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Building is an Item Group. If you are looking for information on creating structures that don't collapse, see Structural_Integrity.

List of Building[]

Item Obtained through
AirConditioner.png Air Conditioner
Asphalt.png Asphalt
Awning1.png Awning Red Blocks
WedgeAwning1.png Awning Wedge 1
CeilingLight01.png Basic Light Bulb
BedRoll01 1.png Bedroll
FaucetBrass04.png Brass Faucet
FaucetBrass02.png Brass Faucet 2
BrickBlock.png Brick Blocks
BrickPaver.png Brick Paver Block
StairsPavers.png Brick Stairs
BulletProofGlassPlate.png Bulletproof Glass
BurningBarrel.png Burning Barrel
Campfire.png Campfire
Candle.png Candle
Cement.png Cement
CementMixer.png Cement Mixer
ClayRoofBlock.png Clay Roof Blocks
Cobblestone.png Cobblestone Blocks
StairsStone.png Cobblestone Stairs
CobblestoneRamp.png Cobblestone Wedge
ConcreteBlock.png Concrete Blocks
ConcreteFormBlock.png Concrete Form Blocks
StairsConcrete.png Concrete Stairs
FarmPlot.png Farm Plot
FlagstoneStairs25.png Flagstone Stairs
Forge.png Forge
GarageDoorMetal v1.png Garage Door Metal
GarageDoorMetal v2.png Garage Door Metal v2
GarageDoorMetal v3.png Garage Door Metal v3
GreenDrawer.png Green Drawer
GunSafe.png Gun Safe
HayBale.png Hay Bale
IndustrialLight01.png Industrial Light
IronBars.png Iron Bars
ScrapIronBlock.png Iron Blocks
IronDoor1 v1.png Iron Door
IronDoor1 v2.png Iron Door1 v2
IronDoor1 v3.png Iron Door1 v3
ScrapIronFrameBlock.png Iron Frames
ScrapHatch v1.png Iron Hatch
Scrap Iron Hatch v2.png Iron Hatch v2
Scrap Iron Hatch v3.png Iron Hatch v3
JailDoor.png Jail Door
LandClaimBlock.png Land Claim Block
MetalCatwalk.png Metal Catwalk
LadderMetal.png Metal Ladder
ReinforcedWoodMetal.png Metal Reinforced Wood Blocks
ReinforcedWoodMetalRamp.png Metal Reinforced Wood Ramp
MetalReinforcedWoodenDoor.png Metal Reinforced Wooden Door
MetalTrussing.png Metal Trussing
PorchLight01.png Old Outdoor Light
ThinPlanks.png Plywood
PouredConcreteBlock.png Poured Reinforced Concrete Blocks
MetalReinforcedWoodDrawBridge.png Reinforced Drawbridge
MetalReinforcedWoodDrawBridge.png Reinforced Drawbridge (Powered)
RScrapIronBlock.png Reinforced Iron Blocks
RScrapIronStairs25.png Reinforced Scrap Iron Stairs
ReinforcedSecureWoodDoor.png Reinforced Secure Wooden Door
MetalReinforcedWoodDrawBridge.png Reinforced Wood Draw Bridge
ReinforcedWoodRamp.png Reinforced Wood Ramp
ScrapIronRamp.png Scrap Iron Ramp
StorageChest.png Secure Storage Chest
SecureWoodDoor.png Secure Wood Door
GlassBusinessBlock.png Shower Glass Block
CeilingLight02.png Silver Dome Light
CeilingLight01.png Simple Light
SolidRebarFrameRamp.png Solid Rebar Ramp Frame
StainlessSteelBlock.png Stainless Steel Blocks
SteelBlock.png Steel Blocks
StairsSteel.png Steel Stairs
Storagebox.png Storage Box
VaultDoor01.png Vault Door
VaultDoor02.png Vault Door v2
VaultDoor03.png Vault Door v3
VaultHatch.png Vault Hatch
Vault Hatch v2.png Vault Hatch v2
Vault Hatch v3.png Vault Hatch v3
Vault Hatch v3.png Vault Hatch v3 (Powered)
[[File:|30px|link=Venetian Blinds]] Venetian Blinds
WallLight01.png Warehouse Outdoor Light
WoodBlock.png Wood Blocks
WoodCatwalk.png Wood Catwalk
WoodFence.png Wood Fence
WoodFrameBlockA19.png Wood Frames
WoodRamp.png Wood Ramp
WoodRampFrame.png Wood Ramp Frame
Window01.png Wood Window
Wooden Hatch.png Wooden Hatch
Wooden Hatch v2.png Wooden Hatch v2
Wooden Hatch v3.png Wooden Hatch v3
Ladder.png Wooden Ladder
ShinglesWood.png Wooden Shingles Blocks
WoodStairs25.png Wooden Stairs
Workbench.png Workbench