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Current game stage: 1
Barn 3
Outside of barn_03
'Removed: '
Category Point of Interest
Biome Any
Coordinates 663 N, 235 W

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes


Barn 3 is one of 3 types of Barns found in Navezgane and there is only one of this type. This variant of the Barns is medium sized and has a corn crop next to the barn. Barn 3 is very similar to Barn 2 with the exception of the Silo toward the rear of the barn. This Point of Interest has potential for starting a personal corn crop since it has a fair amount of Corn Plants.

Locations in Navezgane[]

There is only one Barn 3 located at:

  • 663 N, 235 W

Locations in Random World Generation[]



There are 3 types of Barns.

Prefab Description
barn_01 A small wooden barn
barn_02 A medium sized barn
barn_03 Similar to barn_02 except with a Silo