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Wiki Navigation[]

I'm new to this Fandom/Wikis site? application? I followed the "wiki" link from the 7DTD Website because I was excited to see all the random bits of tips, tricks, info, knowledge, how to's, and general things all in one place and in one place. I'm sure there's a ton of wiki info here, but sadly beyond the main page and finding the join/log in page, this wiki is difficult to navigate. I found a few things, but that was due to random clicking and luck. I did enjoy the info the one area? page? section? contained (New Loot Boxes), that's some great info right there! The other thing I found was a list in alphabet order with no explanation. Sure, I could on things in that list, but not how one searches for information. I couldn't even get back to that list because I don't know how I got there. I'm stubborn enough to keep poking around until I found this tiny little green "here" hyperlink redirecting me Here so I could find out how I can help update info, and dump all the bits of useful things I have cluttering up my desktop.

The front page is nice. It has some teaser info on what you'll find throughout the site. Just needs some... polishing imo. It needs a progression path to take players to an area where they can search, click through main related section to see what info the site has. Or if the site info is ONLY going to be listed/searchable via that alphabet data point then a clearer click path to it's beginning (A.) needs to be added or made more clear.

I know this looks like a "rant" "wiki bad" ect post, BUT it is not. It's feedback from brand new to fanwiki potential user. If I didn't care so much about 7DTD and informational organization I would have just silently clicked away and created my own data base for personal use.

Greetings, thanks for the feedback. The Wiki has been picking up steam but it mainly lacks folks that have the time. And while some people do make some edits here and improve some things they tend to not stay on and continue. Once we can get the much needed and outdated info caught up we will focus on those things. If you have complex knowledge about such things please let us know where you can help. If not the best thing you can do is proof read pages for inaccurate info. Stay away from personal preference on pages and stick to factual info. Here is a great guide on starting out Help:Contents then just pick a topic you are familiar with and bring it up to date and remove old info that is not in game anymore.
Hedraun (talk) 20:24, 27 February 2022 (UTC)