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Book Store
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Category Point of Interest
Type Shop

Coordinates 1892 E, 1946 S

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

Book Stores contain 32 book shelves where the most common books can be looted. Book Stores have signs outside them that say 'Crack-A-Book'. There are also 2 Beverage Coolers, some Cupboards, and File Cabinets in the shop area. In the back of the building there are Toilets, a storage area, and an office with a Wall Safe.

Locations in Navezgane[ | ]

  • Another two story Book Store can be found in Perishton. (1468W 1812N)
  • 439W 1925N Crack-A-Book store
  • A 2-story Book Store (along with 125 crates) can be found on the 4th & 5th floors of the highrise at 1678 S, 1758E in Departure. The roof contains more crates and a gun safe.
  • Two small bookstores can be found at 2093E 5N (has crack-a-book logo on it) and 378E 2252S (Cole's Books)

Prefabs[ | ]

There are 2 types of Book Stores.

Prefab Description
store_book_lg_01 A larger Book Store.
store_book_sm_01 A smaller Book Store.

Notes[ | ]

  • Book Stores previously had signs outside them that said 'Born & Noble'.

Video Tutorial : Alpha 13.8[ | ]

The video below shows the coordinates to the Born and Noble / Book Store in Navezgane and demonstrates the types of loot containers and some loot as of alpha 13.8

Images[ | ]