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Brass Radiator
"Brass objects can be scrapped into scrap brass in your backpack or smelted in a forge as a core resource."
Basic Information
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Group Resources
Category Useless
Loot Container
Gear Slot
Covering Attribute
Block Properties
Hit Points
Storage Slots
Horizontal Support
Light Opacity
Upgrades to
Breaks to
Weapon/Tool Properties
Entity Damage
Power Attack Entity Damage
Block Damage
Power Attack Block Damage
Effective Range
Explosion Range Entities
Explosion Range Blocks
Attacks per Minute
Rounds per Minute
Reload Time
Ammo Type
Magazine Size
Stamina Usage
Power Attack Stamina Usage
Damage Multiplier: Earth
Damage Multiplier: Metal
Damage Multiplier: Stone
Damage Multiplier: Wood
Butcher Tool
Butcher Damage Multiplier
Butcher Resource Multiplier
Disassemble Tool
Vehicle Properties
Vehicle Speed
Vehicle Sprint Speed
Protection Properties
Cold Resist
Heat Resist
Armor Rating
Elemental Protection
Effect Protection
Mobility Reduction
Stamina Regen Reduction
Noise Increase
Consumption Effects
Effect on Fullness
Effect on Hydration
Effect on max Stamina
Effect on Stamina regen
Effect on Health
Effect on Max Health
Cure Percentage
Buff Effect
Buff Duration
Dysentery Chance (%)
Characteristic Properties
Durability (Min Quality)
Durability (Max Quality)
Degradation per Use
Mod Type
Compatible Mods
Repaired Using
Electrical Power Required
Base Price 200
Max Stack 5
Scrapping/Forging Properties
Scraps into
Meltable Yes
Material Brass
Burn Time
Farming Properties
Crop produced
Seed used
Time to grow
Obtainable Through


The Brass Radiator is a good source of Brass. On rare occasions, it can be found while Harvesting using a Wrench Sedans, or rarely from Damaged Sedans or from radiator fixtures in houses, or from Air Conditioners. Brass Radiator can be directly scrapped into Brass for 187 Brass, or smelted for 250 Brass in the Forge.

Warning! Do not buy from Trader as a way to obtain Brass, as you will get more Brass from smelting the Duke's Casino Tokens directly than you will get from buying this item!


To scrap a Brass Radiator just click on it in your inventory and select "scrap"


  • To save space on inventory slots while looting, a player might want to scrap Brass Radiator into Brass. This collates many different brass items into a single pile of Brass that takes up just one inventory slot.
  • The Brass Radiator cannot be crafted into anything and is just a core resource.