“A cooking utensil used in the campfire to unlock recipes.”


The Beaker is a implement placed in the Campfire. Once in the Campfire, the enable the player the craft additional items. These item often chemical or science based item.

This item cannot be crafted and instead can only be found through scavenging and looting.


The Beaker is most often in Medicine Cabinets, Supply Crates, Plagued Nurses, and inside Pop-N-Pills.


The Beaker is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Chemistry Station Chemistry Station Beaker 2x Beaker, BurningBarrel 1x Burning Barrel, CookingPot 3x Cooking Pot, ShortIronPipe 15x Short Iron Pipe, Wood 15x Wood Workbench Chemistry Station (Perk)

The following recipes require the Beaker to be equipped in the Campfire:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Antibiotics Antibiotics MoldyBread 4x Moldy Bread, NitratePowder 3x Nitrate Powder, BottledWater 1x Bottled Water Campfire w/Beaker
Fertilizer Fertilizer HumanTurd 2x A human turd, NitratePowder 15x Nitrate Powder, Dirt Fragment 3x Nitrate Powder Campfire w/Beaker
GasCan Gas Can AnimalFat 3x Animal Fat, GrainAlcohol 1x Grain Alcohol Campfire w/Beaker
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