“Barbed wire fences made from wood and iron can slow down enemies, making them easier to deal with. Place them by using the secondary action.”


Barbed Wire Fence is a crafted block that deals damage to any entity that walks into or onto it while greatly reducing their speed. Additionally, any blocks placed on top of the Barbed Wire Fence will slowly take damage and eventually be destroyed.

Once placed, this block cannot be picked up or moved. It can be repaired with 20x Wood and 8x Iron.

Trap Damage

When an entity comes into contact with Barbed Wire Fence, they will take:

  • 1 damage per second for 3 seconds
  • lose 1 stamina per second for 3 seconds

The duration of this damage and stamina loss will be refreshed as long as the entity is in contact with the Barbed Wire Fence.


The Barbed Wire Fence can be crafted with the following items:

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