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Bombshelter Medium
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Outside of bombshelter_md_01
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Category Point of Interest

Coordinates 2537 W, 4477 S
2329 W, 453 N
2918 E, 4136 S

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

Description[ | ]

Bombshelter Medium or bombshelter_md_01 is a bunker and appears as a normal wooden shack with a well. There are 3 different locations in Navezgane. This bunker can be entered by accessing the well entrance by breaking the wooden hatch door on top of the well.

Players will be unlikely to be able to access this bunkers in the early game, as it is sealed by a locked Vault Door, which take a great deal of effort and a good pickaxe to destroy, you are better off surviving and brushing up on your skills on the surface before you start setting up homes in Bunkers, once you are skilled enough, setting up safe houses in these places in Wastelands will protect you very well from the high amounts of Zombies and Special Infected that dwell there.

Location in Navezgane[ | ]

Bombshelter Medium can be found at these locations:

  • 2537 W, 4477 S
  • 2329 W, 453 N
  • 2918 E, 4136 S

Locations in Random World Generation[ | ]

Images[ | ]