Brass (Forge) is a crafting material created and stored in the Forge. This item is primarily used to craft Bullet Casings.


To craft Brass (Forge), players should:

  1. Use the Forge
  2. Place brass items into the boxes in the "INPUT" section
  3. Added fuel (e.g. Wood) to the boxes under the "FUEL" section
  4. Click "TURN ON"

The Forge will consume any items in the input window and increase number next to the appropriate material.

Sources of Brass

The following items can be melted down in the Forge for Brass (Forge):

Image Name Brass (Forge)
DoorKnob.png Brass Doorknob (5 pts)
ScrapBrass.png Brass (10 pts)
Trophy.png Brass Trophy (10 pts)
FaucetBrass02.png Brass Faucet (24 pts)
CandleStick.png Brass Candlestick (30 pts)
Radiator.png Brass Car Radiator (100 pts)


Brass (Forge) is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
BulletCasing.png Bullet Casing ScrapBrass.png 2x Brass (Forge), ClayLump.png 1x Clay (Forge) Forge w/Anvil
ScrapBrass.png Brass ScrapBrass.png 1x Brass (Forge) Forge
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