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Canned Food is an edible Food source that can be found in various locations across the map and is often found inside cupboards or in Supply Crate drops. Consuming Canned Food can have various negative and positive effects on your Fullness and Hydration. The specific effect of the Canned Food depends on which variety is consumed. All Canned Food offer 0% Food Poisoning and can be consumed safely over other foods.

Varieties[ | ]

Canned Food is currently available in the following varieties.

Name Health Hunger Hydration Obtained through
CanCatfood Can of Cat Food +2 0
CanChili Can of Chili +7 0
CanDogfood Can of Dog Food +5 0
CanMiso Can of Miso +1 0
CanPasta Can of Pasta +7 0
CanPears Can of Pears +5 0
CanPeas Can of Peas +5 0
CanSalmon Can of Salmon +7 0
CanHam Can of Sham +7 0
CanStock Can of Stock +1 0
CanTuna Can of Tuna +2 0
FoodCanChicken Chicken Ration +7 0
CanSoup Chicken Soup +1 0
CanLamb Lamb Rations +7 0
CanBeef Large Beef Ration +7 0