A Bird Nest is a map generated storage container. Most common locations are near dead Pine Leaves. They are a must visit for anyone that is using Bows or Crossbows as Feathers from nests are required to make the ammo.

Loot List

The list below contains the items and tools that may spawn inside a Bird Nest.

When opening a Bird Nest you will get between 1 in 3 items. Each of the items can give the number as described in the table below. Note: It is possible to get more of an item, if that item was chosen more than once.

  • Size 4,3 = 12
  • Count: 1-3
Loot Availability Rarity Cound min/max chance (.25)
Egg Common .25 1 100%
Feather Common .75 4/8 300%

Version = Alpha 17

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