“Grandma's candy tin. Good for scrapping or a perfect casing for a yummy home cooked land mine!”


Candy Tin Can is a common resource item used to craft Tin Land Mine. This is item often found when scavenging or on zombie corpses.

This item can also be scrapped for 5 Iron or melted in the Forge for 5 Iron (Forge).


Candy Tin Can is crafted at the Workbench.png Workbench with the following items:


Candy Tin Can is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
TinLandMine.png Tin Land Mine ScrapIron.png 10x Iron, GunPowder.png 8x Gun Powder, CandyTin.png 1x Candy Tin Can, DuctTape.png 1x Duct Tape Workbench
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