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Army Camp 1
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Outside of army_camp_01
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Category Point of Interest

Coordinates 1471 E, 16 N

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation

Description[ | ]

Army Camp 1 or army_camp_01 can be found in Navezgane and there is only one location of this type in the Navezgane map.

All Army Camps were set up in the early days of the apocalypse as the army tried to spread in different directions in an attempt to get the situation under control. The army was overwhelmed by the virus, causing these bases to become abandoned, leaving weapons and ammo behind. The army also dotted the perimeter with land mines, meaning that caution must be used when approaching any Army Camp. (Less so if you have read Urban Combat Books (specifically the one with landmines).

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See Also[ | ]

Prefab Page Name Location
army_camp_01 Army Camp 1 1471 E, 16 N
army_camp_02 Army Camp 2 849 W, 1497 N
army_camp_03 Army Camp 3 1243 E, 1559 N
army_barracks_01 US Army Post 7 415 E, 1598 S

History[ | ]

  • These types of locations were referred to as Army Recon Camps were introduced in Alpha 6. They are a small collection of tents surrounded by a small sandbag wall and Barbed Fence Wire. Their perimeter is dotted with land mines which will explode if walked over. Located in one of the tents would be a Munitions Box.
  • The Army Recon Campsites were introduced in Alpha 6