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A randomly generated city
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Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

Cities are urban areas of the world consisting of many Points of Interest. Cities in Navezgane are labeled with their names on the map, while cities in Random World Generation have no viewable name. While cities often contain lots of loot, large hordes of deadly Zombies roam the streets.


In Navezgane, there are four cities:

Random World Generation[]

In Random World Generation, cities are connected by Roads and spawn according to random gen rules. There are usually cities at the center of randomly generated worlds, the central city is considered as part of the Wasteland biome, even when other biomes overlap the area. Random gen cities can vary vastly in size and Points of Interest.


The danger of cities is the large number of Zombies. If the player is not stealthy or careful about killing zombies before exploring a City, they may find themselves under attack by an army of zombies comparable to a nighttime horde. Zombie Dogs and Infected Police Officers frequently spawn in cities, making the exploration of cities a death sentence for weaker players.

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