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Apartment Adobe Red 5 Floors
Apartment Adobe Red 5 Floors.png
A 5 story Apartment made of Red Adobe
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Category Point of Interest
Biome Any

Game Worlds

Navezgane No
Random World Generation Yes


Apartment Adobe Red 5 Floors or apartment_adobe_red_5_flr is a fairly large building standing at 5 stories tall. Each floor has four large apartments with multiple rooms. Each apartment has a boarded off balcony. There is a stairwell as well as a boarded off shaft with a ladder that leads all the way to the roof. Apartments on the top floor have skylights. Caution should be taken when descending from the ladder as it's easy to miss and sustain either fall damage and broken limbs or actually dying.

The layout of this Apartment building in not very complex and poses very little challenge when looting. This 5 story apartment building also will not spawn in the Navezgane world map and occurs abundantly in Pregen maps.


There are 2 types of Apartments.

Prefab Name Description
apartment_adobe_red_5_flr Apartment Adobe Red 5 Floors A 5 story Apartment Building made out of adobe.
apartment_brick_6_flr Apartment Brick 6 Floors A 6 story Apartment Building made out of brick.