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This article is considered accurate for the current version (Alpha 19.3).

Better Barter
"Specialize in convincing area traders to give you a better deal and open up their secret stashes of the really good stuff."
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Attribute Intellect
Group Influence
Max level 5
Experience to level
Experience Multiplier
Experience Multiplier
Skill points to level
Skill points multiplier

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

Better Barter is a Influence Perk in the Intellect Attribute.

Requirements and Effects[]

Skill Level Level Name Effect Description Intellect Level Buy
1 Wheeler Dealer You are good at wheeling and dealing and never pay full price for anything. Get a 5% better deal buying and selling merchandise with traders . 1 1 PT
2 Salesman You must have been a salesman before the apocalypse with the kind of good deals you find. Get a 10% better deal buying and selling with traders. 3 1 PT
3 Sales Manager You act like a sales manager and have authority to cut the best deals. Get a 15% better deal buying and selling with traders. Traders' secret stash shows better loot. 5 1 PT
4 Wall Street Tycoon You would do well if the stock market still existed. Get a 20% better deal buying and selling with traders.. Traders' secret stash shows even better loot. 7 1 PT
5 Corporate Marketing CEO You are like a Corporate Manager and buy goods at the lowest prices and sell for a huge profit. Get a 25% better deal buying and selling with traders. Traders' secret stash shows the best loot. 10 1 PT
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