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Basic Information
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Group Decor/Miscellaneous
Category Vehicle
Type Driveable
Loot Container
Gear Slot
Related Attribute
Related Perk(s)
Related Perk Book(s)
Block Properties
Hit Points
Storage Slots 9
Lockable Yes
Horizontal Support
Light Opacity
Upgrades to
Breaks to
Weapon/Tool Properties
Entity Damage
Power Attack Entity Damage
Block Damage
Power Attack Block Damage
Effective Range
Explosion Range Entities
Explosion Range Blocks
Attacks per Minute
Rounds per Minute
Reload Time
Ammo Type
Magazine Size
Stamina Usage
Power Attack Stamina Usage
Damage Multiplier: Earth
Damage Multiplier: Metal
Damage Multiplier: Stone
Damage Multiplier: Wood
Butcher Tool
Butcher Damage Multiplier
Butcher Resource Multiplier
Disassemble Tool
Vehicle Properties
Vehicle Speed 5
Vehicle Sprint Speed 10
Protection Properties
Cold Resist
Heat Resist
Armor Rating
Elemental Protection
Effect Protection
Mobility Reduction
Stamina Regen Reduction
Noise Increase
Consumption Effects
Effect on Fullness
Effect on Hydration
Effect on max Stamina
Effect on Stamina regen
Effect on Health
Effect on Max Health
Cure Percentage
Buff Effect
Buff Duration
Dysentery Chance (%)
Characteristic Properties
Durability (Min Quality) 700
Durability (Max Quality) 1500
Degradation per Use
Mod Type
Compatible Mods
Repaired Using Repair Kit
Electrical Power Required
Base Price
Max Stack
Scrapping/Forging Properties
Scraps into
Burn Time
Farming Properties
Crop produced
Seed used
Time to grow
Obtainable Through Crafting, Looting, Trading

Description[ | ]

The Bicycle is a type of vehicle in 7 Days to Die. The radial menu may be accessed by holding <E> over the vehicle. It does not require gasoline to run. In Multiplayer, this is a one person vehicle. Taking the Bicycle on very rough terrain or falling from high drop-offs while riding will wear on the Bicycles durability requiring repairs sooner than normal. When the Bicycle damage bar reaches 0% it will become unusable.

Speed[ | ]

The bicycle travels at 5 block/s without shift, and 10 blocks/s with shift. For reference the default player speed with 100% mobility (i.e unencumbered with no armor penalties) is 7 blocks/s while sprinting and 3.5 while walking.

Storage[ | ]

The bicycle offers 9 additional storage slots. If there are items stored in the Bicycles inventory you cannot put the bicycle in your Characters Inventory or Tool Belt. Items from the bicycle storage must be removed first.

Crafting[ | ]

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Bicycle Recipe
Item Name Count
Item Name Count
Quality 1 Quality 2 Quality 3 Quality 4 Quality 5

Craftingclock 00:30

Wheel Wheel 2
BicycleChassis Bicycle Chassis 1
BicycleHandlebars Bicycle Handlebars 1
MechanicalParts Mechanical Parts 1
Item 5 missing!
Unlock Options
BookVehicleAdventures Vehicle Adventures 5/100
Schematic  Schematic
Crafted in
NewWorkbench Workbench

Refuel and repair[ | ]

The following items are needed to repair the Bicycle:

Operation / Controls[ | ]

Mouse ← - Steer left
Mouse → - Steer right
W - Throttle (move forward)
S - Brake (stop) / Reverse
SPACEBAR - Handbrake (quick stop)
E - Mount/Dismount.
Hold E to bring up the radial menu. Radial menu actions include: Drive, Access info panel, Access storage, Refuel, Repair, Honk horn, Lock/Unlock, Set Pincode and the option 'Take' which puts vehicle back in inventory.
X - Honk horn
C - Hop
Shift - Sprint

Alternate steering[ | ]

Clicking on the left mouse button changes the steering from the mouse to A (steer left) and D (steer right) and allows the player to have free-look with the mouse.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Humorously, the Bicycle will explode if it takes enough damage.
    • This could be useful, because bicycles are relatively cheap to make compared to other vehicles, so you could put it in front of a powerful zombie like the Demolisher to trick them into blowing themselves up.

Videos[ | ]

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