“A part of a compound bow. Assemble with other parts to create a complete compound bow once you've read the compound bow schematic.”


Compound Bow Body is part of the Compound Bow. Once the player has read the Compound Bow Schematic and has all four pieces, then the Compound Bow can be assembled.

This peticular piece has no effects on the stats of a fully assembled Compound Bow.

This item cannot be crafted, instead it must be found from scavenging or looting.


Compound Bow Body is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
CompoundBow.png Compound Bow PartsCompoundBow body.png 1x Compound Bow Body, PartsCompoundBow grip.png 1x Compound Bow Grip, PartsCompoundBow parts.png 1x Compound Bow Parts, PartsCompoundBow string.png 1x Compound Bow String Compound Bow Schematic
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