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Burn Victim

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Category Zombie
Type Hostile%Hostile NPCs
Zombie Type Normal
Entity-ID 10
Loot Container
Location Burnt Forest-biome, Wasteland cities and buildings that contain fire in some way


HP (Normal) 125
HP (Feral) N/A
HP (Radiated) N/A
HP (Legendary) N/A
Entity Damage
Block Damage
Crit Ratio


A Burn Victim (zombieBurnt) is a special type of zombie that is only encountered in the Burnt Forest-biome and also rarely on Blood Moon hordes. Like the Frozen Lumberjack, these zombies were affected heavily by the biome around them, as Burn Victims resemble burning, charred wood. They typically stray around the roads or abandoned shacks you may find in the Burnt Forest and blend in with their surroundings, so keep alert for movement when travelling through their territory.

When they are nearby they will emit hoarse moans and a constant 'crackling' akin to lit torches or campfires. Because of this, a player will likely hear them coming long before they enter field of view. This should be taken advantage of, as while they deal as much damage per hit as a standard zombie, they have a chance to set players on fire with every successful attack.


Their behaviour in combat is no different than other "normal" zombies. If the player strays too close and alerts them of their presence, they will path towards the player at the speed they were set to. If one feels too insecure in close combat, a ranged weapon may be advisable due to the possibility of being set on fire. If a player does find himself set on fire by one, it is advised to establish safe distance and either drink fluids or immerse itself in a body of water in order to put the fire out.


  • Pre-Alpha 6.1 this zombie was known as the Burnt Zombie.
  • Before the Burn Victim was introduced in the game the zombies that populated the Burnt Forest were the Feral Walker.
  • The Burn Victim does take fire damage.
  • The Burn Victim will not be extinguished when going into water.
  • Despite The Burn Victim's ability to set players on fire by touch, they cannot do the same to wood blocks.

Last model of Burn Victim as of Alpha 19.6