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The Canyon is a large open scar of land in the desert region of Navezgane. It is located close to the southeast trader. The canyon stretches from 1160s 815E to 1944S to 511E when meeting the fallout zone (though stretches further south).

Overview[ | ]

The Canyon is one of the best location to source mineral deposits such as silver, gold and rarely diamond ore, some of the most valuable misc. items in the game. A mine is set up near the northernmost point of the canyon. There is a small stone city built into the rock at the bottom of the canyon.

At the very southern part of the canyon just shy of the fallout zone on the east side is a small visitor center/overlook. A collapsed bridge can be found restricting easy access from either side.

Notes[ | ]

Its possible though extremely time and resource consuming to repair the broken bridge. Survivor should build a center suppot pillar (any stackable material will work between both ends and connect it with Renforced Drawbridges.

P.s i dont know why or when this was deleted please let me know why before doing so and i'll understand.