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Butchering refers to the activity of harvesting human or animal carcasses while wielding an appropriate Butcher Tool in order to obtain various bonus resources such as Raw Meat, Rotting Flesh, Animal Fat, Bones, Leather, Feathers, Testosterone Extract, or Nitrate Powder. Resources are extracted from carcasses as they are damaged and/or destroyed by player's Butchering efforts.

Butcher Tools[ | ]

While Harvesting carcasses can be done using any non-Butcher Tool, doing so results in minimal resource extraction for the efforts. Equipping a Butcher Tool will speed up the process of destroying the carcass being harvested while providing access to the bonus resources that it contains. Butcher Tools used on carcasses or body bags will do up to 4.7 times its Entity Damage to the corpse, and the Butcher Tool's animation will change from the usual swing/strike animation to a left-to-right backhanded slashing/cutting animation. Butchering Tools can be compared here.

Butchering Efficiently[ | ]

  • The player's The Huntsman perk will increase the amount of resources extracted while Butchering.
  • There are a variety of Mods that can be installed on the butchering tool in order to increase its Entity Damage.

Notes[ | ]

  • Some tools like Stone Axe or Iron Fireaxe are not strictly Butchering Tools (no animation change during Butchering), but they have the 400% damage multiplier and yield 70% of resources, making them quick and still efficient tools.
  • Stun Baton is not strictly a Butchering Tool (no animation change and no damage multiplier), but it yields 100% of resources from the corpse. Even so, due to the lack of damage multiplier and overall low damage of this weapon, it is very inefficient to be used as a Butchering Tool.
  • Potentially any weapon may be used for obtaining the resources from corpses, although all clubs, hammers, and spears yield only 25% of resources from corpses.

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