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Description[ | ]

There are a variety of Beds in 7 Days To Die found in the bedrooms of houses and apartments, tents, near campsites, and enclosed rooms in ruined buildings. Beds can be crafted, harvested, and destroyed. Once placed on any solid level surface on the map, this spot will be your next spawn point if you die. Crafted Beds can be picked up at any point once placed.

Beds that can be used as Spawn Points[ | ]


Prompt that appears while respawning, if you have placed a bed

Beds that can be Harvested[ | ]

Harvesting using a Disassembly Tool will maximize resources obtained.

Notes[ | ]

  • If you place more than one bed, your spawn point always becomes the most recently-placed bed.
  • A bed can always be reset as your current spawn point by picking it up and placing it down again in the same spot.
  • If you're going to be working in a single area of the map for a long time, your first and best move might be to place (or pick up and re-place) a bed near that area.
  • If anyone destroys or picks up your most recently-placed bed (which can happen without your knowledge), your spawn point is lost, and you will resume respawning in random map locations.
  • Think twice before placing a bed next to an exterior wall. Zombies attacking a wall sometimes damage or destroy anything on or up against the other side of the wall.