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Commercial Strip 1
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Outside of commercial_strip_01
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Category Point of Interest

Coordinates 1841 E, 1719 S

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation

Description[ | ]

Commercial Strip 1 or commercial_strip_01 consists of 3 names locations all combined into the same structure.

There is an upstairs living quarters.

There are 3 rooftop tiers that can be accessed.

From left to right they are:

Badboy Thrift[ | ]


The Badboy Thrift section can be accessed from the front door. There is a large hole in the ceiling and the rooftop above the Badboy Thrift shop can be accessed from the ladder outside. The area inside is very small. There is a Cash Register, Washing Machine and luggage to loot inside. A restroom is located in the back with a hole in the wall to access the Checks Cashed location next door.

Checks Cashed[ | ]


The Checks Cashed is in the center between the other two stores. It cannot be accessed thru the front door and the player will have to enter thru the Z Smoke Store. There is access in the back of the store to the 2nd floor living quarters area.

Z Smoke Store[ | ]


The Z Smoke Store has a slightly larger than the other stores. There is a Cash Register, and many piles of food to loot. The Z Smoke Store has an awning and a drive thru area that says Beer & Liquor

Location in Navezgane[ | ]

The only Commercial Strip 1 is in the Desert at:

  • 1841 E, 1719 S

Location in Random World Generation[ | ]

Images[ | ]