“Rock out with your auger out and be the envy of every miner when they see you sporting this sexy gas-powered auger.”


The Auger is an automatic tool that can be used to mine stone or rocks and destroy metal blocks. Blocks that are vulnerable to a pickaxe, are also vulnerable to the Auger.

While the Auger does clear blocks quickly, it runs through its supply of fuel just as fast. To use the Auger Gas Cans are needed as fuel. Gas Barrels are excellent source of Gas Cans, as they can be crafted into 600x Gas Cans at the Workbench.

The Auger can be looted from Decayed Sedans, Working Stiffs Crates, and Garage Storage areas. While the Auger can be used as a melee weapon, it is ill-advised as it deals very low damage and consumes gas very quickly.

Once crafted or looted the Auger requires fuel to use. It can store up to 250 gas before needing to be refueled (reloaded). Pressing the reload with one more Gas Cans in the player's inventory will refuel the Auger.


To the craft the Auger, the player must first read the Auger Schematic. Then the following must be collected and assembled:


The Auger can be repaired with Repair Kits or the Workbench can be used to combine individual parts to increase their quality.


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