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Glossary Page[]

Cabin may refer to one of 15 total Cabin types in Navezgane:

Cabin1.png Cabin 1 cabin_01

Cabin2.png Cabin 2 cabin_02

Cabin3.png Cabin 3 cabin_03

Cabin4.png Cabin 4 cabin_04

Cabin5.png Cabin 5 cabin_05

Cabin6.png Cabin 6 cabin_06

Cabin7.png Cabin 7 cabin_07

Cabin8.png Cabin 8 cabin_08

Cabin9.png Cabin 9 cabin_09

Cabin10.png Cabin 10 cabin_10

Cabin11.png New Life Hope Cabin cabin_11

Cabin12.png Cabin 12 cabin_12

Cabin13.png Cabin 13 cabin_13

Cabin14.png Cabin 14 cabin_14

Cabin15.png Cabin 15 cabin_15