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Current game stage: 1
Businessman Zombie
Businessman Zombie 2 .png
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Category Zombie
Type Hostile%Hostile NPCs
Zombie Type Normal, Feral, Legendary
Loot Container 70, 71, 73
Location Everywhere, predominantly in office areas inside buildings
HP (Normal) 150
HP (Feral) 285
HP (Radiated) N/A
HP (Legendary) 900
Entity Damage
Block Damage
Crit Ratio


Businessman Zombie is one of the different variants of Zombies. Usually, they can be randomly found throughout all biomes, but they can appear in large quantities in office parts of POIs. The Businessman Zombie appears to be wearing a business outfit that is slightly torn and covered in blood.


These zombies have no specialty in combat. Their hit points and damage output is standard. The Businessman Zombie's strength therefore comes in larger groups that one might find him-/herself easily cornered by in close-quarters office sections inside buildings.

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