Alcohol Poisoning

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Current game stage: 1
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Alcohol Poisoning
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Category Status Effect
Type Negative%Negative Status Effects
Description You have alcohol poisoning.
Caused by Drinking too much, greater than 14 beers
or 4 or more
Grain Alcohol
Cured by Sobering up, less than 9 beers.
Leads to Sick Drunk
Debuffs Sick Drunk,


Overall Duration
Effect on Fullness
Effect on Hydration
Effect on Health
Damage caused
Effect on Stamina -5 every second
Effect on Wellness -1 every 100 in-game seconds
Effect on Temperature °F, 0°C
Effect on Speed 40%
Stun Resist
Damage Resist
Other Effects
Stack (Cumulative) Effects

Outdated[edit | edit source]

Tested on A19, you can no longer gain this negative buff.

Description[edit | edit source]

Alcohol Poisoning is a status effect giving a negative buff that is gained by drinking more Beer or Grain Alcohol when the player is already Sick Drunk. While not immediately apparent, Alcohol poisoning will also drain wellness at a rate of 1 per game hour. It will also cause negative effects to stamina of -5 per second, and you will only be able to move at 40% of your normal speed.

Alcohol Poisoning like all alcohol effects (except death) will fade over time, reducing by 1 standard drink (beer) per in-game hour.