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This page contains content no longer in the game.
This feature was removed and exists only in previous versions of 7 Days to Die.

The Character Tab, showing the Protection tab selected in the right panel.

The Character Tab, showing the Clothing tab selected in the right panel.


In version A13 the user interface received a significant upgrade. A new page has been created for the character menu.

The Character Tab is a tab accessible on the Inventory screen and can be selected using the tab selector at the top of the screen. Clicking on the Character Tab will diplay the Character Tab options in the Tab Panel. It is divided into three sections.

  • Left Panel - Player Statistics.
  • Middle Panel - Character View.
  • Right Panel - Protection Statistics and Gear Slots.

Player Statistics[]

This panel displays various player statistics, any active buffs and the players current experience level. Statistics are listed in the upper part of this section and shows Zombies killed, survivors killed, lives lost, total score and recipes known, in the lower part is the section that relates to any current buffs the player character may have. Buffs are shown as icons and by moving the cursor over an icon the player can see the effect the buff has and its duration. At the bottom of this section the player can find the experience bar, this shows them their current experience level and their progression towards the next level. The players current Wellness level can be found below the experience bar.

Character View[]

This panel gives the player a view of their character as set in the profile editor. Upon starting a new game the players character is depicted wearing nothing except their underwear. Equipping clothing or armor using the gear slots will change the view to depict the character wearing the item. Using this method the player is able to equip several pieces of gear and fully clothe their character.

Protection Statistics[]

Clicking on the small shield icon at top left of the right panel will switch it to the Protection tab and display the Protection Statistics. These are shown as a table and list any benefits gained from any Gear the player may have equipped. There are five columns that relate to five types of protection available to each item of Gear. There are also seven rows and each one relates to its specific Gear Slot as determined by its body part. The eighth row shows the total of the column and gives the current level for that type of protection.

Gear Slots[]

Clicking on the small coat hanger icon at top left of the right panel will switch it to the Clothing tab and display the Gear Slots. There an eleven slots that all relate to a specific areas of the players character's body. All Gear Slots require different items and will only accept an item of the correct type. To find out which slot an item of Gear uses the player can hover the cursor over the item and the body part relating to the item can be seen in its info box. Placing an item of armor or clothing into the correct slot will equip the players character with that item. Some items such as armor offer some protection and any benefits it may have will be added to the Protection Statistics section.