Basics is a crafting type in the Crafting UI.  For gamplay baiscs, see 7 Days to Die or the 7 Day Survival Guide.

Items included in Basics are:

Icon Name Category Materials Learned via
Arrow .png Arrow Ammo 1x Small Stone
1x Wood
1x Feather
BedRoll.png Bedroll Furniture 20x Plant Fibers
Campfire.png Campfire Cooking 10x Small Stone
FlagstoneBlock.png Flagstone Block Building 3x Cobblestone Rocks
FlagstoneRamp.png Flagstone Ramp Building 3x Cobblestone Rocks
ScrapIronFrameBlock.png Scrap Frame Building 15x Iron
ScrapIronFrameRamp.png Scrap Frame Ramp Building 15x Iron
StorageChest.png Secure Storage Chest Building 10x Wood
SecureDoorWooden-0.png Secure Wood Door Building 10x Wood
StoneAxe.png Stone Axe Tools 5x Small Stone
2x Wood
2x Plant Fibers
StoneShovel.png Stone Shovel Tool, Weapon 6x Small Stone
3x Wood
3x Plant Fibers
WoodFrameBlock.png Wood Frame Building 10x Wood
WoodFrameRamp.png Wood Ramp Frame Building 10x Wood
WoodenBow.png Wooden Bow Weapon 3x Plant Fibers
12x Wood
ClubWood.png Wooden Club Weapon 10x Wood
LadderWood-0.png Wooden Ladder Building 12x Wood
Bandage.png Simple Bandage Medical Supplies 2x Cloth Fragment
Candle.png Candle Lighting 1x Plant Fibers
1x Tallow
FirstAidBandage.png First Aid Bandage Medical Supplies 1x Aloe Cream
2x Cloth Fragment
Forge.png Forge Workstation 50x Small Stone
1x Short Iron Pipe
50x Lump of Clay
1x Bellows
Torch.png Torch Lighting, Weapon 1x Cloth Fragment
1x Tallow
1x Wood
Wall Torch Decor
FirstAidKit.png First Aid Kit Medical Supplies 1x Grain Alcohol
1x Blood Bag
1x Simple Bandage
1x Duct Tape
First Aid Kit Schematic
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