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V1.0 Official Release Notes - Sascha Elzner - 2024/06/20 21:06

7 Days to Die 1.0: Important Dates Here is the current schedule. Note some dates are still subject to change. Version 1.0 Streamer Weekend If you missed the News 7 Days to Die 1.0 Streamer Weekend Eve...

Version 1.0 Streamer Weekend - Sascha Elzner - 2024/06/18 19:51

Hey Survivors,We are pleased to announce that 7 Days to Die 1.0 Streamer Weekend Event will begin: THIS FRIDAY, June 21st at 12 PM CST. Fans will have a wealth of options to see all the new features &...

Alpha Exodus: Leaving Early Access - Brian Wagner - 2024/04/20 18:47

The Fun Pimps are happy to announce 7 Days is leaving Early Access! With the launch of the next update, we're moving officially to 1.0 for 7 Days to Die....

Mischief Maker Usage - rhuenink - 2023/07/21 14:21

Hey Survivors, The Mischief Maker Twitch Extension has been monetized by Mischief Maker in a way that is non-compliant with our EULA and therefore results in a copyright infringement of 7 Days to Die...

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Greetings all Survivalists. The Fun Pimps has released Alpha 21 Stable! We have started with edits. Choose a topic and update those pages.

Players can help us out by creating a Fandom account and adding new content not yet found in the Wiki here. Correcting outdated info and stats is a big help. We are working to get the older Points of Interest to have current pictures. All Zombies have updated images for the current Alpha as seen here List of Zombies. Any little bit people can do or contribute to the Wiki is a big help. If you love the game as we do, take a second to update now and again. It goes a long way.

If any Admins from other 7 Days To Die Wiki are reading this message, consider messaging me to gather our images for sharing through this method: [1] You all can then take advantage of our already captured images of Zombies as well as POI imagery. Shared Repository is the way to go to launch your 7DTD Wiki to the most current models. You must be an Admin or you can apply to adopt a neglected 7DTD language Wiki here: [2]

Also we have worked with another member to open a new 7 Days To Die Wiki in Chinese. You can find it here: [3]