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Hi, I don't know how to do something so i must ask you to do this. Can you change name of category "Dostawy medyczny" to "Medykamenty"? I think it's better translation :) - GandalfTheBlack03 (dyskusja) 01.09.2013

Certainly :) — Game widow (dyskusja) 14:37, 1 wrz 2013 (UTC)

Change name

Hi, can you change name of category "Videos" to "Filmy"?

Done — Game widow (dyskusja) 18:45, 5 wrz 2013 (UTC) Nude Walker should be called "Nagi wędrowiec" and "Wieś" i the same as "Masto",so imo "Masto" article should be delated. I dont know how to add msg so I'm just editing this :CC

OK, thanks! — Game widow (dyskusja) 14:27, 20 wrz 2013 (UTC)

Change of Permissions

Hell, Could you change edit the mein page (polish main page "7 Days to Die") for everyone. I would like expand polish wiki but it is blocked.