“Buckshot used to make shotgun ammo can be crafted at a forge with clay and lead after buying the shotgun shell perk.”


The Buckshot can be crafted or found through scavenging and is used to craft Shotgun Shells.

Buckshot can be scavenged from any object in-game.


This item can also be scrapped for Lead or melted down in a Forge for Lead (Forge).


Buckshot can be crafted after the player purchases the Shotgun Shell Crafting (Perk).


Buckshots is crafted at the Forge.png Forge with the following items:


Buckshot is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
ShotgunShell.png Shotgun Shell Buckshot.png 1x Buckshot, GunPowder.png 2x Gun Powder, Paper.png 1x Paper Workbench Shotgun Shell Crafting (Perk)
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