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Description[ | ]

Combustible is the name used for items that will burn as a fuel source for either a Campfire, Forge, or Chemistry Station. These Combustibles will allow the player to craft items or smelt scrap inside a Forge, cook food on a Campfire, or craft chemicals or other obscure items at the Chemistry Station.

All items have a relatively reasonable burn time based on the item itself. A single piece of Wood will burn for 50 seconds, which is reasonable, as mature trees can drop hundreds of Wood. A piece of Coal, while able to be harvested in almost the same amounts, will burn for 100 seconds.

Quick Tip[ | ]

Combustible items[ | ]

Below is a table that details the various combustible items that may be used as fuel in a workstation.

Icon Name Burn Time
TrunkPine Wood Log 500
WoodBlock Wood Block 300
SecureWoodDoor Wood Door 200
FrameShapes Building Block 150
WoodDebris WoodDebris 150
Coal Coal 100
Woodresource Wood 50
AnimalFat Animal Fat 20
Leather Leather 5
OilShale Oil Shale 5
GasCan Gas Can 2
YuccaFibers Plant Fibers 2
Cloth Cloth Fragment 1
OldCash Old Cash 1