“The claw hammer is great for repairing and upgrading base walls and not bad as a weapon.”


The Claw Hammer is a multipurpose item that can be used to repair and upgrade blocks, or it can be used as a melee weapon.

This item is more efficient than the Stone Axe or Wrench when used to repair or upgrade blocks.


The Claw Hammer can be scrapped for Iron or melted down in the Forge for Iron (Forge).


After the player has read the Claw Hammer Schematic, the Claw Hammer can be crafted with the following items:


The Claw Hammer can be repaired with Forged Iron.


The Claw Hammer is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Workbench.png Workbench ForgedIron.png 25x Forged Iron, Mechanical Parts.png 20x Mechanical Parts, Clawhammer.png 1x Claw Hammer, Wood.png 50x Wood Workbench (Perk)
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