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(A13 removed this item and replaced with Charred Meat)
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As of A13 this item has been removed and replaced with [[Charred Meat]].
{{Infobox item
|stack = 64
|image = BearCharred.png
|group = Food/Cooking
|category = Food
|ob_cook = 1
|type = Charred
|hunger = +20
|thirst = -5
|health = +2
|well = +0.8
|smell_bp = 10m
|smell_bp_str = 3m
|smell_tb = 30m
|smell_tb_str = 3m
|used_utensil = [[Stick]]
|used_ingredients = [[Bear Meat]]
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[Food]] item that can be cooked using a [[Stick]] on a [[Camp fire]] with a suitable source of [[Combustible]] fuel. Eating '''{{PAGENAME}}''' will have a positive effect on your [[Fullness]] and [[Health]] as well as a negative effect on your [[Hydration]].
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is cooked using a [[Stick]] on a [[Camp Fire]], it will need to be prepared before being used and you will require the following items.
: [[file:Stick.png|75px|link=Stick]]
: <big>'''1x'''</big> [[Stick]]
: This is placed into the [[Camp Fire|Camp fire's]] cookware slot.
: [[file:Stick.png|75px|link=Stick]]
: <big>'''3x'''</big> [[Stick]]
: These will burn for 12 seconds but any fuel source that will burn for 10 seconds or more will be suitable.
You will need the following ingredient for this recipe.
: [[file:BearMeat.png|75px|link=Bear Meat]] <big>'''1x'''</big> [[Bear Meat]]
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' can be cooked using the recipe shown.
|A1= |C1= BearMeat,1 |D1=
|A2= |B1= Stick |C2= |D2=
|A3= Stick,3
|Output= BearCharred,1
|time= 0:10
<br />
[[Bear Meat]] may also be cooked to produce [[Grilled Bear]] and [[Boiled Bear]].
{{PAGENAME}} grants the player the same boosts that its other, more resource hungry counterparts do. The [[Bottled Water]] that is saved from not cooking [[Boiled Bear]] is more than sufficient to increase [[Hydration]] beyond it's initial loss.
You will gain 20xp when you cook the recipe the first time and 5xp every time you cook it afterwards

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As of A13 this item has been removed and replaced with Charred Meat.