A Bandana is an item of Clothing which can be looted or crafted by the player and worn by their character. The Bandana is equipped in the Gear Slot "Face Mask". A Bandana can also be used as a source of fuel for both a Forge and a Campfire, each one will burn for 2 seconds. A banana may be scrapped for 1 Cloth Fragment.

There are currently six colors of Bandana available to the player. these are: blue, green, brown, black, red and white.


The level of protection is displayed in game by hovering over the item to show its tool tip, the values shown on each item are not the actual level of protection offered by the item of Clothing but rather a total of the protection offered when worn as a set of five items.

  • Bandana is not part of a set
  • The actual level of protection given by a single item of Clothing is 1/5th of the value displayed in the game.

Protection Values

  • The table below shows the differences between the protection values.
  • All protection values in the game are presented as a percentage.
  • The range of protection values shown are affected by teh quality and current durability of the item.
  • The skill of the player with that type of armor will also have an effect on the protection level that is given.
  • Displayed Protection Values represents the value of Bandana as shown in the game.
  • Actual Protection Values represent the value of Bandana on their own.
Displayed Protection Values
Concussive Puncture Radiation Fire


6.5 - 13 6.5 - 13 6 - 10 12 - 2- 6 - 10
Actual Protection Values
Concussive Puncture Radiation Fire Electrical
1.3 - 2.6 1.3 - 2.6 1.2 - 2 2.4 - 4 1.2 - 2


To equip the Bandana use these directions:

  • Open the Character Menu (Default key B).
  • Place the Bandana into the Face Mask slot.


Cloth Fragment x4
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