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Description[ | ]

Cold Resistance is a type of environmental resistance stat this is found on many articles of Clothing as well as the following armor mods: Insulated Liner Mod, Cowboy Hat Mod, Skull Cap Mod, Press Boy Cap Mod, and Ball Cap Mod.

Cold Resistance resists lower than normal Temperatures and is crucial for preventing a player from being Cold, or even Freezing.

Being Wet decreases the amount of Cold Resistance a player has based on how wet the player is.

Other Sources[ | ]

Being set on fire does actually add +30 or +35 (depending on the source of the fire) to cold resistance for the duration of the fire. However, this is likely not worth it due to the significant loss in health.

Coffee, Blackstrap Coffee, and Yucca Juice Smoothie add +5, +10, and +30 Cold Resistance respectively for the duration of their buffs.

Standing near a lit Campfire, Forge, or Chemistry Station applies +15 Cold Resistance.

See Also[ | ]

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Notes[ | ]

  • Listed as HypothermalResist in configuration files.
  • This used to be a buff applied by drinking Snowberry juice, however snowberries were removed in Alpha 20 and Snowberry Juice was removed in Alpha 18.