Bacon and Eggs is a food item that restores food and health but has a chance to give food poisoning. To make Bacon and Eggs, you'll need a Campfire with a Cooking Pot, 2 Eggs, and 5 Raw Meat as well as having read the Bacon and Eggs Schematic or put 1 point into Master Chef (Perk).

When consumed, Bacon and Eggs restores Food by 36 and Health by 18, with a 4% chance to receive food poisoning. Bacon and Eggs gives off a smell and will attract zombies if its located in the player's inventory. Once Bacon and Eggs has been made, it's best to eat it right away, store in a stationary container, or leave it in the Campfire.


The following materials are required to craft Bacon and Eggs:

Note: A Campfire equipped with a Cooking Pot is required to cook Bacon and Eggs.

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