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Welcome[edytuj kod]

Witam! Glad you found your way here. — Game widow (dyskusja) 00:57, 1 wrz 2013 (UTC)

Alpha 12 icons[edytuj kod]

I thought i'd let you know about the latest alpha 12 icons. But first, a bit of background: These wikis (the 7DtD wikis) use what is known as a "common image store", so by default, any image on the english wiki (the master) is available to the other language versions. The only issue is that this functionality did not exist when the wikis were first created. It only became an option later, so at first i uploaded all the images as many times as there were wikis. Later, we got this functionality which made that redundant uploading unnecessary, but by then, the duplicates were already in place. So now we find ourselves in the strange position of having to delete images from the non-english wikis to give them the most recent versions.

So ... after all that, if you see an old icon on this wiki instead of the newest version, simply delete the file from this wiki. That will allow the "master" / up to date icon to be displayed. — Game widow (dyskusja) 16:45, 27 lip 2015 (UTC)