
  • Changed Mail Boxes to have more Paper loot
  • Changed Less chance of finding Backpacks in the wild loot
  • Changed length of IP field to allow longer URLs
  • Changed length of Port field to allow more room for IP field
  • Changed crops grow slower and no longer grow underground from Torch lights


  • - IP input breaking connection attempts after leaving a server
  • - pasting IP from clipboard not registering
Alpha 6.2 [55] 30.01.2014

Alpha 6.2 Changes

  • Changed on Mac the reflective water is set to off per default improving frame rate
  • Changed Shotgun to use animation clips to support single shell loading
  • Changed reduced Brass Car Radiator to have 2 pounds of brass
  • Changed reduced weight of Car Lead Battery
  • Changed Trophy 2 and 3 to Lead and Tungsten
  • Changed Breakdown Weapon recipe name and tip description to say Breakdown Item instead
  • Changed Sharp Stone attack has been removed and is no longer a weapon may come back in alpha 7
  • Changed mp5 to SMG on all items
  • Changed Kicking and banning to search if name contains than input instead of starting with the input. Also added player id as a fallback. Player id can be seen by using the “lp” command.


  • - player hosted game servers were not showing in the game browser.
  • - game Info player counts were showing incorrect numbers
  • - favorite servers list would break if you had no other favorites and added a manual favorite entry.
  • - unable to remap reload/take-all key, should now map correctly.
  • - bug when mining less than 16 blocks above bedrock pressing E brings up a console error IndexArrayOutOfBounds
  • - Brass Trophy so it can be smelted
  • - female third person Repair Tool hold and use animations
  • - Crossbow Bolt from stuttering when reloaded
  • - female Crossbow animations
  • - Shotgun reload and crossbow stutters
  • - animator warning for sharp stone
  • - Crafting Grid Item Loss when quick crafting using known recipes if you switch from recipe to recipe you will lose the items on crafting grid.
  • - Add an ounces and burn time for gas cans for the auger and chainsaw.
  • - Multiplayer\Client de-sync all containers de-sync between server and client resulting in loss of items, item duplication, and in some containers which have randomly generated loot multiple different instances of that loot.
  • - Forge didn’t sync between clients
Alpha 6.1 [56] 17.01.2014

Alpha 6.1 Changes

  • Changed balanced gas can consumption for Auger and Chainsaw. Note this is not a permanent but a temporary solution.
  • Improved male and female crossbow animations


  • - male punch animation didn't work
  • - bug where dedicated servers would not show up in the list.
  • - name length cutoff were inaccurate
  • - bug with score rows throwing a null error when viewing scoreboard when someone leaves/enters game.
Alpha 6 [57] 15.01.2014

Alpha 6.0 General

  • Added brand new Metal Forging system for making ingots, gun-parts and bullet parts
  • Added weapon breakdown system and crafting for the pistol, shotgun, sawed off shotgun, sniper rifle and bullets
  • Added 3 new snow biome zombies including the Frigid Hunter, the Frozen Lumberjack and the Frostbitten Worker
  • Added dynamically sized loot containers and UI
  • Added mouse key bind support
  • Added new server info panel for the server browser window showing all game options
  • Added game options to Disable/Enable NAT for player hosted games
  • Added a new “suck nearby items” function: when you press E all items on the ground in a 4m radius get moved towards the player and auto-collected
  • Added new Take All loot container hot key which shares the players reload binding
  • Added new DaysToRespawnIfPlayerLeft option to spawners so zombies won’t spawn inside locations that have been cleared unless abandoned by players for several days cities are excluded
  • Added tooltip line sound and gui that shows help for some special recipes, weapon repair, weapon breakdown and new forge functions
  • Added paging for game options panels to accommodate the growing number of game options
  • Added Forge GUI backdrop, animation and Forge particle system
  • Added new tooltip hints when placing items in the forge
  • Added weight to tools so all sensible items can be melted down or turned to scrap for forging
  • Added text entries for new enemies, items and molds

Weapons and Items

  • Added Scrap Iron, Scrap Brass and Scrap Lead special Wildcard Recipes to the top of the recipe list.
  • Added new weapon breakdown special wildcard recipe to the top of the recipe list with a special yellow color
  • Added new primitive Stone Axe and Sharp Stone weapons
  • Added Iron Bars model and crafting recipe
  • Added new Tungsten Door & Recipe
  • Added recipe to break Scrap Iron Walls down into Scrap Iron
  • Added forge and Iron Wall block and recipe
  • Added Army Awning Tents blocks, sandbags and Camo Netting for army camps
  • Added Lump of Clay recipe from Corn Meal and Water
  • Added Bullet Casing items
  • Added Bullet Tip item
  • Added Brass Door Knob item for scrap material
  • Added Lead Fishing Weight item for scrap material
  • Added broken down Gun Parts for all weapons except the RL and Hunting Rifle
  • Added Mold Objects for all gun components
  • Added Car Lead Battery loot item
  • Added Rocks to plains and desert biomes
  • Added Sniper Rifle recipe
  • Added ingot mold recipes for Brass Ingot and Lead Ingot
  • Added recipe for Concrete from Cinder Blocks
  • Added Pump Shotgun Short Barrel Mold recipe
  • Added brass Brass Candlestick item and icon and made it useable as a club weapon


  • Added new Snowy Forest into Navezgane
  • Added 2 new Gas Station points of interest to the snow biome
  • Added a large Ghost Town point of interest in the southeast desert biome
  • Added a huge Ski Lodge and Sawmill in the north east corner of the snowy biome
  • Added 3 new different Army Recon Campsites with Sandbags and foxhole trenches and military loot at various biomes to Navezgane
  • Added a new business to the plains and 4 new campsites at various biomes to Navezgane
  • Added car wrecks in the world with static crawler and dogs spawners in the areas
  • Added new gravel and asphalt roads and ponds and lakes to the new larger Navezgane
  • Added more cars, road signs and light poles to the new larger Navezgame
  • Added many new player starts spawn locations to Navezgane


  • Added medicine cabinets, televisions and paintings to the buildings and houses in Navezgane
  • Added military loot to new military munitions chest
  • Added medicine cabinet as a new type of loot list
  • Added corn meal loot to cupboards
  • Added Bullet Casings, 9mm Bullets, 10mm Bullets, 7.62mm Bullets, Candlestick, Trophy, Car Batteries, Brass Car Radiators, Venison Stew, Blueberry Pie to loot
  • Added Clay drop chance to desert ground and forest

Models and Icons

  • Added icons for bullet casings
  • Added icon for bullet tip item
  • Added icons for trophies
  • Added mold icons for lead, iron, brass, aluminum and copper ingots
  • Added icons for bullet casings, bullet tip, 9mm, 10mm and 7.62mm bullets
  • Added icon for stone axe, sharp stone and iron bars
  • Added new scrap iron, brass and lead models and icons


  • Added full sound sets for crafting, forging, map and build menus


  • Changed the size of Navezgane increasing it by 33%
  • Changed client inventory is now saved every 30s to the server or when the client quits.
  • Changed spawn rules to be governed by the hosts Friendly Fire settings. With FF on new players will spawn away from each other at a random spawn point as this option supports PVP play with FF off new players will spawn near each other as this option supports cooperative play.
  • Changed sleeping bag rules so the game remembers your last placed sleeping bag or bed only and auto spawns you here without selecting it.
  • Changed fat zombie cop puke attack range 33% shorter and half damage to players
  • Changed all firearms to use bullets instead of magazines to work better with forging of bullets
  • Changed all metal objects now have weight so they can be scrapped into metal for the forge
  • Changed removed iron ingot recipes, they must be forged now
  • Changed zombie spawning in major cities during day to have more zombies and respawn faster
  • Changed biome spawning so that min distance is 16 was 32
  • Changed removed iron ingot recipes from Iron wall and iron ore now you must melt them
  • Changed metal_medium and metal_hard to have more durability
  • Changed Game Info to use key value pairs instead of a : separated list w/backwards compatibility
  • Changed paintings, modern couches, end tables and small televisions so they can be picked up
  • Changed removed Fat zombie cops from Diersville, they will be limited to night spawning
  • Changed City Biome to have more day walkers
  • Changed chance to find painkillers in garbage and other loot now that there are medicine cabinets
  • Changed key bind window to NGUI
  • Changed Sun movement is now from east (morning) to the west (evening)
  • Changed Snow zombies to use fat zombie hand attack
  • Changed removed m136 rocket launchers and rockets from wall safes
  • Changed removed old recipes for scrap metal from tin cans, candy tins, hub caps and air filters to prepare for the forging system
  • Changed garage loot to exclude painkillers and include shovels, pickaxes and fire axes
  • Changed spawn locations marked by stars are no longer shown on the map
  • Changed snow blocks now have a chance to drop dirt, snow and clay
  • Changed reduced shotgun ammo from loot
  • Changed camp fire recipe to use a log circled with small rocks
  • Changed bullets so they can be broken down to retrieve ingredients
  • Changed coming next load screen image for next release
  • Changed throworganichitstone1.wav to sound more like flesh hitting stone
  • Changed all ammo pieces and individual bullets to stack 500 per item
  • Changed recipe so you get more gunpowder from coal and potassium nitrate
  • Changed increased chance for clay drop on all top ground layers
  • Changed cinder blocks so they can be picked up
  • Changed ladders so they burn as fuel in the forge
  • Changed buckshot to get eight from one lead ingot
  • Changed corpses so they gib easier
  • Changed brass lights to drop scrap brass


  • - bug that would not pop up an error window upon finding out the server is not connected to NAT during connection.
  • - bug when selecting a server in the server browser, ones with similar information would also be highlighted
  • - bug when starting a private game, you were unable to invite friends to join via steam friend invite system
  • - bug causing bottled water to show up too much in cupboards and not enough food
  • - small business buildings that had light fixtures blocking the players path
  • - black block in desert junkyard
  • - looting nurse zombie sound to play looting corpse sound
  • - mp5 reload scale problem
  • - missing material on clay lump
  • - coal ore blocks to burn & increased coal piece burn value
  • - the zombie noise system that was broken
  • - deer so they cannot climb ladders
  • - chopped logs to drop pine trunks
  • - bug where 2 players can now activate the forge at the same time
  • - bug where clients can breakdown weapons in coop now
  • - world “cut lines”
  • - short metal pipes so they can be scrapped
  • - pipe bomb throw animation stuck glitch
  • - Crossbow now has a bolt when taking in the hand
  • - pickaxe hold loop problem
  • + Mac builds need to quit via the task manager
  • + Rocket Launchers and Hunting Rifles cannot be broken down yet or crafted
  • + Upgrading to Alpha 6 will sometimes cause players to lose their key bindings. If this happens go into options/controls/restore defaults and hit apply then close the game and start again to fix the problem
  • + Alpha 6 has some unresolved animation issues caused from the Unity 4.3 upgrade including the cross bow animation and zoom
  • + Male punch animation doesn’t play
  • + Some items have only been translated to English
Alpha 5 fixes [58][59] 14.12.2013

Alpha 5[ | ]

Alpha 5 fixes Bugs

  • - Runaway console and browser join issues
  • - Input string was not in correct format console hijacking bug.
  • - Password popup screen to hold proper game information to connect to upon entering password.
  • - Game Name and Game Host max length are both now 25 characters to stop dedicated servers from having too long of a gameinfo string.
  • - bug that would cause the menu to not show for 5-10 minutes at startup while authorizing with steam; also fixes bug that would say a player doesn’t own a copy of the game and locks them out, when they do own it.
  • - bug where players would get a blank screen when clicking start after manually typing in an IP/Port.
  • Fixed memory management on dedicated servers: now if players disconnect their memory is freed and not cached any more.
Alpha 5 [60] 12.13.2013

Alpha 5 General

  • Added new higher quality deferred lighting and checkbox in video options to switch it on and off for low and high end computers
  • Added new clouds, sun color and fog color spectrums so each biome is unique
  • Added biome transitions so they blend between colors smoothly
  • Added the ability for dogs to get through 1 meter holes
  • Added new zombie crawlerwho crawls on the ground and can get through 1 meter block holes
  • Added water specular highlights for sun/moon
  • Added empty tin cans to loot
  • Add 4th ultra shadow distance setting of 80-90 blocks
  • Added Allow friend invites from dedicated server
  • Added SteamID for banning and file saving
  • Added new game options for zombies running always, never and default run night walk day
  • Added new organic particle for destroying corpses
  • Added buckshot item which can be crafted from lead ingots
  • Added feathers & shotguns to zombie loot

Weapons and Items

  • Added Sandstone recipe
  • Added Scrap Metal recipe from Empty Cans
  • Added recipes for Gas Cans from Corn Meal and Bottled Water
  • Added recipes for Oil Barrels from Gas Cans


  • Added new destroy organic sound set so destroying corpses makes the right sounds
  • Added new footstep organic sound set so walking over corpses sounds squishy
  • Added new loot safe, loot stump, loot suitcase and loot corpse sounds and Integrated new loot sounds
  • Added new organic material so corpses play the correct impact sounds


  • Some player hosted games still have incompatible NAT routers preventing other players from joining. A quick solution is try and let your friend host instead
  • - Runaway console and browser join issues
  • - Input string was not in correct format console hijacking bug
  • - Password popup screen to hold proper game information to connect to upon entering password
  • - Game Name and Game Host max length are both now 25 characters to stop dedicated servers from having too long of a gameinfo string
Alpha 4.1 [61] 27.11.2013

Alpha 4[ | ]

Alpha 4.1 Bugs

  • - Servers crash on new rounds
Alpha 4 [62] 24.11.2013

Alpha 4.0 General

  • Added new feature for preview position and rotation for placing blocks. Before placing a block a semi-transparent preview of the block is displayed and player can rotate it using LMB

Weapons and Items

  • Added Scrap Metal recipes from Candy Tins, Car Air Filters, and Hub Caps
  • Added Femur bone club\crafting item
  • Added Hunting Knife
  • Added Bone Shiv
  • Added recipe for bone shiv
  • Added recipe for hunting knife
  • Added femur to Zombie & Stag loot
  • Added hunting knife to loot


  • Added new block rotate sound set
  • Increased time that zombies play their roam sounds


  • The Glass Jar can now also be filled with water at Toilets
  • Reduced polygon density on the Barbed Fence Wire trap, Candy Tin Mine, Hub Cap Mine and Air Filter Mine for better performance and to keep people from reaching max vertices in a chunk
  • When pressing the ALT key in 3rd person the camera can be moved freely around the player. Old state was: when shooting it was shot through the screen middle. New state: the crosshair is removed and shooting is done along the players view
  • When the Z menu is opened, the full text search is auto selected and the old entered text is cleared
  • Increased block damage on explosions to allow better TNT chain reactions
  • The turn speed of entities (like zombies or stag) is now dependent on their speed: the faster they move the faster they turn
  • Increased colliders for inventory slots so that horizontally there is no space any more. Vertically there is still a small gap in the bag
  • Wood Spikes can now be placed only on a solid cube. So stacking of spikes isn’t possible


  • Added delay to food items so they don’t disappear until used
  • - chunk could not be saved when building a column > 190 blocks
  • - “left shift” and “right shift” were not selectable
  • - when placing a bedroll/bed the other block was removed without a check. This could be abused for fast mining. Also set the orientation of a bed correctly
  • - when running a server for a long time and the entity ids get greater than 16 bit, no player was able to connect to the server any more
Alpha 3 [63] 19.11.2013

Alpha 3[ | ]


  • Added Game browser client refresh improvements with master server

Weapons and Items

  • Added Lead Ingot recipe
  • Added new Hard Metal Door made from ingots
  • Added recipe for Wooden Shingles, Wedges, Corners and Wooden Shingles Pyramid so wooden shingle homes can be made
  • Added iron sights to M-136 Rocket Launcher & Degradation
  • Added stack limits to Aloe Cream, First Aid Bandages
  • Created Hay Bale recipe from Brown Grass which can be used to break your fall from a high places
  • Added Plant Fibers recipe from brown grass
  • Added Torch recipe from Sticks and brown grass
  • Added recipe for Planks from Trunk Tips
  • Degradation now affects the damage all weapons do, to blocks as well to entities
  • Added Left mouse button on an empty Bucket bails 9 water blocks
  • Added Right mouse button on an empty bucket now uses 5 water blocks to fill the bucket


  • Added new player_ointment sound for applying aloe vera
  • Added full new female Zombie sound set
  • Added some new male zombie sounds
  • Added aloe vera cream apply sound
  • Added new Auger sound set
  • Added new auger_empty and Chainsaw empty sound when your out of gas
  • Added new auger_reload and chainsaw_reload sounds and animations
  • Added new bucketfill_water, bucketplace_water and bucketbail_water sounds for new bucket and water functions (Rick)


  • Reduced probability of finding Rocket Launchers in Safes
  • Changed it so falling blocks don’t spawn items any more
  • Changed Desk to use Night Stand loot instead of safe loot
  • Changed Iron Ingots so get 9 instead of 10 ingots
  • Changed Metal Trussing so you can shoot through it and zombies see through it
  • Changed Scrap Metal Door to not be as strong
  • Changed Pipe Bombs to not destroy the world as much
  • Changed Quarter Filled Stairs to place inverted
  • Changed Aloe cream recipe to require a Glass Jar
  • Changed Aloe cream so it heals the player when used
  • Changed all Grass so it drops Brown Grass on destroy
  • Renamed Yucca Fibers to Plant Fibers
  • Changed Animal dead bodies to stay for 60 seconds (Joel)
  • Changed algorithm for calculating explosion damage to blocks
  • Re-factored chunk generation
  • Blocks destroyed when falling on stability drop only items if the fall distance is less than 3 meters
  • Removed telnet support on a dedicated server. Control panel is the only choice now
  • Items dropped on death of a player now stay for 3 minutes instead of 1
  • Changed older couches to fit the old town theme
  • Changed algorithm how explosions damages blocks for tuning improvements
  • Changed it so the Rocket launcher doesn’t get removed it degradation is “empty” it jams now
  • Auto saving now random chunks that need to be saved
  • Placing Water from a bucket now only spreads 2 blocks
  • Changed rotating death camera is now only 50% speed
  • Removed god mode when Creative Menu is used
  • Did a rare Loot Container balance pass so most larger enterable structures have a least one rare type of loot container usually hard to find
  • Replaced ping with country code in game browser
  • Changed control panel disable/enable server options to default to disable


  • Made first floor in wasteland governors building set 3 blocks high for more jumping room and to prevent getting stuck
  • - bug that Hunting Rifle zoom was scrollable
  • - Auger is rendered smaller in players hands
  • - Spanish, French and German translations
  • - Glass Panes so they can be placed on any wall the correct angle
  • - Hulk vomits at any angle out of the back of his head. Now if you happen to get behind the zombie when he started his vomit attack, his head isn’t rotated in an unnatural angle any more
  • - control panel so that it also works when the next (and overnext, etc) round started
  • - Fat Zombie cop vomits and attacks blocks at the same time sometimes
  • - tree tips to drop tree tip blocks
  • - lowered volume of overdriven chainsaw fire sound
  • - Hopefully - the problem that sometimes polygons shown invisible
  • - crash when ending the game on server browser screen
  • - NAT punchthrough sometimes doesn’t work as it should for some users
  • - Zombie Dogs and animals climb ladders
  • - problem that when setting maxplayers to 4 only 3 players could connect on a server
  • - Zombies don’t head for “not yet spawned” zombies any more
  • - Continue game screen titles don’t update properly when re-entering game
  • - problem when Multiplayer servers sometimes don’t show up on the game browser
  • - Control Panel command errors form bad characters
  • - zombies hoping on curbs
  • - Zombies dancing zombies near 2 block high fences
  • - Zombies over-running their target position
  • - Animals sometimes run in circles
  • - problem with master server list
  • - Zombies jumping and dancing at Spike Traps
  • - Control panel can now kick and ban users
  • + Players can sometimes get stuck in small vertical spaces less than 2 blocks high like on top of a cinder block or trash pile
  • + Sometimes there are missing polygons in the world
Alpha 2 [64] 09.11.2013

Alpha 2[ | ]


  • Added new large Wasteland city in Navezgane called Gravetown
  • Added new housing development in the north central Navezagne on a new street called Husker Ave
  • Added giant Wasp Hives in the burnt forest central region of Navezgane
  • Added new Deathmatch maps Wasteland War, Wasteland Skirmish and Forest Skirmish
  • Added new Zombie Horde maps Wasteland Horde and Forest Horde

Weapons and Items

  • Added universal Repair Tool tool and recipe for crafting it. Right click to repair broken/damaged blocks and doors
  • Added Hunting Rifle and Ammo
  • Added craftable Crossbow and craftable Crossbow Bolts
  • Added craftable Pipe Bomb that can be lit and thrown, and will explode in chain reactions
  • Added Pump Shotgun with long barrel
  • Added Feather item
  • Added lootable Bird Nests to the world
  • Added Egg item
  • Added food item Honey, and implemented into giant mutated hornets hive loot

AI / Enemies

  • Added new wall climbing Spider Zombie
  • Added new Zombie Dogs that run faster than zombies
  • Added new Acid Puking ability to the Infected Police Officer which can melt and destroy blocks
  • Added giant mutated Hornets and hive POI’s for them *BZZZZZZZZZ!*
  • Added new Burnt Zombie to the burnt forest
  • Added new spawning system improvements
  • Added new base zombie sound set
  • Added new base zombie climb ladder behavior


  • New Menu Theme with new background, options and layout
  • Added customization for game modes including: game difficulty with 5 levels to choose from, user defined 24 Hour cycle, friendly fire toggle, enemies spawn toggle, public/private game options, cheats toggle, password setting and more
  • Added new List box for levels with scrolling with 5 new levels and 2 new game modes
  • Added scoreboard which can be shown by holding the TAB key (You can set the key bindings for this to something else if you like)
  • Added a FOV (Field of View) slider to graphics options for our players who get nausea (sorry it took so long!)
  • Added Credits Screen


  • Added cabinet side texture for new houses and integrated into modern house art key
  • Added glass shower texture for new houses and integrated into modern house art key
  • Added new end tables, end tables with lamps to modern house
  • Added Created range top texture and implemented into new houses
  • Added soffit to modern shingle blocks
  • Added bird nest loot, eggs and feathers to desert biome
  • Added bird nest to certain trees, barns, roofs and other hidden areas
  • Added new museum/bank building and textures
  • Added New chunk region format with less chunk files
  • New file format for chunks – Old worlds can be converted to the new format [We recommend just starting a new world]


  • Added new game Server Browser for finding and connecting to games which shows game name, host, world, mode and more. Can also kick and ban users
  • Implemented a day 9 and beyond in hoard mode
  • Added new multiplayer mode – Horde Mode – Added first pass on hoard mode
  • Added new multiplayer mode – Deathmatch
  • Added new MP Forest Horde map
  • Added new MP Forest Skirmish map
  • Added MP Wasteland Skirmish map
  • Added MP Wasteland War map
  • Added MP Wasteland Horde map
  • Created Various supply crate entities and texture assets for MP maps
  • Added Server side recipe list download for connected clients.
  • Added web based control panel access for dedicated servers
  • Added master server list and server registration for server browser
  • Switched network communication protocol to Unity’s RPC mechanism. Now hopefully more than 8 players should be running smoothly
  • NAT Punchthrough for player ran servers as well as dedicated servers.
  • Added new deathmatch airdrop supply volumes to wasteland war and skirmish maps
  • Added a new serverconfig.xml for the dedicated server that uses all game options

Server Controls (dedicated

  • ServerPort – specifies the port used to connect to the server
  • ServerIsPublic – If true, the game will show up in the server browser
  • ServerName – The name of your server
  • ServerPassword – Specifies required password to connect to a server. Leave blank for no pass
  • ServerMaxPlayerCount – Specifies the maximum amount of players (max 64)
  • GameWorld – The game map you wish to use for the server (usually Navezgane)
  • GameName – The name of your game/who hosts
  • GameDifficulty – Specifies the difficulty for the game. 0 = easiest. 4 = hardest
  • GameMode – Specifiy the game mode type. : GameModeSurvival, GameModeDeathmatch, GameModeZombieHorde)
  • EnemySpawning – If true, enemies will spawn in the game
  • ShowAllPlayersOnMap – If true, players will show up on the map
  • BuildCreate – If true, creative mode will be enabled to use
  • DayNightLength – Sets the 24 hour time in minutes. Default is 40 minutes for 24 hours
  • DayCount – Specifies the amount of days for hordemode( only for horde mode, use 0 for unlimited)
  • FragLimit – specifies amount of frags/kills to reach before game ends in deathmatch(only for deathmatch, use 0 for disabled)
  • MatchLength – specifies the length of the match that will end the game if the fraglimit isn’t reached(only for deathmatch, use 0 for unlimited)
  • RebuildMap – If true, when the round ends for a full game the map will be reset to it’s original state
  • ControlPanelPort – Specifies the port to access the web control-panel
  • ControlPanelPassword – Specifies the password to access the web control-panel

Changes General

  • Changed barbed wire fences recipe to use sticks instead of power poles
  • Changed barbed wire recipe to use forging metal
  • Added concrete to general supplies
  • Added general supplies to hoard drops
  • Changed hardness of “leaves” material so pine tree & dead tree branches can easily be destroyed and they now have a 100% chance of dropping a stick so players can make clubs easily pretty much anywhere.
  • Torch and car fire have now burning sounds
  • If you drop a torch, now it doesn’t continue burning (the particles are switched off
  • Added m136 rocket launcher reloads to both controllers
  • Added hunting rifle to fire sounds so zombies can hear it, lowered sniper rifle volume
  • When reloading a weapon, the ammo is instantly consumed now. If the player switches to another hotkey slot while the reload animation is playing, the gun is not reloaded and the ammo consumed is restored.
  • Increased rocket entity damage
  • Made it so anything stone destroyed drops destroyed stone, and then you can create cobblestone from 4 pieces of it.
  • Removed thin corrugated metal recipe because it was redundant with thinmetalplate
  • Added crossbow reload sound
  • Weapons found in loot containers will now have a random chance of having between 25%-75% durability left to use.
  • Tree leaves don’t fall any more when hit with a single shot (f.e. pistol / axe)
  • Rewrote game mode, difficulty and level descriptions
  • Added Ladder Climbing animations for female player
  • Removed a bunch of First Person Male animations and now share with female
  • Added Rocket Launcher reload animation – New rocket particle effect – New rocket ammo model and texture
  • There is now a small delay between dropping items. You cannot spam the Q button anymore.
  • Improved reload animations for all weapons
  • Rocks can be picked up and crafted into stone, and then stone can be crafted into throwing rocks. – Throwing rocks will make a noise and should attract nearby zombies that don’t see the player
  • The “loot label” in the game on loot containers is now hidden by the bag again
  • Added new beds to modern houses
  • Metal trussing is easier to destroy
  • Game Options now saved with the save game
  • Fixed problem that sleeping bag icon wasn’t removed when sleeping bag fell down
  • When picking up a torch now you get the item and not the block torch
  • Added a delay of 0.8s to throwing rocks

Changes Items

  • Barbed wire fences now do less damage
  • Wooden spikes now do less damage
  • Animated Wrench / Repair tool and added repair sound
  • Some items now have new and better models and icons
  • You now need to use paper instead of sticks to create a campfire
  • Increased iron ingots in supply crates and how much you get from ore
  • Blocks involved in an explosion now drop its destroyed block with a chance of 50%
  • Blocks involved in falling now drop its destroyed block with a chance of 70%
  • Reduced the amount of metal trussing you get from short metal pipes and amount of short metal pipes you get from forging metal

Changes Multiplayer

  • Removed port setting in options (Networking) and moved to single player creation on the create new game screen.
  • Raised all supply drop volumes in the Dm and Horde levels to 150
  • Added a temp sound + text for the zombie horde mode whenever a wave starts
  • Changed logic for “rebuild map: never”. Old: player inventory was cleared, new: player keeps his inventory
  • In horde mode the state of the dynamic spawner is now saved too. Now there is not always a “New horde” on continuing a saved horde mode game
  • Delete Save game button added to Continue Game screen
  • Kick/Ban functionality added to console commands
  • Game Browser now has search input at the top, searches game name and game host
  • Ping added to server entries on Game Browser
  • Climb animation is now also shown on clients
  • Increased chance of getting water in horde supply crate drops
  • Supply crates are also saved in DM and horde games

Changes HUD/Menu

  • Added new Coming Next features background to the game
  • Game mode options now have a default and a restore defaults so you can get back to the original settings
  • Updated all map menu thumbnails so they are new and unique
  • Messages now show up by default and the F2 Menu has been removed and replaced with the (default) TAB key that brings up the scoreboard
  • Player icon now blinks on map (M)
  • Made pressing TAB in the username field, jump into the password field at the login screen
  • Added game options description to right hand panel
  • Added a default “no image” for levels without a set image
  • Added background music. Made background music fade in on menu and fade out on game play
  • Game browser now has a column text limitation
  • All Main menus changed to follow new theme
  • Redid the server login of a client to better fit the lobby concept
  • “Version is not valid any more” is only shown once on startup now instead of every quit to the main menu
  • Added drop down box for the max number of allowed players on the create new game screen.
  • Added game option that allows the player to set 24 hour cycle length in minutes.
  • Removed background shadow sprites from game scene escape UI.
  • Added new layout list of saved games on Continue Game Screen
  • New menu sounds and music added
  • HUD tweaks to switch locations of status bars

Changes AI /Enemies

  • Zombies don’t attack meaningless blocks anymore
  • Zombies navigate fencing and other oddly shaped blocks properly
  • Improved collision performance
  • Implemented fat zombie special run anim
  • Zombies will now climb ladders to get to you
  • Increased Zombie spawning time for general biome zombies to address mass spawning
  • Gave regular fat zombies fat zombie cop melee attack
  • Added despawn rules: Zombies that are not spawned from a static POI spawner get despawned when they dont have a target any more
  • Zombies now only run when there is a target/something they’re interested in
  • Hornets will have honey on them on death
  • Hulk’s vomit lightened in color
  • Hulk explosion particles improved

Changes Other

  • Added placeholder sounds for all thrown or dropped objects
  • Replaced window_paned01.png with smaller tiling tga version
  • Special characters are no longer allowed in game names
  • Internal change of saving of chunks: file handle is now kept open so that should lead to better save performance
  • New water texture for game for non reflective water setting
  • Add 0 to game options as infinite value
  • Remappable keys added for Scoreboard and Console.
  • In order to show certain MP maps, you must now have the gamemode selected
  • Disabled Debug feature NUMPAD – (minus) and NUMPAD + (plus) and NUMPAD ENTER for release builds
  • Darkened Supply Crate texture.
  • New cobweb textures
  • Removed all old cars from the game clearing up new texture space
  • Removed model tree stump and leaves texture. Visit camp sites and make sure they don’t have a stone tree stump block in place
  • Added xml file for level information – xml has allowed game name, game modes and description.
  • Updated Navezgane bridges with central middle metal support for improved stability
  • Made special bridge materials/blocks asphalt, metal, concrete and wood which helped the strength of the bridges. They still have a few blocks that sometimes fall in the center from the players weight but they are much better
  • Updated inventory icons (GUI) for food, weapons and tools
  • Added modern style furniture to Block model sets modular leather couch, end tables, lamp big screen TV
  • Removed sticks dropping from leaves except for dead bushes
  • Day/Night Length now deafaults to 30 minutes rather than a minute if registry key does not exist
  • Several GameOptions set to not be persistent, these should no longer save in registry but instead use the default value if not set in new game or continue game
  • Fixed preview image for small rock


  • - (Should be) a server bug where items dropped on a server could not be picked up, and zombies were invincible – If this bug occurs again, please let us know.
  • - a bug that sounds of a breaking tree was too loud
  • - crash with NullReferenceException
  • - a problem that dynamic spawners weren’t spawning regularly
  • - a bug where the player could spam rockets, and other general gun shots by switching to another hotkey slot and back quickly
  • - a bug where the player could bypass the reloading animation to shoot again.
  • - a bug where general biome zombies and animals despawned too quickly
  • - all trees so stability works properly with them
  • - Zombie console error problem
  • - streetlight prefabs so stability works with them
  • - a bug where a dedicated server would not start a new round
  • - a bug where the Back button was not working in Options menu
  • - a problem where the player would take damage in cornfields with 0 damage from falling plant pieces
  • - issue where Option widths on new dropdown menu were not wide enough and now highlight when mousing over the options
  • - a bug where capital letters in a game name would count as special characters
  • - a bug where the Music volume slider did not work
  • - swung club to pistol transition
  • - held block to weapon transition
  • - pistol reload animation
  • - bug where zombies sometimes spawned below earth level or in a wall
  • - a bug where the player could place certain items that have low durability points into the crafting table to restore durability points back without using a second item to repair.
  • - a bug where the player could fall between 6-10 blocks high and take fall damage but get healed instead of losing health
  • - a bug with the metal to dirt impact particles
  • - a bug where pressing escape while the inventory/loot container was open would not close it properly.
  • - MP5 rotation bug when zoomed in
  • - a bug where the inventory would stay open when opening the sniper scope zoom
  • - 64bit Installer installs the game in the wrong location
  • - problem that Overall Audio Sound Level was not working (due to a Unity 4.2 bug)
  • - weird sounds on entering a level any more
  • - big dupe bug where a player could press Q on certain items and not lose any from inventory
  • - male first person not crouching and some transition issues.
  • - stick attack for third person
  • - trunk breaks after 4 hits for client player
  • - “some sounds are not played correctly” in multiplayer
  • - the screen tilt problem when aiming down a weapon’s sights
  • - a bug where if the player was aiming down their gun sights and placed a weapon over it, the game would freeze up/spam console errors
  • - a bug where right clicking to split an output item in the crafting table would cause the unsplit items in the output block to vanish
  • - some duplication bugs
  • - a bug where the player could hit enemies and blocks from far away
  • - bug where popup menus would be covered by other things
  • - stability problem on explosions
  • - bug that plants did not grow any more
  • - Hornets attacking not yet spawned client players
  • - crash stack overflow on tall grass dying
  • - bug where adding a favorite would overwrite the last favorite
  • - bug where changing game options on continue game screen would not save
  • - explosion sound was played locally. Now the distance is also taken into consideration
  • - bug that the 2nd lit pipe bomb in a row wasn’t shown on the other clients. Please also retest the torches
  • - flicker of sunlight during early morning/evening
  • - bug where any player was able to call kick/ban, even if client. Now set to server only
  • - Car Entities collision is messed up
  • - All 4 chests in the game are now rotated right when placed: with the side facing the player
  • - mantis bug: Torch can be placed “into” a chest
  • - bug that when throwing a small rock very quickly (indeed it was with dropping all items) they were not subtracted from the client after a while
  • - meat on a stick and hunting rifle bullet to not have animation warnings
  • + Animals get knocked back quite far when hit
  • + If you light a pipebomb and don’t throw it, it will explode but the pipebomb is not “deleted”/removed from your inventory. If you die, all of them are dropped, including the one that exploded.
  • + Stability on Bridges are still a little weak in the middle
  • + Dogs climb ladders sometimes
  • + Animals sometimes run in circles due to zombie ai improvements
  • + Auger is rendered smaller in player’s hands
  • + Multiplayer servers sometime don’t show up in server browser
  • + Spanish, French and German translations are not done use English for now
  • + Large structures falling from stability cause poor performance on lower end systems
  • + Rocket Launcher does not have a degradation stat bar
  • + Switching languages multiple times in a row can cause broken wording in continued game
  • + Continue game screen titles not updating when re-entering.
  • + The NAT punchthrough sometimes doesn’t work as it should for some users and usually results in server hosting connection issues. Use the disable nat option in the server config to work around this for now.
Alpha 1.1a [65] 18.09.2013

Alpha 1[ | ]

Alpha 1.1a General

  • Security hotfix
Alpha 1.1 [66] 13.09.2013

Alpha 1.1 General

  • Mac version support
  • Improved Memory management
  • Server checks client on connection if this client is activated
  • Max player limit is now 6 in GUI mode
  • Password is encrypted now in registry and on web access
  • Important – New dedicated server command line syntax change you use -OPTION=VALUE, like -port=8 (old was -port 8)

New Recipes or Items

  • Brick
  • Decayed Brick
  • Brick Paver
  • Red Barn Wood
  • Red Wood Planks
  • Red Wood Stairs
  • Paned Window
  • Various furniture items:
    • Desk
    • Sectional Arm
    • Sectional Corner
    • Sectional Middle

Server Console Commands

  • + gamemode=0|1 (0 = coop, 1= pvp). In pvp you dont see the other player on the map
  • + maxplayers=X (any number <= 64 is valid). In GUI mode max players is always 8
  • + difficulty=X (X between 1 and 10, limits the wave spawning to day X)
  • + world=X (name of the world to load, currently only Navezgane)
  • + name=X (name of the game)
  • + dedicated (must be last option to start the dedi server)
  • + ip=X (ip the dedicated shall listen on, this is only for the extra socket connections. Unity listening cannot be limited)


  • - Cobwebs spawning in newly placed Storage Chests
  • - close shots went through zombies
  • - doors had wrong orientation on placing them
  • - problem that if during reloading clip was removed gun was full though by removing clip on start of reload
  • - exploit that two people could pick up an item at the same time
  • - damage delay on spike traps for the player
  • - zombies dance on stairs
  • - fat zombie broke the stairs
  • - console pop up on errors
  • - Duplicate item exploit
Alpha 1 16.08.2013 [67]

Alpha 1.0 Maps


  • Nuclear Fallout Zone
  • Burnt Forest
  • Forest
  • Plains
  • Desert
  • Wasteland
  • Rural Area
  • Cities

Building Materials

  • Cobblestone
  • Concrete
  • Glass Pane
  • Log Cabin Wood
  • Metal Trussing
  • Old Wood
  • Plywood
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Wood Planks


  • Iron Ore
  • Lead Ore
  • Coal Ore
  • Potassium Nitrate


  • Iron Ingot


Tools/Weapons Tools

  • Auger
  • Chainsaw
  • Fireaxe
  • Gardening Hoe
  • Pickaxe
  • Shovel
  • Sledgehammer


  • Barbed Club
  • Iron Re-inforced Club
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Pistol
  • Sawed off Pump Shotgun
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Spiked Club
  • SMG
  • Wooden Club


  • Air Filter Land Mine
  • Hub Cap Land Mine
  • Tin Land Mine
  • Trap Mine
  • Trunk Tip
  • Wood Spikes

Food Scavengeable food items

  • Blueberries
  • Can of Cat Food
  • Can of Chili
  • Can of Dog Food
  • Can of Ham
  • Can of Miso
  • Can of Pasta
  • Can of Pears
  • Can of Peas
  • Can of Salmon
  • Can of Soup
  • Can of Stock
  • Can of Tuna
  • Chicken Ration
  • Lamb Ration
  • Large Beef Ration
  • Cooked Pork
  • Ear of Corn
  • Potato
  • Skinned Rabbit
  • Slab of Pork
  • Venison

Craftable food items

  • Rabbit on a Stick
  • Rabbit Kabob
  • Blueberry Pie
  • Corn Bread
  • Rabbit Stew
  • Venison Stew
  • Yucca Juice
  • Bottled Water


  • Aged Wood
  • Birch Wood
  • Burnt Wood
  • Cinder Block
  • Clay
  • Dirt
  • Pine Wood
  • Sand
  • Scrap Metal Block
  • Stone
  • Water
  • Wood


  • Blueberry Seeds
  • Corn Seeds
  • Potato Seeds

Known Bugs

  • Zombies tend to bug in presence of water. Either they don't even go into water or they register water as darkness and start running into it and towards the player.
  • Zombies will sprint towards the player during daytime for a second or two when walking onto the road.
  • Zombies sometimes glitch where they will attack something and will stay there forever until they are interacted with (Note that this sometimes causes huge FPS lag).
  • Closing the game while respawning sets your spawn point to where you died.
  • Versions of Cinder Blocks make different sounds and take different time to destroy.
  • Destroyed Stone makes no sound when hit.
  • Crops don't need sunlight to grow. Some torches will do fine (even deep underground).
  • Some crops can be placed on any type of block such as Stone.
  • Trunk Tips of any kind and Barbed Wire won't inflict damage.
  • Scrap Iron Wall doesn't have a thumbnail in the game.
  • TNT shows as a block in the inventory but goes to its texture when placed.
  • When reloading the Sawed off Pump Shotgun and switching inventory slots, you still hear the Sawed off Pump Shotgun sound and be required to fully reload the shotgun, but it doesn't reload.
  • The Shotgun must reload all shells before using it again.
  • When mining blocks, the drops may be stuck inside a solid block, which makes it to be difficult to pick up.
  • When crafting items from your front inventory bar and exiting out of it, your items will stack and duplicate, doubling the amount.
  • Placing a nearly destroyed pickaxe in the crafting table gives a pickaxe with nearly full durability.
  • When breaking the Refrigerator with a pickaxe and then placing it again, loot will spawn inside it.
  • Sometimes the industry factory towers will not fall from gravity once the bottoms are taken off of it (Normally when you use barrels to explode the tower).
  • When placing a wood Spikes next to a wall, you can place more wood Spikes on top of each other depending on the wall size.
  • When you die from Radiation in the Rad zone, you will still hear the Radiation sound when respawning for several seconds, and until you click 'ENTER' to spawn.
  • Items and Blocks of any kind when crafted can be stacked to any amount, but when using the item, or dropping, it will not restack back onto its original stack, as the limit is 64 for most items (For example, making 700 Sticks, dropping 10 sticks, the sticks will stack into a new stack until its limit '64' is reached).
  • When refueling the Chainsaw or Auger, there is no sound effect to it? (Bug or not added to the game?)
  • Some blocks and items around the map act as a storage container and can be looted.
  • When clicking your mouse onto an item or block in your inventory, for a slight second, you will notice a different name saying something like 'pistol' other than 'Pistol'. When clicking an item for a slight second you will notice it uses the items 'code' name for the coding files of the game. In addition to this, sometimes your inventory will glitch out where you hover your mouse over an item such as the 'Pistol', but the name will show as 'Paper'.
  • When your underground and the sun is going down or up, you will notice a 'Lighting' changing effect. When its daytime it will be lighter than normal in the underground. When it's night, it will be darker.
  • The Torch and Flashlight don't effect the lighting level. You can walk into a pitch black area and use the Torch or Flashlight in your hand and it will not change the lighting level, it only shows as an animation effect.
  • Sleeping Bags will show up on the outside part of your map. It will show the arrow of your Sleeping Bag spawn point in the bars of Hunger, Health and the others.
  • In Multiplayer, when a player leaves the game, it will delete the inventory of anyone that leaves and rejoins the game, but not the player who is hosting the server.
  • When farming with corn, you will sometimes receive Candy Tin Cans as loot and also some other items.
  • When underwater, you do not have a water breathing bar, so therefore you cannot die underwater. (?)
  • You cannot place blocks in or on water, and water cannot be destroyed as zombies cannot attack it and doesn't indicate as a 'Source' block. (?)
  • When sprinting towards a solid block or wall, and walking towards it while being right next to it, you can see though the wall, acting as a transparent block.
  • When attempting to join a server, and the Server fails, the mouse will be disabled until you either exit the window by closing it or by pressing Alt + Tab and re-entering the window.

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