7 Days to Die Wiki

Description[ | ]

The Air Drops are airborne supply crates intended for the player that are flown in by mysterious airplanes and are parachuted everywhere across Navezgane. They occur by default every 3 days and in random locations. When released from the plane, the Air Drop is trailed by orange smoke making it more visible. It roughly takes about 20 seconds to fall to the ground. After falling to the ground the parachute disappears and the Orange smoke will continue for a few minutes until it stops. It is very common for the Air Drop to be dropped in unexplored locations as you traverse throughout Navezgane they can be heard by the Airplane engines and the sound is directional.

Settings[ | ]

Adjustments can be made in the Main Menu prior to loading your world.

  • The Air Drop occurrence can be either increased or decreased to provide the player more support or increased difficulty.
  • The Air Drops can also be turned off.
  • As of A21, Air Drops are marked on your map and compass by default with an Icon of the Air Drop. This can be changed in the Main Menu. The icons will remain until the player logs out, but will show up again if a player is near an unclaimed Air Drop.

Notes[ | ]

  • Air Drops can often fall on top of anything and that includes Lamp Posts or even Trees, typically at the very top. The supplies will remain stuck in the air at the very top forcing the player to utilize Wood Frames and stack and jump below your character to increase height until you reach the Air Drop. Then when done proceeding to collect the Wood Frames until you reach ground level.
  • Cutting down the Tree will destroy the Air Drop crate.