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This article compares the cost of the most frequently used materials used by player when building a base or fort. This list can help players decide which building material is most cost effective. It does not list all Building Materials.

Calculation[ | ]

The values in the list where calculated assuming the following:

  • All block types are fully upgraded. E.g. it does not list wood frames, only metal reinforced wood.
  • If there is more than one way to craft an item, the cheapest version is used.
  • The costs for a block do not include any forging fuels.
  • All forms of iron are listed as a number of units of iron. For example, one Forged Iron costs 10 units of iron, or upgrading a reinforced wooden wall to it's metal counterpart costs 10 units of iron.
  • Costs listed are for 100 blocks. To help put this in perspective, a 7x7x4 bunker with no roof requires 96 blocks.

Cost for 100 Blocks[ | ]

Stone Based Blocks[ | ]

Metal Based Blocks[ | ]

Wood Based Blocks[ | ]

Building Material Wood Small Stones Sand Cement Iron Units Clay Units
Reinforced Concrete Blocks 2000 1000 1000 500 500
Metal Trussing 4000
Iron Bars 10000 2000
Reinforced Iron Block 9500
Metal Reinforced Wood 2500 1000
Steel Log Spike 2500 30000
Log Cabin Wood 2000

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